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Posted in Extreme Asses by Butt Guy on March 14th, 2008

Extremeasses Cream - Phat Ass BootyTwo curvy black chicks with ridiculously phat asses dressed up as cowgirls? Yeah, I’ll buy that. Look, Butt Guy has eclectic tastes, so big booty black cowgirls are as good as bubble butt cheerleaders any day, as long as those asses are big and round. This girl Cream and her friend are the naughtiest cowgirls I’ve ever seen, I have to say. They get their beautiful black butts oiled up and shiny before taking a good load of cock in their tight pussies. These girls fuck like it’s their last lay as they gobble up this guy’s cock and sit on that thing like it’s going to disappear if they’re not constantly doing something to it. Let me tell you, curvy black babes with big phat asses are a frequent ingredient in Butt Guy’s most erotic fantasies and these girls look like they just walked out of my dreams. When they’re through getting thoroughly fucked, Cream and company take a messy cumshot straight to the mouth and share it with each other in a big, sloppy cum kiss that launched my payload with no problem. Don’t miss this scene, it’ll turn your dick into a flagpole.

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