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White Bubble Butt Babes

Posted by Butt Guy on February 2nd, 2010

Sara Jay and Lexxxi Lockhart
Some of you misguided dudes out there are apparently under the false impression that white girls cannot posses serious bubble butt booties, at least nothing that could compare to the formidable asses on black girls and latinas. Well, I’m here like Paul Revere to warn you of the plain truth — some white babes are packing serious whooty booty. A couple of these big ass white babes are featured in this porn video over at Ass Parade, which almost made me spew cum all over my new gaming keyboard.

Sara Jay and Lexxxi Lockhart go fucking crazy in this video, and those big juicy booties are put on display for us to whack out stiff dicks to. Everybody knows about Sara Jay’s massive white ass, but some of you will be new to the plump bubble butt on Lexxxi Lockhart. Let me tell you, this girl’s juicy ass is a thing of beauty and she definitely knows how to use it. Don’t miss this episode, people.


Katie Jordan’s Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on January 1st, 2010

katie jordan booty
Wow, I just found this tall brunette hottie over at Assparade and I’ve got to put her on display. Her name is Katie Jordan and she’s one monumental piece of ass, if I’ve ever seen one. Katie has got one of the sexiest whooties I’ve seen. Her phat booty is complimented by terribly hot curves and long legs that go on forever.

The dudes at Ass Parade got Katie and a sexy booty babe gal pal of her’s named Ana to do a video for them, which is off the charts hot. They get these two big butt sweeties inside after following them around outside (to film their gorgeous and juicy ass cheeks jiggling about, of course), then proceed to strip them down so that we can worship those hot asses in their full naked glory. The two big ass beauties soon have got thick cock in their mouths and they suck and fuck while their jiggling booties go crazy. Katie and Ana are really hot together in this video, and the booty on Katie is really driving me crazy.


Planet Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on December 7th, 2009

planet ass
I have taken notice of a new and very sexy young thing that has turned up recently, and her name is Brooke Lee Adams. This girlie is a super cute, bubble butt wielding hottie that made me dick turn to iron the first time I laid eyes on her. Her gorgeous, juicy ass is just one of the most perfect sights I’ve ever witnessed. Brooke joins Carmen De Luz for this Assparade episode named “Planet Ass” in which these two gorgeous booty cuties engage in copious amounts of dick sucking, butt bouncing, and coochie stuffing.

The girls start the video off walking around the neighborhood with their hot asses jiggling and bouncing around. We get some very hot shots of the babes mooning the camera several times in public, which is extremely stimulating to my loins. Once they get them up to the apartment, the girls shed their tight clothing and enjoy each other’s huges asses. They soon have two big cocks to deal with, so they get to work on them while propping their big butts up in the air. Let me tell you guys, these chicks have asses that could cause international incidents. You need to catch this one.


Banker’s Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on November 9th, 2009

banker's ass - angelina castro
I once went to a bank for a home loan (it was like a third or fourth mortgage, I forget exactly which) and saw the hottest ass I had ever witnessed in a corporate setting up to that point in my life. The girl was a curvy latina babe who’s bubble butt booty just stuck out like a sore thumb. That gorgeous round ass mesmerized me. She was a loan officer, so I thought I might get to talk to her, but no luck. They assigned me a nice older Indian woman who greeted me with “How are you? What can we be doing for you today?” in a heavy Apu-like accent. As nice as she was, she didn’t have the ass I was after, an ass that slipped through my fingers that day.

That is why I was so happy to discover this video called “Banker’s Ass” over at Assparade. It stars Angelina Castro and Lisa Lee, two sexy latina bank employees who’ve got big juicy asses that bring back fond memories. They get their curvy bodies fucked hard in this scene, with more than enough big ass jiggling to satisfy any assman. Don’t let this one slip away!


Big Booty White Girls

Posted by Butt Guy on July 23rd, 2009

Big Booty White Girls
Time to celebrate, my friends and countrymen, because Sarah Vandella is back in the porn business. If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the goings on in the big butt porn world the last couple years, you surely know who Sarah is. She’s a sexy white babe with a fantastically round and juicy whooty booty that will make a true bootyologist cry tears of joy. She hooked up with the guys from AssParade to do a new video for them alongside her gal pal Ashli Orion, another whooty queen with an ass that’s so plump and delicious, you just want to snag it and escape to a deserted island for some private moments. These two big booty white girls were made to do a scene together, since they’re so into showing off their great asses. They take cock deep into their hungry pussies and shake those booties like nobody’s business. Very nice video.


