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Bubble Butt Brunette Sex

Posted by Butt Guy on August 14th, 2008

Jordan Jagger's nice bubble butt - Hardcore Porn Pics
Well, here’s a new bubble butt brunette babe that has caused some substantial tingling in Butt Guy’s shorts (and, yes, I’m sure it’s not my crabs). Jordan Jagger is packing one hell of a bubble ass behind her, and you can tell it’s a really happy ass by the way it just juts right out and bounces around. The only thing better that watching Jordan’s meaty butt bounce around is watching it bounce around on a stiff cock. Well, the boys at Round Mound of Ass have taken care of that for us. They got Jordan to agree to take cock on camera, and the resulting video will totally floor you and make your good trouser buddy very very happy! The video starts out with Jordan parading around this guy’s backyard in a super skimpy outfit that shows off her bubble mound of ass perfectly. After some tease, the clothes come off and we see just how divine that incredible ass really is. The dude gets a serious boner, and I can hardly blame him, so he takes the very hot Jordan Jagger into the house to continue the ass worship and get her hot mouth on his cock. She sucks that meat pole like she was born to blow, then she gets fucked in that tight little pussy of hers. Best part of the whole movie would be watching that amazing ass jiggle like all fuck while she takes it. Damn fine production that should definitely not be missed!


Blond Bubble Butt

Posted by Butt Guy on April 26th, 2008

Brianna Beach's Bubble ButtThis chick is one of the hottest blondes I’ve seen in porn in quite a while, and believe me when I tell you I’ve been paying attention for a long, long time. Brianna Beach is her name, and damn is she hot as all fuck. This sexy blond bubble butt babe got hooked up with the dudes at Roundmoundofass and did a scene that almost busted my testes for good. They start off with plenty of ass worship right off the bat, even before Brianna is out of her clothes. She’s wearing some tight jean shorts that show off her fantastic big bubble butt beautifully, and when they take those shorts down, we see that she’s wearing an even sexier pair of panties that are so tight you can see her butt crack and the full moon of her ass. Shit, I almost blew my precious Butt Guy juices right there, but I held off for the hardcore parts (hey, I’m a pro, people). When the dick comes out, Brianna Beach lives up to her naughty reputation and sucks that thick cock like a true bubble butt slut. Soon, she’s riding cock and that huge ass is flopping around like crazy. Fuck it, dudes, you need to see this now!

Bubble Butt Blond

Posted by Butt Guy on April 18th, 2008

Bubble Butt Blond Cayden MooreOh shit, have I stumbled upon potential greatness with this one. The girl’s name is Crista Moore and she just did a video for Round Mound of Ass. This is one bubble butt blond that is so smoking hot, I may need to douse her with water when I get her over to my Las Vegas penthouse, after I pick her up at the airport in my stretch limo. Ok, ok, so it’s gonna be more like me picking her up in my ’79 Pinto and taking her to my $100-a-month efficiency apartment, but I can still get her to come over. Yeah, it should be possible, I think. But this scene is a definite must-see for anybody who loves hot blondes with plump bubble booties. The ass on this chick is nice and round, and it looks like it just loves attention. That’s what it gets when they pair Crista with a guy who apparently loves bubble butt blonds as much as we do. He goes straight for her crack and licks her up so deep, he probably found out what she had for breakfast five days ago. When his cock comes out, Crista goes straight for it and sucks that thing down good. She climbs on for a nice pussy fuck and we get to watch that big butt masterpiece jiggle and bounce until we cream our pants. This Crista Moore may be the next bubble butt pornstar queen.

