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Brianna Love Anal

Posted in Big Wet Asses by Butt Guy on April 29th, 2008

Bubble Butt Hottie Brianna LoveOkay, just for the record, if I were ever in the unfathomably lucky position to be Brianna Love’s boss, I would never — and I mean fucking ever — fire her. I don’t care if she’s embezzling millions and molesting the office goldfish, it’s just not going to happen. But, however unbelievably, the guy in this new video at Big Wet Butts decides to fire Brianna because, get this, her big fat ass is causing a mess in his office because it keeps knocking things over. Well, understandably, Brianna wasn’t very happy to hear about her firing, so she decided to try to get her boss on better terms with her big bubble booty. She goes into his office and pleads her case while stripping down and giving him a close look at the big ass that’s been causing so much trouble. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the boss is quite taken with Brianna’s great round ass and he quickly develops a desire to fuck it. That’s no problem for this chick, she’s taken more cock up the ass than a 16th century cabin boy. It’s quite a sight to see Brianna Love’s plump bubble butt get impaled by this guy’s big dick. Lots of great anal sex here, people, the shots are simply fantastic, showing off the great bubbly curves while that fat cock saws between those big ass cheeks as that pooper gets pumped. Brianna is a total cutie. This one’s a can’t miss!

Big Ass Milf

Posted in Flower Tucci by Butt Guy on April 28th, 2008

Big Ass Milf Maria Belluci and Flower TucciOk, I don’t know if I’ve previously disclosed this information or not, but I am totally into big ass milfs. I think it started when I was in high school and I used to watch my english teacher writing on the board while her sexy big ass was jiggling all the while. Maria Belluci reminds me so fucking much of that hot english teacher, I can’t tell you. It’s fucking uncanny, the resemblance. In this super hot video, Maria joins Flower Tucci for a serious fuck session that gets captured on video for our viewing pleasure. Before it’s over, both Maria Belluci and Flower will get their tight pussies fucked hard, they’ll suck thick cock until they choke, and they’ll get their fantastic big asses pumped into next Tuesday. Holy fuck, I just had a thought of my english teacher getting her big round butt porked right there on her desk with a big fat cock. Oohh damn, that was nice. Ok, my left hand is full of jizz, but I can still type with my right hand, so no worries. Okay, so the video starts with Maria and Flower caressing each other while they’re both in skimpy bikinis. Soon, the dude shows up and they’re on their knees sucking his massive cock. Lots of nice fucking ensues which lead to some serious assfucking. Lots of great anal sex footage as hot milf Maria gets boned in the butt and Flower gets her huge asscheeks parted for backdoor entry. One fucking hot scene!

Blond Bubble Butt

Posted in Round Mound of Ass by Butt Guy on April 26th, 2008

Brianna Beach's Bubble ButtThis chick is one of the hottest blondes I’ve seen in porn in quite a while, and believe me when I tell you I’ve been paying attention for a long, long time. Brianna Beach is her name, and damn is she hot as all fuck. This sexy blond bubble butt babe got hooked up with the dudes at Roundmoundofass and did a scene that almost busted my testes for good. They start off with plenty of ass worship right off the bat, even before Brianna is out of her clothes. She’s wearing some tight jean shorts that show off her fantastic big bubble butt beautifully, and when they take those shorts down, we see that she’s wearing an even sexier pair of panties that are so tight you can see her butt crack and the full moon of her ass. Shit, I almost blew my precious Butt Guy juices right there, but I held off for the hardcore parts (hey, I’m a pro, people). When the dick comes out, Brianna Beach lives up to her naughty reputation and sucks that thick cock like a true bubble butt slut. Soon, she’s riding cock and that huge ass is flopping around like crazy. Fuck it, dudes, you need to see this now!