Two Big Asses Are Better Than One

Posted by Butt Guy on July 5th, 2009

Big Asses - Adriana DeVille and Melanie Monroe
I spotted this absolutely gorgeous creature named Adriana Deville a few months ago and I haven’t been able to get the amazing visage of her perfectly plump bubble ass out of mind ever since. Adriana is a sexy latin chick who lives in Miami and loves to show off her big juicy ass on the beaches down there, where she can turn heads and boing boners just by walking around in her skimpy bikini. It’s so cool that Adriana Deville loves anal sex, too, because the sight of her perfect big ass getting pumped by thick cock makes me drool out of control. Melanie Monroe looks to be a relative newbie to the big ass porn world because I don’t remember seeing her before, but what a welcome piece of butt flesh she is. She’s a tall blonde with great curves that are topped off by one the hugest butts I’ve seen in a long time. That juicy booty is the kind you just want to throw your entire face into and just live there for a few years of devoted worship.

These two big butt babes have joined together for a killer video at Assparade that has them taking thick cock in their juicy pussies, with Adriana also getting a thorough anal fucking and a stunning double penetration that left her breathless. Damn, I just love this woman. That fantastic booty can swallow the biggest cocks on the planet and still beg for more. This video will do wonders for any impotence problems any of you may have, so you can go ahead and throw that Viagra out the window, or give it to your dog, or do whatever with it because you won’t be needing it for now. These gorgeous big asses could make Napoleon’s corpse cum, ok.


Big Booty Double Strike

Posted by Butt Guy on April 19th, 2009

Big Booty Double Strike
I just had to do this post featuring my newest crush, Sophia, from Ass Parade. When I was looking through their new stuff in a state of extreme horniness with my dick in my hand, I found this new video that they recently shot with not only Sophia, but the little latina bubble booty cutie Summer Bailey as well. Yep, Assparade has paired up two of the hottest big booty latinas for a sizzling session of ass oiling, dick sucking, and booty jiggling while riding cock. Okay, one thing I need to make clear before we go any further. Sophia is my wife to be, or, at least she will be my wife to be as soon as I inform her of my intentions to wed her (yeah, she kind of doesn’t know yet, nor does she even know I exist either). But, as you guys can clearly see, Sophia was made for me, so marriage is not an unreasonable outcome here. I mean, this girl has a big bubbly latina booty that would make me a very happy man if I could plunge my microscopic penis into it on a regular marital basis. This perfect big ass is more than most men can handle without suffering severe health issues, so it is left to me, the world’s most preeminent bootyologist, to take on the task of pleasing that jiggly bundle of butt flesh until death do us part.

In this video called “Big Booty Double Strike”, Sophia and Summer Bailey start things off by kicking a ball around while the camera catches every bounce and jiggle those plump butts produce. Soon, the girls are escorted to a nice house with a pool area, where they go ahead and oil up each other’s fabulous butts. Then, the latina hotties get introduced to a couple of big dicked guys lounging by the pool and quickly proceed to suck them off side by side. Very hot oral by my fiance and her friend right here. When they move inside, the girls start bouncing on some serious cock and that’s when their glorious big booties lose control and bounce off the fucking walls. Let me tell you, this is a seriously hot video, but when you beat off to images of my future wife Sophia taking schlong, I ask you to please be somewhat respectful.


