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Round Ass Anal – Britney Stevens

Posted in Big Wet Asses by Butt Guy on March 18th, 2008

Britney Stevens - Round Ass at Big Wet AssesOk, so just the other day, I walked into a garage and there was this amazingly hot bubble butt babe with a sexy round ass who was just begging to take my throbbing 3-inch penis up her hershey highway. Oh, wait, that actually didn’t happen to me, it’s what happens in this video starring Britney Stevens. You’re gonna have to forgive me, I periodically have delusions of sexual grandeur (My personal favorite was the one where I was saving Jennifer Lopez from a gang of violent bikers in the middle of Death Valley — she rewarded me with butt sex. Oh, and I had a much bigger penis, and less acne, and almost no body odor.). This video is from Bigwetasses, so we automatically know from the get-go that there will be lots of anal sex, and that’s a very good thing because there are few sights sweeter than watching Britney take cock up her big round ass. When the dude walks into the garage and finds Britney, he examines her beautiful butt and shows it off to the camera so we can take in it’s full glory. Soon, this fantastic bubble butt gets oiled up and shiny. When the sex begins, Britney takes that cock into her mouth and sucks like a Hoover. Before you know it, Britney’s got that fat cock pumping her big ass while she makes all sorts of sexy noises. Dude, trust Butt Guy and watch this scene, it will make the world new again. Ok, it probably won’t, but it will milk your pud.

Big Black Ass

Posted in Extreme Asses by Butt Guy on March 14th, 2008

Extremeasses Cream - Phat Ass BootyTwo curvy black chicks with ridiculously phat asses dressed up as cowgirls? Yeah, I’ll buy that. Look, Butt Guy has eclectic tastes, so big booty black cowgirls are as good as bubble butt cheerleaders any day, as long as those asses are big and round. This girl Cream and her friend are the naughtiest cowgirls I’ve ever seen, I have to say. They get their beautiful black butts oiled up and shiny before taking a good load of cock in their tight pussies. These girls fuck like it’s their last lay as they gobble up this guy’s cock and sit on that thing like it’s going to disappear if they’re not constantly doing something to it. Let me tell you, curvy black babes with big phat asses are a frequent ingredient in Butt Guy’s most erotic fantasies and these girls look like they just walked out of my dreams. When they’re through getting thoroughly fucked, Cream and company take a messy cumshot straight to the mouth and share it with each other in a big, sloppy cum kiss that launched my payload with no problem. Don’t miss this scene, it’ll turn your dick into a flagpole.

Big Ass Vanessa Lee

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on March 13th, 2008

Monstercurves Vanessa Lee - big assSometimes the biggest, plumpest asses come in small packages. Vanessa Lee from Monstercurves is the perfect example of this. She’s a petite cutie who’s got a big ass that will floor you. That curvy thing is nice and round, and it juts right out of her backend like it’s looking for attention. The folks at Monster Curves recognized the genius of Vanessa’s plump bubble butt and decided to put her in a video, and thank the gods of assery that they did. I must have blown five or six wads on this video, and do you realize what that kind of strain does to poor Butt Guy’s nuts? I hope you people appreciate what I go through for you. Anyways, Vanessa’s scene is off the hook. The video starts with our lovely big ass babe washing a car in a skimpy outfit. She soon starts washing herself with the suds (dirty girl!) and especially that big butt of hers. Soon, she’s joined by our stud for the day who will be fucking her into next Tuesday with his ridiculously large cock. This girl goes straight to work on that dick and tries to get as much into her mouth as possible. The most amazing part of the video, though, is when she jumps on that fat cock and we see that perfect bubble butt bounce on his lap! Dude, if you don’t blast a load here, your membership in the human race will be questioned. Watch this one, you’ll love it.

