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White Booty Interracial Porn

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on December 23rd, 2008

White Booty Interracial - MonsterCurves Alice
It’s been a while since I’ve seen the great Sean Michaels pumping his huge black cock into a porn chick, so it was a pleasant surprise when I saw him in this interracial big booty porn video over at MonsterCurves. Looks like Sean hasn’t missed a beat, because he delivers his 10-inch super cock just as forcefully in this video as he ever did before. A hot white girl named Alice, who’s got a nice plump butt that looks purely delicious, takes a ride on Sean’s motorcycle and gets all hot an bothered by the vibrations. Yeah, they say a surefire way to get a chick’s pussy dripping wet is to give her a ride on your motorcycle. Well, it definitely seemed to work with Alice, because this chick was horny and ready for cock after the ride. Sean oiled up that amazing white booty and drilled his huge black cock into that girlie like all fuck! Damn hot video, I must’ve pumped three or four loads of man goo all over my keyboard for this one. Good shit!