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Ghetto Booty Anal Sex

Posted in 40 Ounce Bounce by Butt Guy on November 22nd, 2009

ghetto booty anal
It seems that if a hot booty hoe fails to give her pimp his share of her “earnings,” she may find that she will have to pay with her ass. Sophie and Bonnie are a couple of sexy butt babe hoes who pack some serious ghetto booty in their aft quarters. These girls are holding out on their pimp, though, so they just got themselves into a whole heap of fucking trouble. When this poonmaster finds out, he rounds them up and readies their juicy pussies and asses for his use.

This porn video with probably juice your testicles better than anything Ron Popeil could sell you. These are a couple of the hottest, juiciest ghetto booties I’ve seen. Sophie’s big round ass, in particular, is one that will really stiffen your little buddy. Watching that gorgeous butt get penetrated deeply by that massive black cock is a fucking joy of the earth. One hell of an anal sex session. You guys have got to check this one out.


Bubble Butt Latina Anal

Posted in Big Butts Like It Big by Butt Guy on November 18th, 2009

bubble butt anal
When I go to lunch, I don’t typically find a bodacious bubble butt babe behind the counter selling me my soup. Well, in this video called “Shitty Food Shack”, Delilah Strong, who’s got one of the hottest latina bubble booties in all creation, is the one serving up the chow. A guy shows up for a sandwich and, after checking out Delilah’s curvy round ass, decides he wants more than just lunch.

He takes out his huge cock and the sexy latina goes straight for it. She sucks him down and gets his cock nice and spitty, then gets her tight pussy fucked deep. This guy wants that hot ass, though, so Delilah opens up her huge booty for some strong assfucking. She takes his massive cock up her gorgeous ass and gets pumped hard as all fuck. That is quite a sight, let me tell you. More jiggling butt flesh in this anal lunch spectacular than you can imagine. Very nice!


Banker’s Ass

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on November 9th, 2009

banker's ass - angelina castro
I once went to a bank for a home loan (it was like a third or fourth mortgage, I forget exactly which) and saw the hottest ass I had ever witnessed in a corporate setting up to that point in my life. The girl was a curvy latina babe who’s bubble butt booty just stuck out like a sore thumb. That gorgeous round ass mesmerized me. She was a loan officer, so I thought I might get to talk to her, but no luck. They assigned me a nice older Indian woman who greeted me with “How are you? What can we be doing for you today?” in a heavy Apu-like accent. As nice as she was, she didn’t have the ass I was after, an ass that slipped through my fingers that day.

That is why I was so happy to discover this video called “Banker’s Ass” over at Assparade. It stars Angelina Castro and Lisa Lee, two sexy latina bank employees who’ve got big juicy asses that bring back fond memories. They get their curvy bodies fucked hard in this scene, with more than enough big ass jiggling to satisfy any assman. Don’t let this one slip away!