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Big Booty Anal

Posted in Big Butts Like It Big by Butt Guy on August 20th, 2008

Big Booty Babes Luscious Lopez and Flower Tucci Anal Sex Gallery
When I first saw Flower Tucci’s ass, I just about fell face first onto the floor. How could a human girl have an ass so big and juicy? Furthermore, how could it be that such a big booty babe would also love to take thick cock up that magnificent ass? Well, it is no longer necessary for me to ask these questions, since it’s clear that Flower is basically a Goddess who needs no rational explanation. In this video at Big Butts Like It Big, she is joined by her big booty gal-pal Luscious Lopez, who is a sexy latina with nice plump booty all her own. It just so happens that Luscious also loves anal sex and that’s good, since this video is packed with anal action. Flower and Luscious are working as secretaries who decide they’d like to sample the trouser snake of their coworker. When they get this guy onto the couch, they start stripping and getting their big asses ready to get anally fucked nice and deep. Both Luscious Lopez and Flower Tucci get assfucked in this video, so it’s just about perfect. Believe me, if you like either of these big booty babes, you need to watch this scene.


Hot Ass and Latina Booty

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on August 19th, 2008

Bobbi Starr and Roxy Deville - Hot Ass Latina Booty
Ok, so Assparade has decided to pair two extremely sexy booty babes together for an unforgettable threesome anal video that’s going to make you all a bunch of very happy Butt Guy disciples. Bobbi Starr certainly needs no introduction due to her sexy all-natural girl next door appeal which is totally mind warping since she is one of the dirtiest butt sluts in porn today (btw, I mean that in the most positive sense possible). Her bubbly ass is one of the reasons I get up in the morning, and she absolutely loves to take cock up there. She’s just a gorgeous girl who loves sex and has got a hot ass, so everything is perfect with her and I will probably insert her into my will. Having said that, Roxy Deville is one fucking hot latina. Her sexy latina booty is plump, round, and so so juicy! Damn, I would sink all 3 inches of little Butt Guy in there if I had the opportunity. Ok, so these girls are fucking hot, and in this porn video called “The Artistic Side of A Pornstar”, they get very nasty with a big cock. Bobbi Starr gets it anal while Roxy Deville takes more cock up her pussy than was ever before thought physically possible. Don’t miss this one, chaps, because it will blow your mind.


Big Ass Fucked In Prison

Posted in Big Butts Like It Big by Butt Guy on August 17th, 2008

Katja Kassin Gets Ass Fucked - Anal Sex Gallery
Well, apparently men aren’t the only unfortunate souls that get ass-fucked in prison. Katja Kassin is a prison guard who likes to taunt the inmates she oversees — lots of jokes at their expense, lots of snide remarks, and lots humiliation. Unfortunately for her, when two of them were able to lift her cell key, they opened the door and grabbed a whole lot of big ass that they knew exactly what they were going to do with. They take Katja’s uniform off and put her straight to work on their big cocks, then start to finger her big ass for the fucking they’ve got in store for it. Katja looks absolutely gorgeous with a big black dick in her mouth and slobbery spit seeping out the sides. When the time comes to fill that amazing big butt with cock, Katja is totally into it and begging for them to fuck her ass. This is some of the best anal sex video footage I’ve seen in a good long time. Big, long dicks penetrating deep into a perfect bubble butt ass! Katja Kassin has won a special place in my heart with this video, it’s absolutely off the fucking wall!


Big Booty Hottie

Posted in Monster Curves,Teen Ass by Butt Guy on August 16th, 2008

Monster Curves Elizabeth - Corn Fed Booty
Wow, have I seen the light, and it’s name is Elizabeth from Iowa! Dudes, listen the fuck up because this will be one of the most important big booty porn videos you will ever see in your entire lives. The mother fuckers at Monster Curves has found yet another ridiculously hot, all-natural, big butt girl from the midwest who threatens to finally end the normal function of my cherished testes once and for all. This girl will most likely bust your testicles as well, so just a warning. She’s young, she’s fresh-faced, she’s totally new to the porn industry, and she’s got a corn-fed booty that will knock you down flat on your ass. They begin this amazing video by having Elizabeth strut her big booty around the pool and shit. Soon, they douse her big ass with oil and rub it in until they’ve achieved a healthy shining glaze on these buns of delight. Elizabeth is questioned about her personal life, her home state of Iowa, and her opinions on the environmental risks of offshore oil drilling (made that last one up). They lead her over to the stud who will be filling her tight teen pussy with cock today, and he can’t even believe how hot that big ass of hers is. She goes down on him and sucks him to full boner, then he proceeds to fuck the crap out of her while that amazing booty bounces around like crazy. Finally, he blows a serious load of cum all over her bubbly butt and ends a video that would have to be considered a cardiac health risk. Shit, people, you MUST see this video!


