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Cody Lane’s Fuckable Big Ass Gets Anal

Posted in Big Wet Asses by Butt Guy on August 13th, 2007

Cody Lane has one of the biggest, roundest asses in the big butt porn biz. This girl doesn’t mind taking it in the ass, either. Her anal video scenes are some of the best to be seen. I first saw her in an anal porn video a few months ago and I was amazed by how deep she can take ridiculously large cocks in her deliciously plump butt. That booty is just so irresistible that I had to look for more of her porn work. I found this super hot video from Big Wet Asses and it’s definitely one of her best scenes. First of all, these people always make sure to oil up their girls’ big booties before they fuck them deep. So, as you might imagine, I got seriously aroused at the idea of Cody’s tight ass getting oiled up and fucked anally. The video begins with Cody stripping down and getting greased up. The sight of that hot curvy body all wet and oily is almost enough to juice your jewels, but there’s so much more to be enjoyed. Cody goes straight for some cock and sucks that rod like she wants to win some slut competition. Lots of spit and slobber. Next, she mounts the dude and engulfs his cock with her tight pussy. But the video really ramps up when Cody gets that cock stuffed right up her big fuckable ass. This anal footage is on fire, with Cody screaming, moaning, and begging for more. She even performs multiple ass-to-mouth sucks as the guy removes his cock from her ass and has her clean it repeatedly. Dudes, don’t miss this one, it’s required viewing for big butt porn fans.

Alexis Texas Is A Hot Big Butt Babe

Posted in Round Mound of Ass by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

Several months ago, I was on the toilet reading an issue of Butt Sluts magazine when I saw a picture of Alexis Texas, who at that time was a newbie to the big butt porn world. Her sexy ass was one of the finest I had ever glanced and it’s sheer massiveness stunned the fuck out of me. Immediately, I desired to copulate with it. After I got off the toilet, I staggered to my computer, still in a shocked haze from the gloriousness of Alexis’s huge butt, and looked for more information on the phenomenal big butt babe. It turns out Alexis was raised in Texas, where they grow everything to be big including female asses, luckily enough. Her milk-fed curvy body is the kind that just makes you want to climb the walls, but only until you glimpse the ass, at which point you simply want to fuck it or die. Now, Alexis has been doing porn for a few months and we have an increasing body of work from which to draw masturbatorial fodder that features her gloriously big sexy ass. It turns out that she just recently did one of her finest porn videos to date for the site Round Mound of Ass, and it is a fucking keeper. Alexis gets stripped down and that magnificent big butt cleavage gets put on display and worshiped like an Amazonian totem while she purrs and squeaks and describes how she wants the guy’s cock to fuck her. When she gets totally naked, she mounts the dude’s rock hard cock and she rides that thing like crazy, her huge butt bouncing and jiggling like all fuck. If you’re a fan of big butt babes, this is the video you must see.

Sandra Romain’s Bubble Butt Fucked

Posted in Big Wet Asses,Flower Tucci by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

You can’t possibly understand what it would be like to have two incredibly hot curvy bubble butt babes going to work on your cock at the same time. Well, I don’t know, maybe you can (I shouldn’t assume that everybody is as geekily babeless as I am). If you know what it’s like (or can imagine it), then I’m sure you will appreciate this scene featuring the scorchingly hot voluptuous women Sandra Romain and Flower Tucci getting their deliciously large round bubble butts fucked deep by a ridiculously sized black cock. This video will drain your balls, let me tell you. When I first watched the whole thing (I’ve since watched it an additional 5 times) I came like 7 or 8 loads. I can’t be sure because I briefly lost consciousness after that point, but was lucky enough to have pressed pause on the video player before everything went black. You simply have got to see the hot bodies on these two big butt porn babes. Sandra has got the most perfect tits that compliment that incredible curvy booty, the mere sight of which just makes you want to jump into it and never come out. Flower’s big ass has got to be considered one of the wonders of the western world, what with that stunning hugeness and creamy complexion. Just watching these girls lounge around, intermingling their curvy oiled bodies is enough to get my man juices erupting, but they get some serious action when a very lucky dude with a long, thick cock shows up and introduces their big round asses to some hard buttfucking. This is one hell of an anal video starring two seriously hot bubble butt babes, so don’t fucking miss this one.

Krystal Jordan – Plump Ass Cheeks

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

Krystal JordanOh, boy do I have a sweet treat for all you big plump ass lovers out there. I figured I’d inaugurate my big booty blog with the hottest newcomer to the big butt porn scene, the one and only Krystal Jordan. This unbelievable booty queen has got the most perfect round ass cheeks I’ve seen in quite a while. Krystal looks like the typical college coed who dresses like an angel but secretly loves to fuck. In this video at Ass Parade, she proves that to be totally true as she takes on a big cock and jiggles that amazing big butt as she rides that lucky motherfucker like she’s on fire. First things first, however, because the boys at Assparade like to do plenty of ass worship before they stuff their bubble butt babes full of cock. They bring Krystal to this apartment where they have her wear all sorts of sexy lingerie. They put her in lace panties and garters while they direct her to push out her beautiful round ass so that the camera can take in all of her big booty glory. Then, she slowly strips off the panties and sits herself on her knees while her huge butt just sticks out obscenely like it’s waiting to be fucked. Man, I almost launched my hot and spicy ball sauce right there. After all the ass worship is finished, they introduce Krystal to the dude who will be responsible for fucking that hot curvy body of hers. She goes to work on this guy’s cock and soon he’s as hard as asphalt. The best part of this video is when Krystal rides his cock and you see that big ass booty just jiggle out of control. This scene is motherfucking sick, man.