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Brianna Love Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on April 29th, 2008

Bubble Butt Hottie Brianna LoveOkay, just for the record, if I were ever in the unfathomably lucky position to be Brianna Love’s boss, I would never — and I mean fucking ever — fire her. I don’t care if she’s embezzling millions and molesting the office goldfish, it’s just not going to happen. But, however unbelievably, the guy in this new video at Big Wet Butts decides to fire Brianna because, get this, her big fat ass is causing a mess in his office because it keeps knocking things over. Well, understandably, Brianna wasn’t very happy to hear about her firing, so she decided to try to get her boss on better terms with her big bubble booty. She goes into his office and pleads her case while stripping down and giving him a close look at the big ass that’s been causing so much trouble. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the boss is quite taken with Brianna’s great round ass and he quickly develops a desire to fuck it. That’s no problem for this chick, she’s taken more cock up the ass than a 16th century cabin boy. It’s quite a sight to see Brianna Love’s plump bubble butt get impaled by this guy’s big dick. Lots of great anal sex here, people, the shots are simply fantastic, showing off the great bubbly curves while that fat cock saws between those big ass cheeks as that pooper gets pumped. Brianna is a total cutie. This one’s a can’t miss!

Round Ass Anal – Britney Stevens

Posted by Butt Guy on March 18th, 2008

Britney Stevens - Round Ass at Big Wet AssesOk, so just the other day, I walked into a garage and there was this amazingly hot bubble butt babe with a sexy round ass who was just begging to take my throbbing 3-inch penis up her hershey highway. Oh, wait, that actually didn’t happen to me, it’s what happens in this video starring Britney Stevens. You’re gonna have to forgive me, I periodically have delusions of sexual grandeur (My personal favorite was the one where I was saving Jennifer Lopez from a gang of violent bikers in the middle of Death Valley — she rewarded me with butt sex. Oh, and I had a much bigger penis, and less acne, and almost no body odor.). This video is from Bigwetasses, so we automatically know from the get-go that there will be lots of anal sex, and that’s a very good thing because there are few sights sweeter than watching Britney take cock up her big round ass. When the dude walks into the garage and finds Britney, he examines her beautiful butt and shows it off to the camera so we can take in it’s full glory. Soon, this fantastic bubble butt gets oiled up and shiny. When the sex begins, Britney takes that cock into her mouth and sucks like a Hoover. Before you know it, Britney’s got that fat cock pumping her big ass while she makes all sorts of sexy noises. Dude, trust Butt Guy and watch this scene, it will make the world new again. Ok, it probably won’t, but it will milk your pud.

Big Butt Anal Orgy

Posted by Butt Guy on March 12th, 2008

Luscious Lopez, Sinnamon Love, and Ricki White get some anal sexLook out, people, because old Butt Guy has fucking done it again. I’ve found a big butt anal video that is sure to make me your favorite porn blogger, at least for a half-hour or so. This gem of big ass smut comes from the guys at Big Wet Asses and it is on fire. Luscious Lopez, Sinnamon Love, and Ricki White star in this anal sex free-for-all that has made me so horny, I just fucked a wet sock for some relief. These are three of the hottest big butt babes I’ve ever seen, and they all love anal sex! This video starts off with the three of them getting their delicious big booties oiled up for some posing and ass worship. Luscious has a fantastically round latina butt that will impress you, but Sinnamon definitely has the biggest, roundest ass of all. She’s a curvy black beauty who, you’ll find out, loves to take thick cock up her huge butt. Then there’s Ricki White, who’s got this plump bulbous bubble butt that is tempting as fuck. When it’s oiled, that butt looks downright heavenly. When the action begins, these girls show off their oral sex skills as they deep throat cock left and right. They get fucked in every way possible as their shining wet butts bounce and jiggle all over the place. When the anal sex starts, prepare yourself for quite a sight. Luscious, Sinnamon, and Ricki all take fat cocks up their oiled big butts and this is where you will cream more than you ever thought was possible. Listen to Butt Guy, get a towel, some Vaseline (Noxema also works well in a pinch), and lock the fucking door because this one will blow you away.

Big Butt Anal featuring Luscious Lopez, Sinnamon Love, & Ricki White

Cody Lane’s Fuckable Big Ass Gets Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on August 13th, 2007

Cody Lane has one of the biggest, roundest asses in the big butt porn biz. This girl doesn’t mind taking it in the ass, either. Her anal video scenes are some of the best to be seen. I first saw her in an anal porn video a few months ago and I was amazed by how deep she can take ridiculously large cocks in her deliciously plump butt. That booty is just so irresistible that I had to look for more of her porn work. I found this super hot video from Big Wet Asses and it’s definitely one of her best scenes. First of all, these people always make sure to oil up their girls’ big booties before they fuck them deep. So, as you might imagine, I got seriously aroused at the idea of Cody’s tight ass getting oiled up and fucked anally. The video begins with Cody stripping down and getting greased up. The sight of that hot curvy body all wet and oily is almost enough to juice your jewels, but there’s so much more to be enjoyed. Cody goes straight for some cock and sucks that rod like she wants to win some slut competition. Lots of spit and slobber. Next, she mounts the dude and engulfs his cock with her tight pussy. But the video really ramps up when Cody gets that cock stuffed right up her big fuckable ass. This anal footage is on fire, with Cody screaming, moaning, and begging for more. She even performs multiple ass-to-mouth sucks as the guy removes his cock from her ass and has her clean it repeatedly. Dudes, don’t miss this one, it’s required viewing for big butt porn fans.

Sandra Romain’s Bubble Butt Fucked

Posted by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

You can’t possibly understand what it would be like to have two incredibly hot curvy bubble butt babes going to work on your cock at the same time. Well, I don’t know, maybe you can (I shouldn’t assume that everybody is as geekily babeless as I am). If you know what it’s like (or can imagine it), then I’m sure you will appreciate this scene featuring the scorchingly hot voluptuous women Sandra Romain and Flower Tucci getting their deliciously large round bubble butts fucked deep by a ridiculously sized black cock. This video will drain your balls, let me tell you. When I first watched the whole thing (I’ve since watched it an additional 5 times) I came like 7 or 8 loads. I can’t be sure because I briefly lost consciousness after that point, but was lucky enough to have pressed pause on the video player before everything went black. You simply have got to see the hot bodies on these two big butt porn babes. Sandra has got the most perfect tits that compliment that incredible curvy booty, the mere sight of which just makes you want to jump into it and never come out. Flower’s big ass has got to be considered one of the wonders of the western world, what with that stunning hugeness and creamy complexion. Just watching these girls lounge around, intermingling their curvy oiled bodies is enough to get my man juices erupting, but they get some serious action when a very lucky dude with a long, thick cock shows up and introduces their big round asses to some hard buttfucking. This is one hell of an anal video starring two seriously hot bubble butt babes, so don’t fucking miss this one.