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Super Asses

Posted by Butt Guy on May 9th, 2011

Gracie Glam & Rebeca Linares - Super Asses
When I spotted Gracie Glam in one of her first big butt porn videos several months ago, I knew she was gonna be a super star. That sexy and super bubbly booty of hers was really one of a kind, and that perky personality was infectious. Well, the former cheerleader has definitely made a splash in the porn world as expected, and now she’s teaming up with the legendary bubble butt latina Rebeca Linares for a super hot foursome that will absolutely melt the paint off your walls. This little video is called “Super Asses”, and yeah, the asses on these two booty cuties justify that title.

The Assparade guys take the girls out to a construction site to show off their round asses to the workers there, who appreciate every second of the freebie fun. Later, they move on to the AssParade fuck pad where great carnal action will take place. Gracie Glam sucking on a big cock is worth the price of admission itself, but there’s a whole lot more to love in this video. Rebeca Linares also goes to town on cock, sucking up a storm before taking dick up her tight petite pussy. But the best part of “Super Asses” is when Gracie rides fat cock with her pussy and jiggles her juicy booty for the camera…oh my God, that’s hot.

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Big Juicy Black Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on May 7th, 2011

Jessica Grabbit - Big Juicy Black Booty
Jessica Grabbit must have all guys after her, because this delicious mocha-flavored black chick has a big juicy booty that will totally amaze you. This woman is a curvy dream cum true, and she knows how to use those curves to make your dick so hard, it just might spurt off in your pants. Jessica got together with VooDoo, a guy with a seriously huge cock, for lunch. Voodoo decided that he wanted to eat that lovely ass, more than his cheeseburger, so he invited Jessica back to his place. She got in the car and showed off that massive black booty while he was driving…don’t know how they avoided a car accident.

When he got Jessica back to his pad, she got naked and jiggled that phat booty for him nice and sweet. He couldn’t take anymore, so he took out his massive cock and shoved it in her hungry mouth. She then took his big dick deep inside her pussy and really got fucked. That great big ass of her bounced around like crazy. Look, this is one the hottest lunch dates I’ve ever seen, and it’s all on video. Check it out over at Round N Brown, it’s called “Love To Grabbit”, and Jessica is on fire in it.

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Big Ass Blondes With Blue Eyes

Posted by Butt Guy on May 6th, 2011

Big Ass Blondes - Nicole Aniston and Angel Vain
Oh my, have we got a serious piece of dick candy here. Dudes, I was surfing around the BangBros sites and I found this porn video at AssParade that really blew me away. I featured Nicole Aniston a few days ago, and it seems the hot bubble butt blond is back for more action with the pervs from BangBros. This woman is a curve queen like few others I’ve ever seen. That amazingly juicy ass and those big boobs are gorgeous enough, but that superstar face of hers is all you really need to bust a nut. In this porn video, “Big Ass Blondes With Blue Eyes”, Nicole and her sexy whooty babe friend Angel Vain, get picked up off the street by two dudes with big cocks.

Seems the girls were causing traffic accidents walking around with their huge asses hanging out the back of their tight jean shorts. When they get indoors, all holy hell breaks loose and they all get nasty very quickly. The booty babes show off their awesomely curvy bodies, and the guys pop out their huge dicks. Lots of cock sucking and pussy fucking follows, and I’ve never seen so much big ass blond booty action in all my life. You guys must check this out!

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Juicy Butt Babe Maid

Posted by Butt Guy on May 5th, 2011

Chloe Reese Carter's Juicy Butt
Okay, let me just say that the whole french maid thing really turns me on. The idea of a super hot bubble butt chick cleaning your house in one of those sexy uniforms can turn my dick into an iron pipe in no time. Chloe Reese Carter is a curvy white babe with a big juicy butt and a huge pair of honking big tits who has been tasked with cleaning Voodoo’s house in this porn video from Monster Curves, called “Body That Bangs.” Now, most of you know that Voodoo has a huge cock, and he apparently needs to get it cleaned as much as his bathroom.

Chloe Reese Carter is exactly the kind of french maid he needs for the job, since she went down on her knees as soon as she saw his massive rigid cock in front of her. She gave him a nice sloppy blowjob, then proceeded to take his monster cock right up her tight pussy. He fucked her hard, and her big juicy butt jiggled like all fuck. That monster ass looked good enough to eat as she took her cock pounding. Listen, fellas, Chloe is the real deal. This video is on fire, and I can only hope she does a lot more big butt porn, because this curvy girlie is special.