Huge Ass Tiffany Mynx

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on April 26th, 2008

Tiffany Mynx's Huge AssShit, I don’t know if you people were paying attention in the 90’s, but if you were watching the skin flicks back then, you must know who Tiffany Mynx is. This woman was the big butt anal queen of the century, with a huge ass that made just about everybody’s mouth water. I remember, Tiffany could take massive cocks up her round ass that would make my mouth gape. Evidently, Tiffany Mynx is back in action because she shooting new videos now, including this super hot one for Monster Curves. She gets it on with this dude who got a big dick and cannot believe how huge her ass is (just look at him!). We get a lot of good footage of that amazing ass, as Tiffany gets naked and prepares to suck some cock. Soon, she’s getting fucked and making all sorts of sexy noises. The best part of the whole video begins when this goddess of 90’s big butt porn takes that massive cock up her round bubble butt. Watch her ride that dick cowgirl with her ass and I dare you not to lose control of your bowels. Yes, you will shit when you see this masterpiece of bubble butt get thoroughly fucked deep. Too hot for words, gents.

Big Booty Brianna Love & Phoenix Marie

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on April 25th, 2008

Brianna Love & Phoenix MarieThese two super hot big butt babes are raising the temperature of old Butt Guy’s testicles. Brianna Love, who is a total cutie with a big booty that is out-of-control, teams up with the big butt porn newbie Phoenix Marie to get down and dirty in the middle of the jungle. Ok, maybe not exactly the Amazon or anything, more like a heavily wooded pool area, but definitely a strong jungle motif. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always wanted to fuck Sheena of jungle right up her ass in front of the monkey, the giraffes, and everybody. But in this video for Assparade, these hot butt babes cavort around with each other, smacking their hot asses and generally teasing. The teasing ends when two dudes with big dicks arrive, then the girls go straight for them. Brianna and Phoenix Marie do a good job of sucking those stiff cocks down (I especially like Brianna Love’s technique — lots of spit), then they climb aboard for some serious cowgirl style fucking that highlights their fantastic round asses perfectly. The video ends with lots of cum on everywhere (including on Phoenix Marie’s hot big tits). Total winner, people.

Big Black Butt Babe Olivia Winters

Posted in 40 Inch Plus by Butt Guy on April 24th, 2008

Big Black Butt - Olivia WintersYou people need to listen up. I’ve got a smoking hot black babe for you right here who’s beautiful big butt has been yanking at my pimply scrotal package for a couple months now. Her name is Olivia Winters and she’s damn sexy. Her curvy backside puts me into a catatonic state every time I look at the thing, and her cute titties make my mouth water. Thank the God of big butts that 40 Inch Plus was able to grab Olivia for a video, because at least we know that they’ll do a competent job covering that amazing big ass. My expectations for this video were definitely met, as the scene starts off with Olivia’s big black butt getting the special attention it deserves. They measure her glorious booty and find that it is indeed a 40-incher, which means there’s plenty of cushion for the pushin’. They bring in a lucky fucker with a big dick and Olivia goes to work on him immediately. She sucks in his massive cock, then gets fucked nice and soundly by it. He puts Olivia over the couch and really pounds that piece of meat into her like crazy. This is one hot ass black babe that you people definitely need to check out.

Round Butt

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on April 21st, 2008

Sarah Vandella's Big Round ButtThose of you with heart conditions better grab your nitro pills, because this video may very well be the one to knock the shit out of your ticker for good. Sarah Vandella has a big juicy round ass that gets totally fucking buttered up in this scene at Monster Curves. No, I’m serious, it actually gets greased up with real melted butter! I shit you not, my fellow crack lickers. Sarah is really fucking hot, first of all. Even if she didn’t have a delicious round bubble butt, she would still turn my head. But lucky for me, she does have a fantastic bubble butt that I would just love to sink my tiny micropenis into any day of the week. This video starts out with Sarah in the kitchen dressed as a maid or butler or some such house servant. This guy comes in with a bottle of melted butter and starts spraying her round butt with it, then brushing it all over her meaty pooper. Soon, things start to go hardcore and Sarah winds up with the dude’s thick cock in her mouth, sucking that baby down hard. Then, she gets the ever-loving shit fucked out of her hot pussy while her buttered up big booty shakes and quivers. This one will stiffen your rods, people.

