Flower Tucci

Sophisto Anal Destruction

Posted by Butt Guy on October 11th, 2009

sophisto anal destruction
I’ve often wondered what it must be like to give Flower Tucci a full-body massage. Can you imagine rubbing up those gloriously gorgeous phat butt cheeks with your bare hands? Personally, I don’t believe that I could keep my fingers out of her delicious bubble butt. Apparently, this guy can’t either. This video over at Big Butts Like It Big features the goddess of big ass taking a nice oily massage from this horny dude who loves her ass, but hates her personality. He addresses the issue by teasing Flower Tucci’s anal sphincter with his fingers, which soon gets her bubbly ass hungry for something bigger. Luckily for Flower, this dude’s packing a fucking Pershing missile in his pants that would satisfy Godzilla’s girlfriend. So, where do you figure that monster cock is going to end up? Yep, right up Flowers huge butt!

This video is worth it just to watch Flower Tucci get a very oily full body massage, which is so hot to witness, your dick will be hard as limestone by the end of it. But the best part of this porn video has got to be when this guy fucks her in the ass, which is really some of the hottest anal video footage I’ve ever seen. This bubble butt is the finest on Earth, and the anal plumbing it receives is one for the record books.


Bubble Butts In Hot Anal Orgy

Posted by Butt Guy on May 9th, 2008

Flower Tucci Bubble Butts Anal OrgyMy beloved fanatic legions, I will implore you to believe your fearless leader when I tell you that I very nearly took a free and liberal shit all over my pet schnauzer when I spotted this video over at FlowerTucci.com. After I moved my dog to safety, out from under my chair, I proceeded into this video feeling a combination of lust, hope, and slight crotch itch (probably due to infrequent bathing) as my eyes beheld the majesty of 5 nearly perfect bubble butts assembled on a basketball court. Flower Tucci, that ridiculously big assed porn superstar who has, for some reason, refused all five of my marriage proposals, got 4 of her big butt girlfriends to meet her on the court for some basketball with a side of fucking. Their opponents were a group of guys who happen to possess large cocks, so naturally they got around to some serious screwing. This outdoor sporting event then turned into the biggest fucking orgy since the time Caligula got locked in a horse stable. The bubble butts on these girls are totally off the hook, with Flower probably packing the best booty. She is joined by Cody Lane, Trina Michaels, Candace, and Luscious Lopez. All these big booty babes are top notch and they all love taking big cocks. Flower and Luscious take these cocks up the ass in some of the hottest anal sex I’ve seen in quite a while. Fuck, this one is a keeper for damn sure!

Big Ass Milf

Posted by Butt Guy on April 28th, 2008

Big Ass Milf Maria Belluci and Flower TucciOk, I don’t know if I’ve previously disclosed this information or not, but I am totally into big ass milfs. I think it started when I was in high school and I used to watch my english teacher writing on the board while her sexy big ass was jiggling all the while. Maria Belluci reminds me so fucking much of that hot english teacher, I can’t tell you. It’s fucking uncanny, the resemblance. In this super hot video, Maria joins Flower Tucci for a serious fuck session that gets captured on video for our viewing pleasure. Before it’s over, both Maria Belluci and Flower will get their tight pussies fucked hard, they’ll suck thick cock until they choke, and they’ll get their fantastic big asses pumped into next Tuesday. Holy fuck, I just had a thought of my english teacher getting her big round butt porked right there on her desk with a big fat cock. Oohh damn, that was nice. Ok, my left hand is full of jizz, but I can still type with my right hand, so no worries. Okay, so the video starts with Maria and Flower caressing each other while they’re both in skimpy bikinis. Soon, the dude shows up and they’re on their knees sucking his massive cock. Lots of nice fucking ensues which lead to some serious assfucking. Lots of great anal sex footage as hot milf Maria gets boned in the butt and Flower gets her huge asscheeks parted for backdoor entry. One fucking hot scene!

Big Booty Assfucking

Posted by Butt Guy on April 8th, 2008

Ricki White and Flower Tucci assfuckedOk, all of you big booty aficionados should know how hot an assfucking queen Flower Tucci is, but welcome to the big ass hottie flavor of the month named Ricki White. This tanned and ready sweetie had got a plump little butt that just screams to be impaled by thick cock. She got together with the mistress of anal kink, Flower, to film a scorching big butt anal fuck scene that will blast a hole in your shorts. These two big booty hotties take on a guy with big dick who stands ready to nail each of these curvy chicks up the ass. They both go down on him and get him nice and stiff, then each of them ride him with their hot pussies. Watching Ricki’s ass bouncing up and down is absolutely fantastic (my dick was just about doing jumping jacks) and Flower’s ass is so big and juicy, well, I don’t even know how to classify it but it’s a boner inducer for sure. The real fun in this video starts when the girls get their much anticipated assfucking. This dude sticks his thick cock in their big asses and fucks those things into next Tuesday! Lots of ass-to-mouth nastiness mixed into the action and that’s probably enough to keep you ejaculating involuntarily for the next decade. Listen to your friend and mentor, Butt Guy, watch this video and appreciate what true big butt assfucking is all about.

