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Big Ass Babes Katja Kassin and Ava Rose

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on September 29th, 2008

Big Ass Babes
I don’t usually pant while watching porn videos, but in this case, I must admit that I couldn’t control myself. These two incredibly hot curvy butt babes have really turned in one scorcher of a performance in this video called “Beginner’s Luck” for AssParade. Katja Kassin and Ava Rose star in this barn burner that includes Katja getting fucked right up her big german ass. Now, anal sex is nothing new to the voluptuous Miss Kassin, but this particular anal fucking is one of her hottest. The guy who gets the honors is totally new to the porn business, and boy did he luck out getting the duty to fuck these two hot ass sweeties.

Ava Rose has such a large ass, I think it’s probably even bigger than Katja’s. This thing is huge, a bulbous round monstrocity of a badonkadonk butt. You should see it bounce and jiggle like all fuck while Ava’s getting her tight bald pussy fucked hard by this dude. Both of these curvy babes show off their fantastic big asses and get the fucking of their lives, and I must say, it’s one helluva good jerking video. Too hot to miss!


Black Booty Babe Ayana Angel

Posted in Extreme Asses by Butt Guy on September 24th, 2008

Black Booty Babe
Ok, I need some seriously big booty tonight. I was looking through the members section of Extreme Asses and caught this fine black booty babe named Ayana Angel and her big bulbous ass is just fucking incredible! Ayana is a totally hot curvy nubian goddess with a big phat booty that will make your dick tear a hole through your shorts. Look, everybody know that black babes are where you go when you need some real megabooty, and Ayana proves this beyond doubt.

In this scorching video, Ayana begins by lounging out by the pool and showing off her magnificent big butt. We get lots of great shots of her big butt perfection, with plenty of oil applied to get that ghetto booty glistening like the shiniest thing you’ve ever seen. After we’re through admiring her great ass, it comes time to put that hot chick to work on a hard cock. They import some white dude with a big cock and he immediately puts the sexy black babe to work on it. She sucks hims nice and sloppy, then end up riding that fucking pole and loving it all the way. Finally, he nails her doggy style and that great booty jiggles like crazy while she takes it. Damn, I fucking lost half of my bodily fluids when I came to this scene. Does anybody even know if that’s safe? Fuck.


Hot Booty Blondes

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on September 10th, 2008

Jessica Lynn and MacKenzee Pierce
Well, I must admit that I’ve been a serious fan of Jessica Lynn and her delicious big booty ever since she entered porn last year, but this new girl MacKenzee Pierce who stars with Jessica in this new anal video for Ass Parade is definitely challenging Jessica for first place in the heart of Butt Guy. MacKenzee is a sexy and curvy blond who loves to take cock up her voluptuous ass. That makes her an instant favorite for me, and the fact that she loves to play around with other big booty babes is a definite plus too.

These two sexy butt sluts get together in this video to try on several different sexy outfits including bikinis, lingerie, and other such slut duds. When the dude shows up, they ready to take his cock deep into their womanly bodies and give all of us a lot of action to watch. Seriously, there’s so much debauchery going on in this video, it’s amazing. Watching Mackenzee Pierce get a hot anal fucking has got to be the highlight of this scorching scene, but frankly there was so much big butt hotness all over the place, I can’t say it was the best part for sure. Watch this one because it will stiffen your willy like nothing you can imagine!


Big Butt Anal Sex Party In The Gym

Posted in Big Butts Like It Big by Butt Guy on September 7th, 2008

Big Butt Anal Sex Workout with Claire, Ricki, and Kelly
Dudes, if I didn’t have pictures to prove it, you people wouldn’t even fucking believe me. These three gorgeous big butt babes Claire Dames, Ricki White, and Kelly Divine went to the gym to try to build bigger booties (I hope this trend sweeps America). Their personal trainers, a couple of horny guys who love big asses as much as we do, suggested that the best exercise they could do to get those booties even plumper than they already are would be a good hard anal sex fucking. Ok, I’m not sure about the factualness of that rather wild assertion, yet I am genitally tingled by the idea.

