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Claire Dames Big Butt Anal Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on May 10th, 2011

Claire Dames Anal Creampie Porn Video
Claire Dames sure has turned to the dark side lately. I remember when this curvy big butt cutie wouldn’t allow a cock within 10 feet of her juicy ass, but she’s really open to anal sex these days (and thanks be to the eternal Gods of Booty!). Claire now seems to really love a good stiff cock up her delicious white booty, but she also really likes to take loads of warm cum up that patookie. Anal creampies are her new fetish, so she did this porn video for Big Butt Booty Cream in which she gets the assfucking of her life before taking this guy’s copious cum deposit deep inside her raw butt. They start off with the super sexy Claire Dames taking a bubble bath…an ass-centric bubble bath, to be sure.

That juicy round butt gets washed in soapy suds very nicely before a guy shows up and shoves a purple dildo up Claire’s asshole. She does some nasty ass-to-mouth sucking of said dildo, then begs to be fucked in the ass. When the anal sex begins, you’re probably going to be just about ready to blow your load, but hold on, cuz that anal creampie is just around the corner. When he blows inside her, and she pushes out the cum load, it’s one of the hottest sights in all creation. This video is a winner, people.


Big Latina Butt Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on March 7th, 2011

Delilah Strong Anal Creampie
This latina chick named Delilah Strong has been getting her juicy Puerto Rican butt fucked on video for quite a while now, but she just keeps getting hotter and hotter, if you ask me. Delilah’s got one of those big bubbly asses that just make you want to poke it with your hard cock and leave her a present deep inside there. When I think about blowing my nut in her juicy latina ass and having her squirt my messy creampie out afterward, I get the shivers.

The curvy bubble butt hottie gets a monster creampie in this porn video from Big Booty Cream, but unfortunately not from Butt Guy. Evan Stone fucks Delilah’s gorgeous booty with his massive 9-inch cock and he really stuffs it in there, let me tell you. After pounding her anally for what seems like an eternity, Evan blows his wad and leaves Delilah with a nice warm creampie deep in her butt that she later pushes back out. One hell of a nasty anal creampie, and one hell of a big latina butt!


Sexy Booty Babe Takes a Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on September 1st, 2008

Brianna Beach's Sexy Booty
Wow, this girl Brianna Beach is really lighting a fire in my shorts, let me tell ya. She’s a totally gorgeous blond with a sexy booty that just screams for attention. Brianna is not super voluptuous, but her genetically plump butt really qualifies her for a post on this blog. Now, you loyal lovers of all that is cheeky out there know full well that I, the indomitable Butt Guy, would never steer you wrong, am I right? Well, then you people really need to trust your good pal and check this video out. Brianna did a scene for the site Big Butt Cream and it’s so hot, you may need to turn off your smoke detectors for the next half hour. She even took a messy creampie right in her tight pussy!

Brianna’s sexy body and plump booty get oiled up and massaged to get her ready for the fucking that is in store for her. Lots of great footage of her sexy booty in a tight bikini bottom and plenty of holy ass worship. When they move her inside, that’s when the seriously hardcore action begins. Brianna goes for that big cock and slurps it up nice and sloppy. Soon, that huge cock is being plunged deep into her feminine love slot and Brianna starts to come alive with all sorts of enjoyment noises. When the guy can’t hold it anymore, he just cums a gallon right inside this sexy babe’s hot pussy and she loves it. Fuck, people, this one is a keeper.


Black Booty Girl Internal Cumshot

Posted by Butt Guy on July 17th, 2007

Black Booty Creampie - Cassidy Clay Internal Cumshot
Cassidy Clay has been making the rounds in the big booty porn world and, let me tell you, she’s really impressing me. This is a sexy black girl who’s got a damn fine bubble butt booty back there that makes my mouth water every time I lay eyes on it. Cassidy is definitely into sex, too, because when she does a porn video, she’s always making those noises that let you know she’s into the fucking. Apparently, Cassidy’s also into internal cumshots, or creampies, as they are better known. In this video for Black Booty Cream, Cassidy Clay takes a hard fucking in her horny pussy that leaves it dripping with lots of warm cum. We get to see that fantastic round mocha booty bounce and jiggle all the way through, too. Very bonerizing scene.

Sydnee Capri Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on July 17th, 2007

Sydnee Capri Creampie - Internal Cumshot
For those of you who have been tirelessly searching for video of the painfully sexy black butt babe Sydnee Capri taking a creampie in her juicy pussy, let me lighten your load and fill your heart with joy. The boys at Black Booty Cream have gotten Sydnee to do an internal cumshot on film and it’s seriously hot and boner inducing. I’ve always loved the idea of cumming inside the pussy or ass of a deliciously curvy big booty babe, and this sexy black hottie is top on my list of the ones I’ve got get to. Sydnee, of course, is a bootyologist’s dream cum true. Her body is voluptuous and curvy, butt her big phat ass is really her crown jewel. In this porn video, we get to watch that perfect booty bounce around while the girlie takes a serious fucking from two very hung black men. They cum inside her pussy and she pushes it out till it’s dripping all over the place. Very hot footage here and this babe is so fucking sexy. So glad she decided to do an internal cumshot. Not to be missed.

Flower Tucci Anal Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on July 17th, 2007

Flower Tucci Anal Creampie
Flower Tucci will probably go down as one of the hottest big bubble butt pornstars of all time. You don’t need to look at her to long to realize that she’s got one of the hottest and bubbliest asses a white girl has ever sported in the entire history of the human race. Flower’s massive butt is also perpetually open for business, meaning that this girl seriously loves anal sex, and it seems that the bigger the cock the better. In this video over at Big Butt Cream, Flower gets royally fucked up the booty. I mean, she really takes a serious anal fucking which culminates in the dudes letting loose a ton of cum right up her ass. After he deposits his massive load, Flower farts it all out and you can see the jizzy goodness dripping out of that magnificent well-fucked butt. This ass is a national treasure, people, and if you’re into anal creampies, you need to watch this video pronto.