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Big Butt Anal

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on May 12th, 2008

Big Butt Babe Phoenix Marie Anal VideoShit, I’ve already done a couple posts on Phoenix Marie, but this one is probably the best. If you’ve been waiting for this curvy piece of ass to take dick up her sweet big butt, this is your lucky day! Phoenix signed on with MonsterCurves to do an anal video and it is crazy hot, people. Look, I love this woman, ok? I sent her chocolates on Valentine’s Day, lace panties on her birthday, and Peking Duck on Christmas Day. Ok, so maybe the Peking Duck was a bad choice for the Christmas present, considering I used a cheap 2-week delivery option which probably meant the duck smelled like a homicide when it finally got to her, but we all make mistakes. I don’t want to dwell on my personal relationship with Phoenix Marie right now, because this sizzling anal sex video she did is off the charts in terms of big butt hotness and it must be discussed. She shows up at this mansion and pulls up her dress to show us her fantastic big bubble butt. Then, she gets into a bath tub and washes her sexy curvy body all over and prepares her cute little butthole for the deep penetration that’s in store for it. Once the guy with the big dick shows up, she’s all over him. You can tell Phoenix definitely wants to get assfucked today! She rides his cock with her tight pussy for a while, then the anal fun begins. He slips that thick prick into her tight big booty and fucks that ass into next week. Shit, I must’ve blown 7 or 8 loads on this one. Trust me, you need to watch this video!

Bubble Butts In Hot Anal Orgy

Posted in Flower Tucci by Butt Guy on May 9th, 2008

Flower Tucci Bubble Butts Anal OrgyMy beloved fanatic legions, I will implore you to believe your fearless leader when I tell you that I very nearly took a free and liberal shit all over my pet schnauzer when I spotted this video over at After I moved my dog to safety, out from under my chair, I proceeded into this video feeling a combination of lust, hope, and slight crotch itch (probably due to infrequent bathing) as my eyes beheld the majesty of 5 nearly perfect bubble butts assembled on a basketball court. Flower Tucci, that ridiculously big assed porn superstar who has, for some reason, refused all five of my marriage proposals, got 4 of her big butt girlfriends to meet her on the court for some basketball with a side of fucking. Their opponents were a group of guys who happen to possess large cocks, so naturally they got around to some serious screwing. This outdoor sporting event then turned into the biggest fucking orgy since the time Caligula got locked in a horse stable. The bubble butts on these girls are totally off the hook, with Flower probably packing the best booty. She is joined by Cody Lane, Trina Michaels, Candace, and Luscious Lopez. All these big booty babes are top notch and they all love taking big cocks. Flower and Luscious take these cocks up the ass in some of the hottest anal sex I’ve seen in quite a while. Fuck, this one is a keeper for damn sure!

Big Booty Babe Luscious Lopez

Posted in Extreme Asses by Butt Guy on May 6th, 2008

Big Booty Luscious LopezJeez, people, I thought I had seen the best of Luscious Lopez porn until I found this gem over at Extreme Asses. This hot latina has been in porn for a while, doing quite a few scenes that have put my tongue on the floor. But, in this video, Luscious really takes the cake — or, rather, she bakes it. The sexy big booty latina hottie finds herself in the kitchen indulging her baking hobby. She bakes up some really good looking cookies while wearing a ridiculously skimpy apron that allows her big phat ass to protrude seductively out the back. God, I would love to fuck this woman’s hot ass!! I’m sure she would be overwhelmed by my 3 inches of erectionary glory (actually, I doubt she would even know she was being assfucked). In this video, however, a dude with a big dick gets to tag Luscious in that big booty of beauty. He shows up and takes Ms. Lopez away from the baking toil and right onto his rigid cock. He fucks this curvy latina into next Tuesday and makes that beautiful phat butt ripple and jiggle like a motherfucker. Then, the real action begins when he sticks his thick cock up her glorious round ass. This scene really did it for me, I don’t know, just something about the whole baking theme really got lil Butt Guy hard as steel. Whatever you do, people, don’t miss this one.

Big Juicy Ass Babe Phoenix Marie

Posted in 40 Inch Plus by Butt Guy on May 4th, 2008

Phoenix Marie - Big Juicy AssThis one makes me very happy, my public. I am referring to this incredibly hot video that the boys at 40inchplus have put out starring the unbelievable hot juicy ass of Phoenix Marie, that blond bubble butt goddess that’s been leaving a trail of exhausted, testicularly drained men in her wake ever since she debuted on the big ass porn scene a few months ago. They’ve really fucking outdone themselves this time, because this chick is so hot, and that big round bubble butt is so boner inducing, that there’s like a -17% chance that this video would not to totally rule. Phoenix is a curvy blond goddess who’s got a great set big boobs (they’re fake, but fuck, so are my two degrees in advanced sexual therapy). They look great, but her big bubble ass is just off the fucking charts. In this video, she gets paired with a guy who’s cock head can barely fit in her hot mouth. She tries, nevertheless, to suck as much of that thick tool as she can, then she gets that thing in her tight bald twat. There is some excellent footage here of Phoenix Marie getting her fantastic curvy body fucked hard with her sexy legs high in the air. This video is a must see, people. Very hot girl, very juicy ass.

Spring Break Ass – Vanessa Lee

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on May 1st, 2008

Vaness Lee's Hot AssWhen I was in college, the time I looked forward to the most was Spring Break. Not that I ever got any chicks, mind you, but just gawking at all those sexy asses walking around in the hot sun was enough to crank my engine. Well, the guys at Ass Parade apparently have much better luck picking up hot ass chicks as evidenced by Vanessa Lee. This tanned and toned spring breaker has a nice juicy ass that I wish I could fuck permanently. They approach her on the beach and talk her up (I need to study this method. Maybe if I could conquer my acne, halitosis, and persistent body odor, I could apply it and get some chicks.) with all the right words. Soon, she’s putty in their hands and she asks to be taken to a nice quiet place to fuck. Yes!!! Ok, I have to admit, I came at this point in the video, but I still had several rounds left in the cylinder (Please, people, remember old Butt Guy’s a pro). Once they get to the guy’s apartment, we get to see that glorious hot ass in all it’s naked glory. She starts sucking on the guy’s huge cock and pretty soon she’s got that thing plowing deep into her tight pussy. This chick has an ass to remember, and I know I’ll never forget it.