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Alexis Texas Mega Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on May 26th, 2010

alexis texas mega booty
Jeez, when I first caught a glimpse of the ultra-curvy Alexis Texas, I almost fell flat on my face. This blond butt babe from Texas has one of the most amazing mega booties ever to appear before the camera in a porn video. Alexis loves to shake that hot ass around, and she does plenty of that in this video.

She teases this poor fuck with seductive bubble butt, then finally lets him have a piece of her sweetness. She sucks his big cock and then takes him inside her wet pussy. That jiggling ass is one of the hottest sights to be seen, so you definitely should not miss this one!


Carmella Bing and Shyla Stylez

Posted by Butt Guy on May 18th, 2010

carmella bing shyla stylez
Okay, so Carmella Bing and Shyla Stylez get together to give this guy a very special holiday. These two super hot bubble butt babes are known for their love of getting fucked in the ass, so it’s a good bet that their plans involve allowing the gentleman to stick his huge cock in their bubbly behinds.

The two hotties go to work on his rigid cock with their mouths, then get some meat planted right in their horny pussies. After plenty of pussy fucking, Shyla and Carmella get their glorious round asses fucked deep in the best anal sex video I’ve seen in months. Really hot action with these two sweeties.


Phoenix Marie’s Big Ass Anal Video

Posted by Butt Guy on May 11th, 2010

phoenix marie assfuck
If there’s a sexier white bubble butt in all the world, I would certainly appreciate being advised of it. Phoenix Marie is definitely the hottest booty babe in porn today, and she absolutely loves being fucked in the ass by large monster cocks. She did a scene for BigButtsLikeItBig that blew me away, so I thought I might feature it in a post.

Phoenix gets it on with this dude who manhandles her a bit at the start of the video, but she’s sucking his huge cock and waxing his balls before you know it. When the anal sex comes around, it’s a real treat because this woman’s phat ass is one hell of a jiggler. That delicious big booty just bounces around while she takes a serious assfucking. Very hot action in this one.


Trina Michaels Assfucked

Posted by Butt Guy on May 4th, 2010

trina michaels anal sex video
The very sexy and voluptuous Trina Michaels is on tap today, and this curvaceous white babe is packing some very nice whooty back there that will certainly serve to stiffen your man parts. Trina is really into anal sex, which is to say that she loves getting assfucked until it hurts to go number 2 about 3 weeks in the future, so it’s really no surprise that she hooked up with the dudes from BigButtsLikeItBig.

These guys fixed her up with a well-hung gent who can’t wait to stick his huge cock deep into Trina’s sexy bubble butt. He pounds her anally until she cums, then deposits his seed on her. Very nice ass fucking action right here.


Ricki White’s Football Anal Adventure

Posted by Butt Guy on April 26th, 2010

ricki white anal
Let me first say that I’m all for having Ricki White referee all football games from now on. She’s so much hotter than the typical referee, it’s not even funny. Plus, she takes it in the ass, and her ass is mighty fine.

In this porn video, Ricki White puts her gorgeous bubble butt booty into the action when a football player accuses her of making the wrong call. Well, it seems that the only call Ricki cares much about is the one demanding that football player’s thick cock in her tight ass. She gets her plump booty fucked deep and raw while all that creamy ass flesh bounces off the ceiling. Too hot.


Big Butt Hottie Kelly Divine

Posted by Butt Guy on April 14th, 2010

kelly divine anal sex video
For as long as I’ve been watching her in porn, Kelly Divine has loved taking cock up her big juicy bubble butt. Yeah, she really seems to love getting a good anal fucking, and the bigger the cock, the better. Well, in this video for Big Butts Like It Big, Kelly takes on a dude who’s hot for her juicy booty and is intending to plunge his big cock deep into her big white ass.

Kelly loves the idea and welcomes his rigid member into her bubbly ass, which results in a good hard anal sex adventure that I’m sure she will never forget. This video is on fire, the anal sex action is perfect and Kelly Divine is a goddess.