Ricki and Flower Get Assfucked at Flowertucci.com – Free Videos
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Druuna – Wet Butts Get Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on March 9th, 2008

Druuna and Flower Tucci - Wet Butts Get AnalI’ll be perfectly honest here people, when I first watched this video of Druuna and Flower Tucci getting their big wet butts fucked in a foursome anal sex party in Flower’s backyard, I shot a streak of cum out of my tiny dick so powerfully that it ricocheted off of my ceiling fan and hit my sleeping schnauzer in the jewels with the force of a 37 magnum. I now sit here, an exhausted disheveled mess with my pants around my ankles, my lap covered in crusty ejaculate, and the family dog licking my seed from his bruised, and possibly now infertile, testicles. I don’t know exactly how this all happened — how it was that I so completely lost my mind to lust — but it definitely has something to do with the fact that this is one of the hottest fucking big butt porn videos I’ve ever seen. Flower Tucci had a certain latina milf by the name of Druuna over to her house along with some skinny chick and they all decided to have a big debauched anal sex orgy of sorts. They found a guy to provide the cock and they all took turns sucking and fucking it, then riding that big thing with their big wet butts in some of the most sizzling anal sex action I’ve seen in a long time. Watching Druuna and Flower get their big asses all oiled up and wet, oh fuck, that is so hot! Watching those huge butts get filled with pork is even better. Trust me, you need to see this video, just get the pets out of the room first.

Bobbi Starr & Flower Tucci

Posted by Butt Guy on September 20th, 2007

Bobbi Starr analBobbi Starr is so fucking hot, I don’t even know what to do about it anymore. This big butt babe has been driving me crazy for a while, and now I learn that she has done this video with Flower Tucci where she gets her perfect bubble ass fucked deep alongside Flower who also gets a deep anal sex pounding. When I watched this video, I knew that the big butt porn world is about to see a new queen emerge because Bobbi’s ass is curvy, round, plump, and open for business. She loves anal sex and it shows in this video. Flower Tucci is also a contender for big butt anal queen, and she shows off that magnificent big ass in this scene as well as it gets fucked hard by stiff dicks. These girls are out-of-control, and this video is some of their best work. Checkout these free big butt porn videos and you will agree that these two are the hottest big butt babes currently working in all of smutland.

Sandra Romain’s Bubble Butt Fucked

Posted by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

You can’t possibly understand what it would be like to have two incredibly hot curvy bubble butt babes going to work on your cock at the same time. Well, I don’t know, maybe you can (I shouldn’t assume that everybody is as geekily babeless as I am). If you know what it’s like (or can imagine it), then I’m sure you will appreciate this scene featuring the scorchingly hot voluptuous women Sandra Romain and Flower Tucci getting their deliciously large round bubble butts fucked deep by a ridiculously sized black cock. This video will drain your balls, let me tell you. When I first watched the whole thing (I’ve since watched it an additional 5 times) I came like 7 or 8 loads. I can’t be sure because I briefly lost consciousness after that point, but was lucky enough to have pressed pause on the video player before everything went black. You simply have got to see the hot bodies on these two big butt porn babes. Sandra has got the most perfect tits that compliment that incredible curvy booty, the mere sight of which just makes you want to jump into it and never come out. Flower’s big ass has got to be considered one of the wonders of the western world, what with that stunning hugeness and creamy complexion. Just watching these girls lounge around, intermingling their curvy oiled bodies is enough to get my man juices erupting, but they get some serious action when a very lucky dude with a long, thick cock shows up and introduces their big round asses to some hard buttfucking. This is one hell of an anal video starring two seriously hot bubble butt babes, so don’t fucking miss this one.

Flower Tucci Anal Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on July 17th, 2007

Flower Tucci Anal Creampie
Flower Tucci will probably go down as one of the hottest big bubble butt pornstars of all time. You don’t need to look at her to long to realize that she’s got one of the hottest and bubbliest asses a white girl has ever sported in the entire history of the human race. Flower’s massive butt is also perpetually open for business, meaning that this girl seriously loves anal sex, and it seems that the bigger the cock the better. In this video over at Big Butt Cream, Flower gets royally fucked up the booty. I mean, she really takes a serious anal fucking which culminates in the dudes letting loose a ton of cum right up her ass. After he deposits his massive load, Flower farts it all out and you can see the jizzy goodness dripping out of that magnificent well-fucked butt. This ass is a national treasure, people, and if you’re into anal creampies, you need to watch this video pronto.