Big Ass Latina Sophie

Posted by Butt Guy on March 4th, 2009

assparade sophie
Jeez, one of the hottest sights in all the world is a big ass latina babe. Latinas have some of the most amazing glorious booties in the whole world, and this chick Sophie is a perfect example of this truth. Sophie is a delightfully innocent looking young latin girl who doesn’t speak too much english, so she’s really quiet in this video. But what she lacks in vocal enthusiasm, she more than makes up for in raw natural hotness. Her bubbly butt is a thing of beauty. It’s round, fleshy, and bulbous, just like we like em to be. She shows that big ass off for a while on a dock near a swimming pool on some upscale Miami estate. After plenty of ass tease, Sophie moves to a gazebo type thingy where she gets fed her first cock of the day. She slowly licks and sucks this dude’s cock in a super sensual oral sex fest that will leave you with an iron phallus. The real fun begins when they move her inside and fuck the ever loving shit out of this bootyful latina hottie. Sophie is a real breath of fresh air, let me tell you. She doesn’t come off like a pornstar because she’s obviously not, she’s just a sexy and real latina girl looking to have some fun and make a few extra bucks doing some sucky fucky on video. That’s just fine with me…Very hot!


Big Ass Golfing

Posted by Butt Guy on November 10th, 2008

Big Ass Golfing Babe Devon Lee
Okay, I’ve gone golfing a total of about 4 times in my entire life (3 of those 4 were miniature golfing as a kid). I remember lots of frustrating tee offs, lots of sand traps that appeared to have been designed by sadists, and lots of back pain. I don’t, however, remember much in the way of seriously curvy babes with big asses in tight shorts playing the course I was on. Well, Devon Lee, who is well known for having a marvelously curvy round ass that is lusted after by half the internet porn lovers out there, likes to golf evidently. Now, that doesn’t mean she’s good at it, it just means she likes to whack those balls around. In this video over at Assparade, Devon plays her game of golf and does horribly, then she meets a dude who shows her some tips for her swing. That’s not the only thing her teaches her though, as the two horny golfers retreat to the clubhouse where things get very interesting and decidedly un-golfy.

Ok, so the guy begins by peeling off Devon Lee’s ridiculously tight golf shorts and reveals her fantastic big ass in all its naked glory. This woman is a tru curvy queen, with lots of bubbly butt to do for centuries. Next, the guy oils up her great ass and rubs it in until that keister is nice and shiny. Soon, Devon is on her knees taking that cock all the way to the back of her throat and giving him a nice sloppy blowjob. The best action comes when he starts to drill her tight pussy doggy style and we get to watch that hot ass jiggle uncontrollably while she squeals in pure delight. Damn, this is a definite bubble butt queen if I’ve ever seen one!


Huge Butt Babes

Posted by Butt Guy on October 2nd, 2008

Huge Butt Babes
Oh boy, people, are we in for ball busting wank session! Gianna Michaels and Sara Jay are two of the most bootyful pornstars on the planet, and you know it’s true. Gianna’s ass is big and bubbly, so big you could get lost in there (I wouldn’t mind that at all, personally). Sara Jay’s butt is just a freaking planet or something. I mean it’s fucking huge! These two butt babes got together for a hardcore video at AssParade and, well, the world itself will never be the same.

The video is called “What Goes On Inside Our Studio” and, I must warn you, survival might not be possible. If you love massive asses like I do, then the sight of these big butt porn queens taking on the super hung Ramone will very likely do you in right there. These women get the ever loving crap fucked right out of them by this beast of a cock, all while their huge butts bounce around and jiggle madly. They finally get doused with a torrent of cum and lick each other up. Shit, these women are some of the hottest I’ve seen, and those asses are national treasures, as far as I’m concerned. Agree?


Big Ass Babes Katja Kassin and Ava Rose

Posted by Butt Guy on September 29th, 2008

Big Ass Babes
I don’t usually pant while watching porn videos, but in this case, I must admit that I couldn’t control myself. These two incredibly hot curvy butt babes have really turned in one scorcher of a performance in this video called “Beginner’s Luck” for AssParade. Katja Kassin and Ava Rose star in this barn burner that includes Katja getting fucked right up her big german ass. Now, anal sex is nothing new to the voluptuous Miss Kassin, but this particular anal fucking is one of her hottest. The guy who gets the honors is totally new to the porn business, and boy did he luck out getting the duty to fuck these two hot ass sweeties.