Bubble Butt Blond

Posted in Round Mound of Ass by Butt Guy on April 18th, 2008

Bubble Butt Blond Cayden MooreOh shit, have I stumbled upon potential greatness with this one. The girl’s name is Crista Moore and she just did a video for Round Mound of Ass. This is one bubble butt blond that is so smoking hot, I may need to douse her with water when I get her over to my Las Vegas penthouse, after I pick her up at the airport in my stretch limo. Ok, ok, so it’s gonna be more like me picking her up in my ’79 Pinto and taking her to my $100-a-month efficiency apartment, but I can still get her to come over. Yeah, it should be possible, I think. But this scene is a definite must-see for anybody who loves hot blondes with plump bubble booties. The ass on this chick is nice and round, and it looks like it just loves attention. That’s what it gets when they pair Crista with a guy who apparently loves bubble butt blonds as much as we do. He goes straight for her crack and licks her up so deep, he probably found out what she had for breakfast five days ago. When his cock comes out, Crista goes straight for it and sucks that thing down good. She climbs on for a nice pussy fuck and we get to watch that big butt masterpiece jiggle and bounce until we cream our pants. This Crista Moore may be the next bubble butt pornstar queen.

Big Round Asses

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on April 14th, 2008

Gina Lynn and Jessica Lynn - big round assesDudes, prepare yourselves for some serious fucking big ass action. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Gina Lynn or not, but she’s a smoking hot blonde booty queen who’s been giving bubble butt lovers like me bad cases of priapism for a few years now. Jessica Lynn is a totally new bubble butt babe who’s joining Gina Lynn for a sweaty, oily, raunchy session of pussy eating, dick sucking, and booty bouncing fuck action that will cause your balls to have a party right there in your scrotum. I’m serious, they’ll invite friends over, import booze, order pizzas and everything. Ok, as for this scene at Monster Curves, the basic thing you need to know is that these two blonde butt babes, who each possess a gorgeous big round ass, get totally fucking oiled up and go to town on each other and on the lucky fucker that provides the phallus in the scene. You’ve got to see those oiled booties bounce around on cock, people, it’s a thing of beauty.

Big Butt Babe Jessica Lynn Gets Fucked at Assparade

Big Booty Assfucking

Posted in Flower Tucci by Butt Guy on April 8th, 2008

Ricki White and Flower Tucci assfuckedOk, all of you big booty aficionados should know how hot an assfucking queen Flower Tucci is, but welcome to the big ass hottie flavor of the month named Ricki White. This tanned and ready sweetie had got a plump little butt that just screams to be impaled by thick cock. She got together with the mistress of anal kink, Flower, to film a scorching big butt anal fuck scene that will blast a hole in your shorts. These two big booty hotties take on a guy with big dick who stands ready to nail each of these curvy chicks up the ass. They both go down on him and get him nice and stiff, then each of them ride him with their hot pussies. Watching Ricki’s ass bouncing up and down is absolutely fantastic (my dick was just about doing jumping jacks) and Flower’s ass is so big and juicy, well, I don’t even know how to classify it but it’s a boner inducer for sure. The real fun in this video starts when the girls get their much anticipated assfucking. This dude sticks his thick cock in their big asses and fucks those things into next Tuesday! Lots of ass-to-mouth nastiness mixed into the action and that’s probably enough to keep you ejaculating involuntarily for the next decade. Listen to your friend and mentor, Butt Guy, watch this video and appreciate what true big butt assfucking is all about.

Ricki and Flower Get Assfucked at – Free Videos
Ricki White Gets an Assfucking at Big Wet Asses

Big Butt Sex Queen Jessica Lynn

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on April 8th, 2008

Jessica Lynn - Big ButtHave you guys ever wanted to follow a hot big butt babe down the street while she’s walking and shaking that booty around? That’s what the guys at Assparade did with Jessica Lynn. They followed this big butt blond with their cameras as she walked around town in tight sexy shorts. Now, this isn’t a stroke of genius, but it’s definitely an inspired idea. I mean the idea really makes my tiny dick hard — watching big round butts in their natural urban habitats. After they finish following Jessica around town, they take her to their penthouse where very naughty activities are scheduled to begin. First, they strip off her bottoms and reveal that amazing round ass of hers. This thing is plump, not too big, but oh so yummy looking! Jessica oils up that baby and shakes it around for us, then she gets totally naked and goes to town on some lucky mufucker with a big dick who gets to fuck that tight pussy of hers. Fuck, this chick is gonna give me a case of the priapism for sure.

Jessica Lynn Gets Fucked – Free Videos