Jada Fire Takes An Assfucking

Posted by Butt Guy on April 2nd, 2010

jada fire anal sex video
When your housekeeper fucks up, what are you supposed to do about it? If you do nothing, then it only encourages her and pretty soon, your whole house will be a stinking mess and you’ll be miserable. Perfectly understandable, then, that this dude decides to fuck the living shit out of Jada Fire’s round ass for making a mess in his kitchen. You see, Jada was working as his housekeeper and failed to clean up a mess she made in the kitchen because she thought he wouldn’t be home for a while.

Well, when the guy shows up and sees the mess, he uses his big dick as the instrument of anal punishment for miss Jada Fire. She gets her hot black ass fucked hard and deep, with plenty of jiggling booty flesh during the assfucking to keep us butt lovers very happy.


Big Ass Cutie Charlotte Vale Gets Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on March 18th, 2010

charlotte vale anal
Hey, you guys know who Charlotte Vale is, right? This girl is just a big butt cutie who looks like she just walked off some college campus somewhere in middle America. You know, I just love it when wholesome suburban babes with hot asses go all naughty and take cock in porn videos. Charlotte makes it even better, though, because she’s really into anal sex and having huge cock pumped in and out of her big round ass.

In this video, she gets exactly that as this thug has his way with her sexy white booty. He really stuffs his cock in that plump butt. Damn, it’s too fucking hot!


Sophie Dee and Bobbi Starr Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on March 4th, 2010

sophie dee and bobbi starr anal
Sophie Dee and Bobbi Starr in a full-on anal porn video together? Does it get any hotter? Well, let’s start at the beginning. In this video, Sophie and Bobbi are horny rock band groupies who are dying to get backstage so that they can get their gorgeous round asses fucked deep and hard by their favorite rock stars.

They finally get their wish to get back there and immediately pull those sexy asses out for the booty tease of these guys’ lives. Before you know it, both these bubble butt sweethearts are getting their plump butts fucked so raw, anyone watching is sure to erupt a fountain of cum from their groin. Some really hot anal sex in this video.


Katja’s Big Ass Booty Fucked

Posted by Butt Guy on February 9th, 2010

katja kassin booty
Jeez, how is it possible that Katja Kassin is still making scorching anal sex videos that have me climbing the walls with lust after all these years. Yeah, she’s definitely a veteran porn performer, but that sweet round german booty is still one of the hottest big asses in the world of porn today. If you’re a fan of the sexy booty babe, you know how much Katja loves to get assfucked. I mean, this woman will crawl over a football field of broken glass to get a nice thick cock in her bulbous bubble butt.

Well, it’s a good thing, then, that she hooked up with the guys at Big Butts Like It Big, the big booty anal porn specialists. They paired her with a horny dude sporting a huge cock and they went to town engaging in some nice raw assfucking. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Bubble Butt Latina Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on November 18th, 2009

bubble butt anal
When I go to lunch, I don’t typically find a bodacious bubble butt babe behind the counter selling me my soup. Well, in this video called “Shitty Food Shack”, Delilah Strong, who’s got one of the hottest latina bubble booties in all creation, is the one serving up the chow. A guy shows up for a sandwich and, after checking out Delilah’s curvy round ass, decides he wants more than just lunch.

He takes out his huge cock and the sexy latina goes straight for it. She sucks him down and gets his cock nice and spitty, then gets her tight pussy fucked deep. This guy wants that hot ass, though, so Delilah opens up her huge booty for some strong assfucking. She takes his massive cock up her gorgeous ass and gets pumped hard as all fuck. That is quite a sight, let me tell you. More jiggling butt flesh in this anal lunch spectacular than you can imagine. Very nice!


Ava Rose’s Big Ass Gets Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on October 26th, 2009

Ava Rose Anal
Let it never be said again that there isn’t a Goddess of big ass lust reigning over the universe of internet porn, looking out for us wanking bubble butt lovers. I can officially confirm that my prayers have been answered now that Ava Rose has allowed a real cock access to her gorgeous and ridiculously massive ass. Yes, dear friends and associates, the lovely Ava is now doing anal scenes and the resultant cries of joy and explosive ejaculatory eruptions are being heard the world over. This woman has an ass that could very well cause the testicles of every red-blooded American man to burst into smitherines once video footage of it’s anal penetration reaches the masses. As if this weren’t good enough news, it seems that Ava Rose is not simply taking cock up her huge ass, she’s taking really BIG cock up that work of bubbly anatomical art that is her booty.