Ava Rose has such a large ass, I think it’s probably even bigger than Katja’s. This thing is huge, a bulbous round monstrocity of a badonkadonk butt. You should see it bounce and jiggle like all fuck while Ava’s getting her tight bald pussy fucked hard by this dude. Both of these curvy babes show off their fantastic big asses and get the fucking of their lives, and I must say, it’s one helluva good jerking video. Too hot to miss!


Hot Booty Blondes

Posted by Butt Guy on September 10th, 2008

Jessica Lynn and MacKenzee Pierce
Well, I must admit that I’ve been a serious fan of Jessica Lynn and her delicious big booty ever since she entered porn last year, but this new girl MacKenzee Pierce who stars with Jessica in this new anal video for Ass Parade is definitely challenging Jessica for first place in the heart of Butt Guy. MacKenzee is a sexy and curvy blond who loves to take cock up her voluptuous ass. That makes her an instant favorite for me, and the fact that she loves to play around with other big booty babes is a definite plus too.

These two sexy butt sluts get together in this video to try on several different sexy outfits including bikinis, lingerie, and other such slut duds. When the dude shows up, they ready to take his cock deep into their womanly bodies and give all of us a lot of action to watch. Seriously, there’s so much debauchery going on in this video, it’s amazing. Watching Mackenzee Pierce get a hot anal fucking has got to be the highlight of this scorching scene, but frankly there was so much big butt hotness all over the place, I can’t say it was the best part for sure. Watch this one because it will stiffen your willy like nothing you can imagine!


Big Ass Hotties Get Fucked

Posted by Butt Guy on September 1st, 2008

Okay, so Easter is gone and done, but when I saw these three big ass hotties in this video “Easter Bunny Fever” from AssParade, I just had to feature it in my blog. Sarah Vandella, who is a terribly sexy blonde butt babe whose ass is like a fucking peach, is joined by the deliciously curvy latina Racquel and the new big butt superbabe Kira Lynne for a very naughty Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Now, this particular Easter party got totally out-of-control when the monster cock cuban Ramon and his pal showed up. The girls went straight for their dicks and starting sucking them off while dressed up like bunnies.

I don’t know if it’s due to some deep issue I’ve got or what, but I found this part extremely arousing. Watching Sarah and Racquel sucking cock while wearing bunny ears and while their massive asses jutted out as they knelt was almost too much for little Butt Guy. I almost ruined yet another keyboard with a cum explosion. When these babes start to take cock up their hot pussies, look out. Lots of jiggling asses and curvy joys galore. But things get really hot when Racquel decides that she needs a hard cock up her big latina ass. She rides that thing with her big butt and gets ass-fucked nice and deep! Shit, there was so much goodness in this video, I didn’t even know when to cum, so now I’ve got one of the most painful set of blue balls that have ever been known to mankind!


Hot Ass and Latina Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on August 19th, 2008

Bobbi Starr and Roxy Deville - Hot Ass Latina Booty
Ok, so Assparade has decided to pair two extremely sexy booty babes together for an unforgettable threesome anal video that’s going to make you all a bunch of very happy Butt Guy disciples. Bobbi Starr certainly needs no introduction due to her sexy all-natural girl next door appeal which is totally mind warping since she is one of the dirtiest butt sluts in porn today (btw, I mean that in the most positive sense possible). Her bubbly ass is one of the reasons I get up in the morning, and she absolutely loves to take cock up there. She’s just a gorgeous girl who loves sex and has got a hot ass, so everything is perfect with her and I will probably insert her into my will. Having said that, Roxy Deville is one fucking hot latina. Her sexy latina booty is plump, round, and so so juicy! Damn, I would sink all 3 inches of little Butt Guy in there if I had the opportunity. Ok, so these girls are fucking hot, and in this porn video called “The Artistic Side of A Pornstar”, they get very nasty with a big cock. Bobbi Starr gets it anal while Roxy Deville takes more cock up her pussy than was ever before thought physically possible. Don’t miss this one, chaps, because it will blow your mind.