Kylee Reese – Nice Round Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on February 13th, 2008

Kylee Reese - Free Trailer at RoundmoundofassIf you haven’t yet spotted a nice little bubble butt blond by the name of Kylee Reese, you need to check her the fuck out. This sexy bootyful hottie has got a tight round ass that looks like it was made for those of us who drool over plump booties. This chick isn’t terribly thick, but she’s got an ass that qualifies her for a post on this site, that’s for sure. The dude over at Roundmoundofass have done a video with her that has tented my shorts, so I need to share with my fellow beloved butt freaks. The video starts with Kylee, dressed in a tight blue outfit that accentuates every luscious curve on her flawless body. Michael Stefano steps in and starts to play with the little cutie. He slowly takes down her tight shorts and reveals her plump ass for the camera. That booty jiggles like it’s dying to say something! After he gets Kylee totally naked, he puts her to work on his thick cock and we see what a good cocksucker this blond hottie really is. After the oral sex, Kylee mounts him and sticks his large organ right into her tight pussy. This is the money shot, my friends, as we get to watch this girls fantastic plump ass cheeks jiggle wildly as she nears orgasm. Damn, I need to stick little Butt Guy into this woman! Don’t miss this video, it’s a barn burner!

Kylee Reese – Perfect Round Ass

Megan Reese and Her Round Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on December 30th, 2007

Megan ReeseThis chick Megan Monroe from Roundmoundofass has got a booty that will drain your nuts, people. First of all, this little cutie is a typical girl-next-door type of babe. She’s not stoned, she’s not drunk, and she’s not tattooed all over her body like so many of these girlies in porn these days. Nope, this blond butt babe looks like she could of just walked off any college campus in America (ok, maybe any except Sunnydale U — those people are pigs). Her beautiful round ass is basically perfect according to the established standards of big butt hotness. It’s round, big but firm, and it glows like a SpiderMan watch. Megan gets paired with this dude who’s got a big cock that bends upwards, which I hear is good for g-spot stimulation. I guess that what’s going on when he inserts that monster into Megan’s tight hole because she sings like a pop diva when she’s getting that pipe layed. Then, she mounts him and rides cock like a cowgirl. You absolutely must see that big round ass booty shake and jiggle like a fucking pot of jello as she goes nuts in this position. What a breath of fresh air this girl is!

Roundmoundofass Mariah’s Bubble Butt

Posted by Butt Guy on September 20th, 2007

Mariah - Round Mound of AssMariah Milano from Round Mound of Ass is a seriously hot bubble butt babe. She’s got that sexy tan and curves in all the right places, but her most arousing feature is of course her incredible big booty. She was evidently looking to do porn work because she hooked up with the guys at Roundmoundofass, and Mariah was all set to enter the big butt porn universe. They paired her with Michael Stefano, who’s got a cock of sufficient size to give this girl a real thrill. First, though, Stefano strips off Mariah’s panties and gets a load of that amazing big ass. He plays with it a little while, then puts this cutie on her knees to suck his cock. That’s definitely a pretty site, but even prettier is watching her get slammed in the pussy by this thick cock. The sight of bubble butt hottie Mariah getting fucked deep on the couch is more arousing than I can describe. You need to check this video out for yourself.

Alexis Texas Is A Hot Big Butt Babe

Posted by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

Several months ago, I was on the toilet reading an issue of Butt Sluts magazine when I saw a picture of Alexis Texas, who at that time was a newbie to the big butt porn world. Her sexy ass was one of the finest I had ever glanced and it’s sheer massiveness stunned the fuck out of me. Immediately, I desired to copulate with it. After I got off the toilet, I staggered to my computer, still in a shocked haze from the gloriousness of Alexis’s huge butt, and looked for more information on the phenomenal big butt babe. It turns out Alexis was raised in Texas, where they grow everything to be big including female asses, luckily enough. Her milk-fed curvy body is the kind that just makes you want to climb the walls, but only until you glimpse the ass, at which point you simply want to fuck it or die. Now, Alexis has been doing porn for a few months and we have an increasing body of work from which to draw masturbatorial fodder that features her gloriously big sexy ass. It turns out that she just recently did one of her finest porn videos to date for the site Round Mound of Ass, and it is a fucking keeper. Alexis gets stripped down and that magnificent big butt cleavage gets put on display and worshiped like an Amazonian totem while she purrs and squeaks and describes how she wants the guy’s cock to fuck her. When she gets totally naked, she mounts the dude’s rock hard cock and she rides that thing like crazy, her huge butt bouncing and jiggling like all fuck. If you’re a fan of big butt babes, this is the video you must see.