In this video called “Pain In The Ass Roommate,” Ava gets her tight shorts taken down and gets her gorgeous booty spanked until her ass cheeks are nice and red. Soon, Ava’s got a massive cock in her mouth and she gets to orally preview the massive member that will shortly be pumping her big butt full of meat. When the anal sex finally starts, you will probably already be waist deep in your own semen from the anticipation, but the payoff is indeed worth the wait. This girlie’s big booty gets pumped something fierce by this very well-endowed fucker who is so lucky to be able to do this, he should probably go out and buy some damn lottery tickets.

I don’t know what to tell you, I’m sitting here with my pants around my ankles and my $80 dollar keyboard dripping of my own chunky jizz. My balls hurt, I’m hungry, and I’m frankly feeling a little faint. I don’t know, you probably should watch the video.


Sophisto Anal Destruction

Posted by Butt Guy on October 11th, 2009

sophisto anal destruction
I’ve often wondered what it must be like to give Flower Tucci a full-body massage. Can you imagine rubbing up those gloriously gorgeous phat butt cheeks with your bare hands? Personally, I don’t believe that I could keep my fingers out of her delicious bubble butt. Apparently, this guy can’t either. This video over at Big Butts Like It Big features the goddess of big ass taking a nice oily massage from this horny dude who loves her ass, but hates her personality. He addresses the issue by teasing Flower Tucci’s anal sphincter with his fingers, which soon gets her bubbly ass hungry for something bigger. Luckily for Flower, this dude’s packing a fucking Pershing missile in his pants that would satisfy Godzilla’s girlfriend. So, where do you figure that monster cock is going to end up? Yep, right up Flowers huge butt!

This video is worth it just to watch Flower Tucci get a very oily full body massage, which is so hot to witness, your dick will be hard as limestone by the end of it. But the best part of this porn video has got to be when this guy fucks her in the ass, which is really some of the hottest anal video footage I’ve ever seen. This bubble butt is the finest on Earth, and the anal plumbing it receives is one for the record books.


Bubble Butt Anal Sex

Posted by Butt Guy on October 22nd, 2008

Bubble Butt Anal Sex Video
So, you people have heard of Jenny Hendrix, right? I mean, how could you not have. This little sweetie has got a fucking perfect bubble butt caboose that makes your mouth water until you dehydrate. When she first popped onto the big ass porn scene, I nearly fucking fell on my face. She’s got this sexy wholesome look to her that is extremely arousing, and that delicious little round booty makes her one of the hottest chicks in all of porndom. Interestingly enough, Jenny loves to take cock in her curvy ass, and the bigger the better.

BigButtsLikeItBig put her in this video where she plays a customer service agent taking a complaint from a customer. This guy is all upset about something or other and demands to get a refund. Jenny is very insistent that the contract he signed allows for absolutely no refunds. Well, it looks like this guy isn’t going to take no for an answer as he pulls some sort of psycho fit and demands that Jenny suck his cock instead. Customer service is really, really important, it seems, so Jenny goes ahead and satisfies this guy by sucking his huge cock right there on her desk! Pretty soon, he’s demanding to fuck her perfect bubble butt ass and she hops right on his cock for a filthy anal sex fuck that will have you jerking so hard, you’ll need skin grafts on your hands! This scene is terribly hot, and Jenny Hendrix has never been more on her game.


Big Butt Anal Sex Party In The Gym

Posted by Butt Guy on September 7th, 2008

Big Butt Anal Sex Workout with Claire, Ricki, and Kelly
Dudes, if I didn’t have pictures to prove it, you people wouldn’t even fucking believe me. These three gorgeous big butt babes Claire Dames, Ricki White, and Kelly Divine went to the gym to try to build bigger booties (I hope this trend sweeps America). Their personal trainers, a couple of horny guys who love big asses as much as we do, suggested that the best exercise they could do to get those booties even plumper than they already are would be a good hard anal sex fucking. Ok, I’m not sure about the factualness of that rather wild assertion, yet I am genitally tingled by the idea.