Big Ass Fucked By The Pool

Posted by Butt Guy on August 12th, 2008

Olivia O'Lovely Gets Her Big Ass Fucked
Okay, when I, Butt Guy, am out lounging by the pool wearing my fashionable purple speedos, I almost always catch sight of a big ass latina babe whose marvelous bubble butt just seems to call out to my underendowed penis for some sodomy. Now, I realize that these booties need love, and I do recognize my duty to please those booties. However, I am slightly concerned that my tiny pecker will not even clear the sphincter muscle, which may lead to a somewhat embarrassing episode that may involve the big booty babe turning her head to me as I’m slamming her ass doggy and she says “Stop teasing, just put it in already, Butt Guy baby.” Now, Olivia O’Lovely will not be having that problem, apparently, since she has hooked up with Assparade again for a sizzling backdoor anal sex video that was filmed right by the pool. These people are nearly as pervy as I am, so they know exactly how to film butt sex in a way that captures the full erotic blast of the sodomy session. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that Olivia totally rocks in this scene. Her big fat latina ass looks fucking amazing as it slams down repeatedly onto a thick cock. She gets her big ass fucked like anal is going out of style, which better not happen anytime soon or I’ll have to protest in front of the White House wearing cheekless chaps or something. I’m sure nobody wants that to happen, so let’s stay sharp out there and keep pluging those bubble butts.

Big Butt Threesome Action

Posted by Butt Guy on July 13th, 2008

Delilah Strong and Her Big Latina ButtThis girl Delilah Strong and her fine latina bubble butt have been yanking my groin worm for a while now. I don’t get how a latina babe this real ever got into porn, because I’ve known many latina girls, and they usually would never think of letting the world know that they have a love affair with cock. Yeah, they love dick in private, but would never advertise, if you feel me. But Delilah doesn’t give a flying fuck because she’s in the big butt porn business to satisfy her carnal desires and nothing more. Here we see her doing a brand new video for Ass Parade where she hooks up with a cute friend who’s got a nice, but smaller, booty and a guy with a big dick who enjoys popping that coochie. It’s just a pleasure to watch Delilah’s big round butt jiggling around while she’d getting fucked, and I love the way she sucks cock. She seems to love every inch of schlong in her wet mouth. After the two booty babes gets nicely fucked, they get creamed right in the kissers with warm cum. Damn fine scene!

Three Butt Babes In Vegas

Posted by Butt Guy on June 3rd, 2008

Gianna Michaels, Bobbi Starr, and Lorelei Lee in Las Vegas
The next time I head off on a road trip bound for Las Vegas, I’m gonna make sure to bring three incredibly hot bubble butt babes with me. That’s what’s going on in this extremely arousing video from Assparade. Gianna Michaels and her two gal pals Bobbi Starr and Lorelei Lee are cavorting around in the back seat of a limo while being driven to sin city. The three butt babes take off their clothes and prop their fantastic asses up in the air to be examined and worshiped by the lucky camera man. They play with each other’s pussies and assholes during the whole time, which makes Butt Guy’s boner stiff as granite.

Once they get to their destination, the girls get down and dirty with some serious cock. They get fucked into next week, and Bobbie and Lorelei even take thick dick up the ass. Let me tell you, there are few greater sights in this universe than the vision of Bobbi’s plump ass bouncing on a stiff cock. Gianna Michaels is on fire in this scene, too, as she get that fantastically curvy body fucked nice and hard. These girls are so fucking hot.

Spring Break Ass – Vanessa Lee

Posted by Butt Guy on May 1st, 2008

Vaness Lee's Hot AssWhen I was in college, the time I looked forward to the most was Spring Break. Not that I ever got any chicks, mind you, but just gawking at all those sexy asses walking around in the hot sun was enough to crank my engine. Well, the guys at Ass Parade apparently have much better luck picking up hot ass chicks as evidenced by Vanessa Lee. This tanned and toned spring breaker has a nice juicy ass that I wish I could fuck permanently. They approach her on the beach and talk her up (I need to study this method. Maybe if I could conquer my acne, halitosis, and persistent body odor, I could apply it and get some chicks.) with all the right words. Soon, she’s putty in their hands and she asks to be taken to a nice quiet place to fuck. Yes!!! Ok, I have to admit, I came at this point in the video, but I still had several rounds left in the cylinder (Please, people, remember old Butt Guy’s a pro). Once they get to the guy’s apartment, we get to see that glorious hot ass in all it’s naked glory. She starts sucking on the guy’s huge cock and pretty soon she’s got that thing plowing deep into her tight pussy. This chick has an ass to remember, and I know I’ll never forget it.