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Krissy Lynn Anal Ass Action

Posted by Butt Guy on May 4th, 2011

Krissy Lynn Anal Ass Action - Assparade
It had been a few months since I’d seen a porn video with Krissy Lynn in it, and that was definitely unfortunate. This sexy curvy blond has a big plump bubble butt on her that won’t let my dick rest. Every time I see that gorgeous booty, my cock stiffens into a mahogany log that could knock out Paul Bunyan. Krissy is a definite superstar in the making, and her love of anal sex will really help her along in her quest for porn stardom. That juicy white ass of hers gets fucked nice and deep by Assparade’s hung stud in this video, “Anal Ass Action”.

But first, that amazing bubble booty gets oiled up and made to shine. Krissy then gets her asshole sucked and fingered, before getting her pretty face stuffed with huge dick. After the foreplay, it’s time for anal fun and that juicy butt gets pumped something fierce. The jiggles and bounces are very nice to see, but the sight of that huge cock assfucking Krissy to the hilt will make you blast like a cannon. This porn video rules on all levels, and it’s the hottest anal action Krissy Lynn has ever put out there.

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Big Ass Bananza

Posted by Butt Guy on May 2nd, 2011

Big Ass Whooty Babes - Ass Bananza
The whooty babes showing up in porn videos lately are really making my dick pop out of my pants. Lots of luscious round bubble butts on white porn chicks these days, and the two whooty cuties in this porn video from AssParade are perfect examples. Nicole Aniston is a stunningly gorgeous blond girl who looks like she should be modeling jewelry, or something. I guess she’s doing porn because she just really loves taking cock. Her gal pal Poison Ivy is a pale white super hottie with a nice phat ass that would make any black girl blush.

She knows how to shake that massive booty for the camera, and it looks fucking awesome. The two girls go wild on dick in this video, called “Ass Bananza”, when two hung dudes show up to deliver their meat missiles into the ladies’ love caves. Watching these whooty girls bounce their big hot bubble asses on their laps is truly amazing. I blew more loads of cum watching this shit than I thought my balls could ever produce. You guys need to watch this one, it’s a keeper.

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Babycakes Booty Porn

Posted by Butt Guy on April 30th, 2011

Big Booty Porn Video
Well, Round n Brown has really given us one hell of a scene in this porn video, called “Baby Got Cakes.” It stars, shockingly, the delicious black booty queen Babycakes, who really shines in it, I must say. If you’re not familiar with Babycakes, she’s a curvy ebony goddess whose curves are beyond description. That amazing phat ass of hers is something you just want to fuck until your dick falls off. Those adorable and super perky tits are a nice added bonus to this curvy lady’s awesomeness, but you will fixate on that super booty, I can guarantee you.

In this porn video, Babycakes really takes some serious cock, as Voodoo plants his massive dick right up her tight ebony pussy. When she gets on top to ride that monster cock, she really goes crazy. That big juicy butt of hers bounces and jiggles like wild as she takes every inch of Voodoo’s massive member. Don’t miss this video, people, because I can’t guarantee that Babycakes will ever star in something so damn hot again.

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Milf Booty Babes

Posted by Butt Guy on March 23rd, 2011

Milf Booty - Monique Fuentes & Lexxxi Lockhart
Where the hell have these two milf megababes been all my life? Monique Fuentes and Lexxxi Lockhart doing a video together for Assparade…yeah, I know, what took them so long? These two curvy milf mamas are probably the hottest cougar class women working in the big ass porn world today. They’re packing big juicy milf booties that make any man’s mouth water like Niagara Falls. The guys at Ass Parade really did one heck of a job filming this scene, and these mega butts have never looked hotter. Things start off with Monique and Lexxxi shaking their hot round asses by the pool. Lots of jiggly assquake footage, which I adore.

I really have to mention that Lexxxi Lockhart’s massive bubble butt is a true porn gem. What phat piece of perfection it is. Monique Fuentes, of course, is the latina super milf who’s round bubbly booty is revered by big ass porn fans across the globe. She knows how to shake that ass as well as Lexxxi does, and the both of them really jiggle it up out there until they retreat inside the house for some hot fucky fucky. When these two hot milfs get some big cock in their pussies, all hell breaks loose. Never seen such a carnal blowout in my life. Really one of the best big booty milf porn videos I’ve seen in quite a while.