These big butt hotties were evidently convinced by their argument because they stripped off their gym clothes and served up their delicious bubble butts to these hungry and horny trainers to do with as they pleased! Damn, it was difficult to keep lil Butt Guy from spewing his jizzy juice all over the place as I watched these amazing curvy cuties pull their tights down to reveal their yummy plump booties. Claire Dames, whose ass is a magnificent example of perfection in booty, gets that keister fucked nice and deep while her hot tits bounce around everywhere! Kelly Divine also takes it anally, getting her juicy caboose nailed nice and hard. Ricki White is a total lust queen who totally loves sex, especially anal sex, and she gets assfucked properly too. Shit, this video’s got it all, people, except maybe beer and doobies.


Cute Butt on This Roller Babe

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on September 5th, 2008

Cute Butt Hottie Katie Cummings in "Roller Babe"
Time for some new butt flesh, people. I’ve been scouring the internets looking for some hot new booty, and boy have I found a sweet one. This cute butt belongs to Katie Cummings, a sexy and totally adorable plump booty hottie who is ripping up the big butt porn world. Katie just did a video for Monster Curves called “Roller Babe” which is so fucking hot, I can barely keep my ejaculate inside my body.

This video begins with Katie Cummings rolling around on roller blades while wearing a super tight pair of hot pants that are enough to get you blowing loads right there. I mean, this outfit is hot, my mufuckers. Things get even hotter when Katie gets naked and lays on the bed so that she can play with her terribly sexy and wet bald pussy. Her body is totally fucking perfect and when she starts masturbating, oh shit that’s hot! Ok, ok, so this muscular dude eventually shows up and takes out his huge cock and Katie goes straight for it. She sucks him while her perfectly cute butt is propped up in the air, and then she gets fucked by this guy as hard as I’ve ever seen. Her hot ass jiggles happily during all this carnal action and that makes me a very happy man! Look, don’t miss the full video because Katie is total breath of fresh air!


Big Ass Hotties Get Fucked

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on September 1st, 2008

Okay, so Easter is gone and done, but when I saw these three big ass hotties in this video “Easter Bunny Fever” from AssParade, I just had to feature it in my blog. Sarah Vandella, who is a terribly sexy blonde butt babe whose ass is like a fucking peach, is joined by the deliciously curvy latina Racquel and the new big butt superbabe Kira Lynne for a very naughty Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Now, this particular Easter party got totally out-of-control when the monster cock cuban Ramon and his pal showed up. The girls went straight for their dicks and starting sucking them off while dressed up like bunnies.

I don’t know if it’s due to some deep issue I’ve got or what, but I found this part extremely arousing. Watching Sarah and Racquel sucking cock while wearing bunny ears and while their massive asses jutted out as they knelt was almost too much for little Butt Guy. I almost ruined yet another keyboard with a cum explosion. When these babes start to take cock up their hot pussies, look out. Lots of jiggling asses and curvy joys galore. But things get really hot when Racquel decides that she needs a hard cock up her big latina ass. She rides that thing with her big butt and gets ass-fucked nice and deep! Shit, there was so much goodness in this video, I didn’t even know when to cum, so now I’ve got one of the most painful set of blue balls that have ever been known to mankind!


Sexy Booty Babe Takes a Creampie

Posted in Big Butt Creampies by Butt Guy on September 1st, 2008

Brianna Beach's Sexy Booty
Wow, this girl Brianna Beach is really lighting a fire in my shorts, let me tell ya. She’s a totally gorgeous blond with a sexy booty that just screams for attention. Brianna is not super voluptuous, but her genetically plump butt really qualifies her for a post on this blog. Now, you loyal lovers of all that is cheeky out there know full well that I, the indomitable Butt Guy, would never steer you wrong, am I right? Well, then you people really need to trust your good pal and check this video out. Brianna did a scene for the site Big Butt Cream and it’s so hot, you may need to turn off your smoke detectors for the next half hour. She even took a messy creampie right in her tight pussy!

Brianna’s sexy body and plump booty get oiled up and massaged to get her ready for the fucking that is in store for her. Lots of great footage of her sexy booty in a tight bikini bottom and plenty of holy ass worship. When they move her inside, that’s when the seriously hardcore action begins. Brianna goes for that big cock and slurps it up nice and sloppy. Soon, that huge cock is being plunged deep into her feminine love slot and Brianna starts to come alive with all sorts of enjoyment noises. When the guy can’t hold it anymore, he just cums a gallon right inside this sexy babe’s hot pussy and she loves it. Fuck, people, this one is a keeper.