Big Booty Brianna Love & Phoenix Marie

Posted by Butt Guy on April 25th, 2008

Brianna Love & Phoenix MarieThese two super hot big butt babes are raising the temperature of old Butt Guy’s testicles. Brianna Love, who is a total cutie with a big booty that is out-of-control, teams up with the big butt porn newbie Phoenix Marie to get down and dirty in the middle of the jungle. Ok, maybe not exactly the Amazon or anything, more like a heavily wooded pool area, but definitely a strong jungle motif. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always wanted to fuck Sheena of jungle right up her ass in front of the monkey, the giraffes, and everybody. But in this video for Assparade, these hot butt babes cavort around with each other, smacking their hot asses and generally teasing. The teasing ends when two dudes with big dicks arrive, then the girls go straight for them. Brianna and Phoenix Marie do a good job of sucking those stiff cocks down (I especially like Brianna Love’s technique — lots of spit), then they climb aboard for some serious cowgirl style fucking that highlights their fantastic round asses perfectly. The video ends with lots of cum on everywhere (including on Phoenix Marie’s hot big tits). Total winner, people.

Big Butt Sex Queen Jessica Lynn

Posted by Butt Guy on April 8th, 2008

Jessica Lynn - Big ButtHave you guys ever wanted to follow a hot big butt babe down the street while she’s walking and shaking that booty around? That’s what the guys at Assparade did with Jessica Lynn. They followed this big butt blond with their cameras as she walked around town in tight sexy shorts. Now, this isn’t a stroke of genius, but it’s definitely an inspired idea. I mean the idea really makes my tiny dick hard — watching big round butts in their natural urban habitats. After they finish following Jessica around town, they take her to their penthouse where very naughty activities are scheduled to begin. First, they strip off her bottoms and reveal that amazing round ass of hers. This thing is plump, not too big, but oh so yummy looking! Jessica oils up that baby and shakes it around for us, then she gets totally naked and goes to town on some lucky mufucker with a big dick who gets to fuck that tight pussy of hers. Fuck, this chick is gonna give me a case of the priapism for sure.

Jessica Lynn Gets Fucked – Free Videos

Olivia O’Lovely – Bubble Butt Sex in Vegas

Posted by Butt Guy on February 11th, 2008

Olivia O'lovely at Ass ParadeHoly fuck, does Olivia O’lovely have a big bubble butt. You people should know by now that nothing in the world gets my saliva running down my chin like a nice big butt on a hot chick. Well, probably the only thing better than that would be a sexy latina with a nice big ass. Olivia certainly fills the bill. The guys at Assparade went to Las Vegas for a porn convention and ran into this latina porn babe on the convetion floor posing with her hot porn girlfriends for photos. They convinced her to go up to their room at the Belaggio or Bellagico or whatever the fuck that hotel is called. She agreed and boy did they have a sweet time with this piece of ass. They got Olivia naked and started adoring her huge bubble butt while she made all sorts of “hurry up and fuck me” type noises. They introduced her to the stud for the night, a guy with a ridiculously huge cock that would soon be inserted into her tight latina pussy. Olivia O’lovely has a curvy booty like no other and we get to watch that work of art bounce on this guy’s stiff cock as he pounds her pussy like a jackhammer. Best part is watching her big butt bounce around like crazy during the sex. Fuck, is this chick hot!

Olivia O’Lovely’s Bubble Butt in Action

Assparade Caroline in Big Butt Sex Clips

Posted by Butt Guy on September 22nd, 2007

Assparade Caroline Pierce - big butt sex clipsCaroline has an ass that is to perfect to be described in human words, but I’ll try anyway. First of all, this woman is the classic big butt babe — the chick that serves as a template for the dreamgirls of countless booty loving men across the globe. Her butt is big, round, juicy, and so delicious looking I’d love to eat my breakfast off of it. Geez, I can’t even believe it but Caroline Pierce has been in the porn business for years. I remember watching her in John Leslie’s old big butt videos from the 90’s. Well, the guys at Assparade got Caroline to do another video scene for them (she’s already done like half a dozen) and this one is off the fucking hook. She shakes that booty and teases the camera with her voluptuousness, then takes on a thick cock which fucks her deep and thoroughly. Watch these hot sex clips I’ve rustled up for ya.

