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Big Ass Golfing

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on November 10th, 2008

Big Ass Golfing Babe Devon Lee
Okay, I’ve gone golfing a total of about 4 times in my entire life (3 of those 4 were miniature golfing as a kid). I remember lots of frustrating tee offs, lots of sand traps that appeared to have been designed by sadists, and lots of back pain. I don’t, however, remember much in the way of seriously curvy babes with big asses in tight shorts playing the course I was on. Well, Devon Lee, who is well known for having a marvelously curvy round ass that is lusted after by half the internet porn lovers out there, likes to golf evidently. Now, that doesn’t mean she’s good at it, it just means she likes to whack those balls around. In this video over at Assparade, Devon plays her game of golf and does horribly, then she meets a dude who shows her some tips for her swing. That’s not the only thing her teaches her though, as the two horny golfers retreat to the clubhouse where things get very interesting and decidedly un-golfy.

Ok, so the guy begins by peeling off Devon Lee’s ridiculously tight golf shorts and reveals her fantastic big ass in all its naked glory. This woman is a tru curvy queen, with lots of bubbly butt to do for centuries. Next, the guy oils up her great ass and rubs it in until that keister is nice and shiny. Soon, Devon is on her knees taking that cock all the way to the back of her throat and giving him a nice sloppy blowjob. The best action comes when he starts to drill her tight pussy doggy style and we get to watch that hot ass jiggle uncontrollably while she squeals in pure delight. Damn, this is a definite bubble butt queen if I’ve ever seen one!