These big butt hotties were evidently convinced by their argument because they stripped off their gym clothes and served up their delicious bubble butts to these hungry and horny trainers to do with as they pleased! Damn, it was difficult to keep lil Butt Guy from spewing his jizzy juice all over the place as I watched these amazing curvy cuties pull their tights down to reveal their yummy plump booties. Claire Dames, whose ass is a magnificent example of perfection in booty, gets that keister fucked nice and deep while her hot tits bounce around everywhere! Kelly Divine also takes it anally, getting her juicy caboose nailed nice and hard. Ricki White is a total lust queen who totally loves sex, especially anal sex, and she gets assfucked properly too. Shit, this video’s got it all, people, except maybe beer and doobies.


Big Booty Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on August 20th, 2008

Big Booty Babes Luscious Lopez and Flower Tucci Anal Sex Gallery
When I first saw Flower Tucci’s ass, I just about fell face first onto the floor. How could a human girl have an ass so big and juicy? Furthermore, how could it be that such a big booty babe would also love to take thick cock up that magnificent ass? Well, it is no longer necessary for me to ask these questions, since it’s clear that Flower is basically a Goddess who needs no rational explanation. In this video at Big Butts Like It Big, she is joined by her big booty gal-pal Luscious Lopez, who is a sexy latina with nice plump booty all her own. It just so happens that Luscious also loves anal sex and that’s good, since this video is packed with anal action. Flower and Luscious are working as secretaries who decide they’d like to sample the trouser snake of their coworker. When they get this guy onto the couch, they start stripping and getting their big asses ready to get anally fucked nice and deep. Both Luscious Lopez and Flower Tucci get assfucked in this video, so it’s just about perfect. Believe me, if you like either of these big booty babes, you need to watch this scene.


Big Ass Fucked In Prison

Posted by Butt Guy on August 17th, 2008

Katja Kassin Gets Ass Fucked - Anal Sex Gallery
Well, apparently men aren’t the only unfortunate souls that get ass-fucked in prison. Katja Kassin is a prison guard who likes to taunt the inmates she oversees — lots of jokes at their expense, lots of snide remarks, and lots humiliation. Unfortunately for her, when two of them were able to lift her cell key, they opened the door and grabbed a whole lot of big ass that they knew exactly what they were going to do with. They take Katja’s uniform off and put her straight to work on their big cocks, then start to finger her big ass for the fucking they’ve got in store for it. Katja looks absolutely gorgeous with a big black dick in her mouth and slobbery spit seeping out the sides. When the time comes to fill that amazing big butt with cock, Katja is totally into it and begging for them to fuck her ass. This is some of the best anal sex video footage I’ve seen in a good long time. Big, long dicks penetrating deep into a perfect bubble butt ass! Katja Kassin has won a special place in my heart with this video, it’s absolutely off the fucking wall!


Bubble Butt Whooty

Posted by Butt Guy on July 23rd, 2007

Bubble Butt Whooty
Ashli Orion is a sexy little teen thing with a plump round whooty that is a sight to behold. Her ass isn’t huge, but it sure as fuck is a bonafide bubble butt if I’ve ever seen one. Ashli not only possesses a fantastic bubbly ass, she’s also got an insatiable hunger for cock that won’t go away. And I’m not talking about just any cock, mind you, because Ashli likes her cock nice and huge. If she can’t feel the dick in her throat during a pussy fuck, she’s generally not satisfied. Well, luck for her then that she was able to hook up with the guys from Monsters of Cock because they had a couple of huge dicks ready for her that blew her mind when she got a look at them. In this scorching video, Ashli Orion gets her hot pussy violated by Shane Diesel AND Shorty Mac! Yeah, these guys have rhino dicks and they shoved them into Ashli while her perfect teen bubble butt whooty bounced around like a racketball. This video is on fire, people, and if you like watching bubble butt girls get fucked by monster cocks, you’re gonna blow wads of cum like you never thought possible!