Druuna from Assparade’s Bubble Butt

Posted by Butt Guy on September 21st, 2007

Druuna's bubble butt gets analDruuna is a sexy latina who possesses an a gorgeous round bubble butt of divine origin. This ass is so plump, so juicy, that I would fuck it until the ice caps melt and the sun goes supernova. Apparently, not only does Druuna have a fantastic big ass, but she also like to get that delicious butt fucked by hard cocks. This is extremely good news, as far as I’m concerned, because I’m a big anal sex fan. There’s nothing like watching a long thick dick plunge deeply into a perfect bubble butt. In this video at Assparade, Druuna gets fucked deep up the ass and loves every minute of it. You’ve got to see the part where the guy lies down and Druuna just lowers her big ass onto his cock and pumps it up and down, up and down. Man, what a woman…and what an ass!

Olivia O’Lovely’s Amazing Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on September 20th, 2007

Olivia O'Lovely - Amazing AssIf you’ve never heard of Olivia O’Lovely, then I’m going to have to question the legitimacy of your membership in the Big Ass Lovers Association of America. This hot big butt latina has been setting the big butt porn world on fire for several years now. Typically, the average porn star doesn’t stick around for more than a year or so because people tend to get sick of seeing the same old ass again and again. But Olivia has survived and indeed thrived all this time due to that amazing ass she packs in her hind quarters. This big ass has seen a lot of action, and the best of it has been at Assparade. Olivia O’Lovely has done probably half a dozen video scenes for this site, but this particular episode has to be her hottest. Check out the free video clips and you’ll see what I mean.

Devon Lee Anal at Ass Parade

Posted by Butt Guy on September 16th, 2007

Big butts are the best, but a big ass on a hot busty blond is bestest. Devon Lee is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. She’s a hot blond with big juicy titties who happens to have an amazing bubble butt that simply defies description. Devon’s butt is so perfect, it just cries for a good hard anal fucking. Luckily, Devon is totally into anal sex. She loves to take thick cocks up her fantastic mega ass, and she agreed to do a video for Assparade doing just that. This scene starts off with lots of shots of Devon Lee’s gorgeous curvy body, with her big tits and round ass featuring prominently. She models a few different pairs of thong underwear, so we get to see that hot ass in lots of different sexy pieces. After we’ve gotten plenty of ass worship, Devon gets stripped down and put on display totally naked. At this point, a dude with a big cock enters the picture and Devon goes straight to work on that schlong. This chick evidently knows how to suck cock because I haven’t seen this kind of sword swallowing since Deep Throat. The fucking begins and Devon gets her tight pussy stuffed by this cock, which would look much better up her ass, I must say. Ask and you shall receive, as Devon gets in the doggy position and gets that dick shoved up her big ass. Lots of great doggy anal fucking here that will blow you away. Definitely a must-see video for fans of big butts.

Devon Lee Anal

Krystal Jordan – Plump Ass Cheeks

Posted by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

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Big Ass Latina Angelina Castro

Posted by Butt Guy on July 6th, 2007

Angelina Castro - Big Ass Latina
Do you people have any idea how hot and horny a big ass latina babe can get when she gets her fuck on for cock? Well, you’re about to find out because this sexy latina Angelina Castro, who’s got an ass the size of the Death Star, has gotten seriously horny lately and she wants a big cock to satiate her animalistic tropical desires. Every time I see this chick in action, I think of cool beach breezes and pina coladas, then I think about how badly I want to stick my microscopic dick in her voluptuous phat ass. The guy in this video with her doesn’t have the microscopic penis problem, quite the opposite. He’s swinging one of the biggest cocks I’ve seen in porn and he’s sticking right into Angelina’s delicious bald pussy. When she rides that thing cowgirl style, her massive latina ass just goes fucking nuts as it bounces everywhere. I fucking love that! Angelina Castro is one of my new faves, so check her out!