Bubble Butt Brunette Sex

Posted in Round Mound of Ass by Butt Guy on August 14th, 2008

Jordan Jagger's nice bubble butt - Hardcore Porn Pics
Well, here’s a new bubble butt brunette babe that has caused some substantial tingling in Butt Guy’s shorts (and, yes, I’m sure it’s not my crabs). Jordan Jagger is packing one hell of a bubble ass behind her, and you can tell it’s a really happy ass by the way it just juts right out and bounces around. The only thing better that watching Jordan’s meaty butt bounce around is watching it bounce around on a stiff cock. Well, the boys at Round Mound of Ass have taken care of that for us. They got Jordan to agree to take cock on camera, and the resulting video will totally floor you and make your good trouser buddy very very happy! The video starts out with Jordan parading around this guy’s backyard in a super skimpy outfit that shows off her bubble mound of ass perfectly. After some tease, the clothes come off and we see just how divine that incredible ass really is. The dude gets a serious boner, and I can hardly blame him, so he takes the very hot Jordan Jagger into the house to continue the ass worship and get her hot mouth on his cock. She sucks that meat pole like she was born to blow, then she gets fucked in that tight little pussy of hers. Best part of the whole movie would be watching that amazing ass jiggle like all fuck while she takes it. Damn fine production that should definitely not be missed!


Big Ass Fucked By The Pool

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on August 12th, 2008

Olivia O'Lovely Gets Her Big Ass Fucked
Okay, when I, Butt Guy, am out lounging by the pool wearing my fashionable purple speedos, I almost always catch sight of a big ass latina babe whose marvelous bubble butt just seems to call out to my underendowed penis for some sodomy. Now, I realize that these booties need love, and I do recognize my duty to please those booties. However, I am slightly concerned that my tiny pecker will not even clear the sphincter muscle, which may lead to a somewhat embarrassing episode that may involve the big booty babe turning her head to me as I’m slamming her ass doggy and she says “Stop teasing, just put it in already, Butt Guy baby.” Now, Olivia O’Lovely will not be having that problem, apparently, since she has hooked up with Assparade again for a sizzling backdoor anal sex video that was filmed right by the pool. These people are nearly as pervy as I am, so they know exactly how to film butt sex in a way that captures the full erotic blast of the sodomy session. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that Olivia totally rocks in this scene. Her big fat latina ass looks fucking amazing as it slams down repeatedly onto a thick cock. She gets her big ass fucked like anal is going out of style, which better not happen anytime soon or I’ll have to protest in front of the White House wearing cheekless chaps or something. I’m sure nobody wants that to happen, so let’s stay sharp out there and keep pluging those bubble butts.

Plump Butt Babe Lexi Love Gets Anal

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on August 8th, 2008

Lexi Love in a hot anal video
This little cutie called Lexi Love has been doing it for me ever since she first entered the fabled land of porndom last year. She’s not thick, she’s not terribly curvaceous, and she’s not exactly an amazon, but she’s a seriously sexy little package of plump butt hotness that I just had to feature here on my notorious big butt blog. Yes, I know her butt doesn’t qualify as “big” in a strict sense, but it’s so bubbly and plump that it turns little Butt Guy on something fierce, so here we are. In this video for Monster Curves, Lexi shows off that great ass as she struts her stuff by the pool, which is enough to get a dude interested in seeing what charms lay in the depths of her tight sphincter. They go inside and get down to business on the couch, as Lexi starts to suck on his fat cock, slobbering him up nicely and getting him ready to fuck her plump little butt. When the anal starts, I’m about ready to climb the walls. She looks so incredibly hot taking a big cock right up her bubble butt that you’re going to want to cum like a fucking uzi. This is a seriously hot scene!