Vanessa’s Big Ass Bounces During Power Fuck

Big Butt Anal Orgy

Posted in Big Wet Asses by Butt Guy on March 12th, 2008

Luscious Lopez, Sinnamon Love, and Ricki White get some anal sexLook out, people, because old Butt Guy has fucking done it again. I’ve found a big butt anal video that is sure to make me your favorite porn blogger, at least for a half-hour or so. This gem of big ass smut comes from the guys at Big Wet Asses and it is on fire. Luscious Lopez, Sinnamon Love, and Ricki White star in this anal sex free-for-all that has made me so horny, I just fucked a wet sock for some relief. These are three of the hottest big butt babes I’ve ever seen, and they all love anal sex! This video starts off with the three of them getting their delicious big booties oiled up for some posing and ass worship. Luscious has a fantastically round latina butt that will impress you, but Sinnamon definitely has the biggest, roundest ass of all. She’s a curvy black beauty who, you’ll find out, loves to take thick cock up her huge butt. Then there’s Ricki White, who’s got this plump bulbous bubble butt that is tempting as fuck. When it’s oiled, that butt looks downright heavenly. When the action begins, these girls show off their oral sex skills as they deep throat cock left and right. They get fucked in every way possible as their shining wet butts bounce and jiggle all over the place. When the anal sex starts, prepare yourself for quite a sight. Luscious, Sinnamon, and Ricki all take fat cocks up their oiled big butts and this is where you will cream more than you ever thought was possible. Listen to Butt Guy, get a towel, some Vaseline (Noxema also works well in a pinch), and lock the fucking door because this one will blow you away.

Big Butt Anal featuring Luscious Lopez, Sinnamon Love, & Ricki White

Black Booty Queen Dona

Posted in Extreme Asses by Butt Guy on March 11th, 2008

Extremeasses Dona - Black Booty in actionSome of the most amazing bubble butts old Butt Guy has ever seen have belonged to black booty babes. You know, the kind of black chicks that just seem to have 90 percent of their body weight in their ass? Well, Extremeasses found Dona, a girl who perfectly exemplifies what I’m talking about. Her gorgeous big booty will knock you back on your heel, it’s so fucking amazing. It’s large, round, and bootyful as can be. Dona’s body makes my dick throb as bad as a Viagra overdose. In this video for Extreme Asses, Dona’s hot butt gets oiled up and her big natural tits get the same treatment. When her glorious black booty is glistening in the hot sun like that, you know this is going to be a great scene. When they move her inside, they stick a cock in her mouth and she goes to town on that fucker. When it comes time to ride that cock, she gets on and shakes that phat booty around like crazy. This scene has more than enough naughty action to make you cum for days.

Extremeasses Dona’s Black Booty

Big Ass Latina

Posted in Latin Booty Girls by Butt Guy on March 10th, 2008

Big Ass Pornstar Cleopatra - LatinbootygirlsNothing like a big ass latina chick to remind you what true big booty hotness is all about. I’m of the opinion that latina babes have some of the best, most tempting big asses of all the women in the world. I found this video featuring the latina pornstar Cleopatra which is off the hook. This little sweet thing is Puerto Rican and she’s got one hell of big round ass. She’s got curves in all the right places and she absolutely loves cock. In this video at Latinbootygirls, Cleopatra sucks on a stiff cock and rides it with her perfect bald pussy. The best part is watching this mamacita bounce around on his cock while her delicious big ass is jiggling like crazy. The dude finally cums all over her and that is one nice view, let me tell ya.

Big Ass Pornstar Cleopatra In Hardcore Action

Druuna – Wet Butts Get Anal

Posted in Flower Tucci by Butt Guy on March 9th, 2008

Druuna and Flower Tucci - Wet Butts Get AnalI’ll be perfectly honest here people, when I first watched this video of Druuna and Flower Tucci getting their big wet butts fucked in a foursome anal sex party in Flower’s backyard, I shot a streak of cum out of my tiny dick so powerfully that it ricocheted off of my ceiling fan and hit my sleeping schnauzer in the jewels with the force of a 37 magnum. I now sit here, an exhausted disheveled mess with my pants around my ankles, my lap covered in crusty ejaculate, and the family dog licking my seed from his bruised, and possibly now infertile, testicles. I don’t know exactly how this all happened — how it was that I so completely lost my mind to lust — but it definitely has something to do with the fact that this is one of the hottest fucking big butt porn videos I’ve ever seen. Flower Tucci had a certain latina milf by the name of Druuna over to her house along with some skinny chick and they all decided to have a big debauched anal sex orgy of sorts. They found a guy to provide the cock and they all took turns sucking and fucking it, then riding that big thing with their big wet butts in some of the most sizzling anal sex action I’ve seen in a long time. Watching Druuna and Flower get their big asses all oiled up and wet, oh fuck, that is so hot! Watching those huge butts get filled with pork is even better. Trust me, you need to see this video, just get the pets out of the room first.

