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Ava Rose’s Big Ass Gets Anal

Posted in Big Butts Like It Big by Butt Guy on October 26th, 2009

Ava Rose Anal
Let it never be said again that there isn’t a Goddess of big ass lust reigning over the universe of internet porn, looking out for us wanking bubble butt lovers. I can officially confirm that my prayers have been answered now that Ava Rose has allowed a real cock access to her gorgeous and ridiculously massive ass. Yes, dear friends and associates, the lovely Ava is now doing anal scenes and the resultant cries of joy and explosive ejaculatory eruptions are being heard the world over. This woman has an ass that could very well cause the testicles of every red-blooded American man to burst into smitherines once video footage of it’s anal penetration reaches the masses. As if this weren’t good enough news, it seems that Ava Rose is not simply taking cock up her huge ass, she’s taking really BIG cock up that work of bubbly anatomical art that is her booty.

In this video called “Pain In The Ass Roommate,” Ava gets her tight shorts taken down and gets her gorgeous booty spanked until her ass cheeks are nice and red. Soon, Ava’s got a massive cock in her mouth and she gets to orally preview the massive member that will shortly be pumping her big butt full of meat. When the anal sex finally starts, you will probably already be waist deep in your own semen from the anticipation, but the payoff is indeed worth the wait. This girlie’s big booty gets pumped something fierce by this very well-endowed fucker who is so lucky to be able to do this, he should probably go out and buy some damn lottery tickets.

I don’t know what to tell you, I’m sitting here with my pants around my ankles and my $80 dollar keyboard dripping of my own chunky jizz. My balls hurt, I’m hungry, and I’m frankly feeling a little faint. I don’t know, you probably should watch the video.


Beautiful Black Booty

Posted in Round n Brown by Butt Guy on October 13th, 2009

Beautiful Black Booty - Essence Beauty
I found a girl over at Round and Brown that I think you guys might be interested in. She’s new to the porn scene, from what I can tell, and her curves are just fucking lovely. She’s got a beautiful black booty that looks like a million bucks (actually, I’d probably give a million bucks just to lick the sweat off that mufucker). Her name is Essence Beauty and, yes, it does sound like a perfume, but this sexy black girl makes up for her stage name by producing some seriously hot fucky fucky that I know I will personally treasure for as long as my hard drive continues to function.

This girl’s big black booty is a gorgeous piece of handiwork that testifies to the existence of a definite higher power that obviously gets boners just like the rest of us. Her butt is put on display nicely in this video, as they prop it up and rub oil all over it, as well as on her hot juicy tits. If you don’t blow your wad just from watching the ass worship phase, you definitely will when you see this black beauty take cock. A good hard fucking with lots of jiggling ass cheeks footage. Who could ask for more?


Sophisto Anal Destruction

Posted in Big Butts Like It Big,Flower Tucci by Butt Guy on October 11th, 2009

sophisto anal destruction
I’ve often wondered what it must be like to give Flower Tucci a full-body massage. Can you imagine rubbing up those gloriously gorgeous phat butt cheeks with your bare hands? Personally, I don’t believe that I could keep my fingers out of her delicious bubble butt. Apparently, this guy can’t either. This video over at Big Butts Like It Big features the goddess of big ass taking a nice oily massage from this horny dude who loves her ass, but hates her personality. He addresses the issue by teasing Flower Tucci’s anal sphincter with his fingers, which soon gets her bubbly ass hungry for something bigger. Luckily for Flower, this dude’s packing a fucking Pershing missile in his pants that would satisfy Godzilla’s girlfriend. So, where do you figure that monster cock is going to end up? Yep, right up Flowers huge butt!

This video is worth it just to watch Flower Tucci get a very oily full body massage, which is so hot to witness, your dick will be hard as limestone by the end of it. But the best part of this porn video has got to be when this guy fucks her in the ass, which is really some of the hottest anal video footage I’ve ever seen. This bubble butt is the finest on Earth, and the anal plumbing it receives is one for the record books.