Big Booty Threesome

Posted in Extreme Asses by Butt Guy on March 8th, 2008

Big Booty Black Babes Cherokee and DelottaOk, you guys know I like round booties that are perfectly shaped and flawless, but sometimes I just feel like I need a little more than the typical spherical bubble butt. That’s where Cherokee and Delotta come in. These sexy black babes pack big booty that will knock you over. I’m talking real ghetto booty, not the kind of bubbly ass you’ll find on your typical 120 pound stripper. These booties are huge, and jiggly, and they’re packing more cottage cheese than your local supermarket. But that’s ok because, today, I want to be fucking overwhelmed with big booty and these two pieces of work from Extremeasses are doing the job perfectly. Cherokee is the lighter skinned ebony beauty and damn is she fine. That massive ass of hers shakes like an earthquake and watching it get oiled up is almost too much to take. Delotta is sporting another monster booty that is so huge, I almost can’t believe how a woman can grow it out that big. After these booty babes get their gorgeous asses oiled up, they move inside where this lucky white guy gets to fuck them both. They go to town on his cock and that meat pole is in their tight black pussies before you know it. Plenty of booty shaking as these babes bounce around on his dick. Go ahead and indulge in some truly massive ass with this video, you won’t regret it.

Big Booty Hardcore Action – Free Videos

Katja Kassin’s Big Ass

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on March 7th, 2008

Katja Kassin - Big Ass AnalYou guys know that Butt Guy would never steer you wrong, right? Good, because I’m about to steer you toward one of the hottest big ass anal videos I’ve ever personally witnessed or heard about through fellow smut-peddling associates. Katja Kassin stars in this big ass fucking spectacular over at Monstercurves, and it is out of control. For fans of Katja, I don’t need to tell you about her total big butt perfection, but for new big butt lusters I will need to paint the picture. Firstly, Katja is from Germany and, for some reason, that is the land of big asses. Don’t ask me why, it must be a national law or something. Katja’s ass is big, round, firm, and bulbous. Yeah, I know, that almost never happens, but it’s right before you nevertheless. One other thing I love about Katja Kassin is that she is a total anal slut of the first order. She absolutely loves cock up the ass and the bigger the better! How fortunate for us. In this video at Monster Curves, she gets plenty of dick (provided by the famous cockmaster Steve Holmes) up her tight pooper in a stunning anal scene that totally rocks. At the beginning, there’s plenty of big ass worship as we watch Katja shake that booty all over the place. Then, the clothes start to come off and get fantastic shots of her curvy body in all it’s naked glory. When it comes time to take cock, Katja goes for that thing like a starving hobo and sucks that huge cock in a very sloppy blowjob. Soon, that long cock is thrust into her perfect big ass and Katja gets herself a nasty little assfuck that will almost certainly make you blow your crotch chowder in record time.

Free Videos of Katja Kassin’s Big Ass Getting Fucked

Alexis Texas – Big Butt Orgy

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on March 3rd, 2008

Alexis Texas in a Big Butt OrgyOk, prepare yourselves to be knocked right out of your comfy computer chairs, people. I just found this video over at Monster Curves and it will melt the gum right off your sneaker soles for goddamn sure. It stars the amazing big butt queen Alexis Texas and she’s brought along two of her big booty gal pals to join her for an out-of-control fuckfest of Hefnerian proportions. I don’t know what to say about Alexis Texas except that she is totally fucking perfect and I will be requiring her hand in marriage. She’s blond, curvy, and her ass is a thing of beauty and perfection. This woman has been making my balls throb for just over a year now as she’s been making the rounds in the big butt porn world, but I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed her in a video scene this fucking hot in all that time. The girls start out in sexy bikinis in some upscale backyard and begin to rub oil all over each other (always a good thing). The swimsuits then start coming off and we get to see those perfect big bubble butts in all their naked glory, glistening in the hot sun from all the oil that is applied. After some copious lesbian munching and caressing, two dudes enter the picture to provide some sausage to this simmering orgy. The girls go crazy after these cocks, sucking them down to the roots and slobbering them up nicely. When the fucking begins, lookout because you just might faint. Watching Alexis get that shiny wet curvy body slammed is enough to put you down for the count. This video will blow your balls away, dudes.

Free Videos of Alexis Texas in a Hot Big Butt Orgy