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Emma Heart Anal Sex Video

Posted by Butt Guy on March 14th, 2011

Emma Heart Anal
Well, if you know me at all, you know I absolutely love Emma Heart, the gorgeous teen porn star whose curves cause car accidents when she walks down the street. Yes, I would indeed probably ask for her hand in marriage if I had the chance, and I definitely would eat that juicy ass any damn time of the day (yep…even after morning potty). The best thing about Emma Heart, of course, is her great round bubbly ass…an ass that just screams “put a cock in me.” It’s so fortunate that this cute big butt teen babe loves anal sex. Emma could talk for hours about how great it is to feel a hard dick pound her little butthole and cause those amazing ass cheeks to ripple about.

Well, in this porn video from Ass Delivery, Emma gets the anal sex she craves when this guy picks her up during a picnic in the park. Emma’s phat white booty gets oiled up and made ready for the anal goodness that awaits. She takes his hard cock up her teen bubble butt and it is a sight that will leave you breathless. Damn, I must wed this woman before too long or my balls may just bust. Awesome porn video, definitely check this one out.

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Big Latina Booty Babe Duvy

Posted by Butt Guy on March 13th, 2011

Duvy's Big Latina Booty
Wow, this latina mama sure has a massive booty on her. Duvy is a sexy cuban girl from Miami who’s packing some seriously monstrous mega butt back up in there. She’s a curvy wonder of nature, with sexy lines that don’t quit. But, really, that massive latina ass of hers is her best feature by far, and I would give my left nut to have a piece of that beautiful buttcake. Duvy likes to suck on big cocks, so she joined forces with the guys from Assparade and did a little porn video for them called “Duvy’s Tremendous Ass” that paired her with one of their super hung studs.

But before she gets huge cock down her throat, Duvy’s big beautiful butt is admired and adored by the camera. If it’s an Ass Parade video, you know there’s gonna be lots of quality ass worship footage. Duvy shakes that massive booty for the camera and gets us all hard before she finally takes cock. And boy does she take cock! She sucks that massive thing and gets it all wet and hard for her tight latina pussy, then mounts it and rides to pure orgasmic joy. This porn video is an absolute must-see if you’re into big latina butts, and Duvy is real gem.

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Bubble Butt Anal Babe Jada Stevens

Posted by Butt Guy on March 12th, 2011

Jada Stevens Bubble Butt Anal
Oh boy, have I got an update for you fuckers today. Jada Stevens…you know who she is, right? Well you damn well better, because this bootyful hottie is tearing it up in the big butt porn world and she loves it in the ass! Jada Stevens recently started doing anal on video and the guys at Assparade finally got her to do a scene for them. This porn video, called “Rollin Thunda,” is absolutely on fire, it’s off the fucking hook. Jada gets her awesome bubble butt penetrated anally by a big cock and it looks hotter than any anal scene I’ve seen in the last decade.

Now, Jada doesn’t have a badonkadonk booty, but that ass is nice and plump and bubbly as can be. Seeing it take a big dick deep is a sight that everybody and his horny brother should enjoy before they die. Don’t miss this unbelievable anal porn video featuring one of the hottest bubble butts getting plowed like you can’t imagine.

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Gizelle’s Mega Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on March 11th, 2011

Gizelle's Mega Booty
Okay, well Gizelle has a bubbly ass that is bigger than most planets in our humble solar system, but that’s definitely a good thing for big booty lovers. This ridiculously bootyful black babe has made quite a “splash” in the big ass porn universe, and not just because that booty displaces several tons of water. Gizelle’s lust for big cock and her total freak nature just make her a boner inducing babe of mega proportions. In this porn video from Assparade, Gizelle’s XXX-L ass gets adored and worshiped thoroughly before a big mighty cock is put in her mouth.

She sucks that big dick and gets it all slobbery, which is always nice. Even though she gets a lot of it into her hungry mouth, the sexy lady can’t fit the whole monster cock inside. That gives you an idea of just how hot it’s gonna be when she gets fucked by that thing. When Gizelle rides that mega dick, her big black booty goes all over the place. This is serious ghetto booty, people, so you know what I mean. Jiggling and rippling galore with this girl. I don’t know, I think I’m falling in love with Gizelle. Mega booty to the extreme! Don’t miss this video.

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Big Ass Girlfriends Stomp The Beach

Posted by Butt Guy on March 10th, 2011

Big Ass Girlfriends Sara Jay, Sarah Vandella, and Spicy J
Prepare yourselves for some seriously hot big butt fucky action, fellas, because these three big ass girls are about to knock your socks right off. Assparade has outdone itself with this porn video, starring the uber curvy Sara Jay, Sarah Vandella, and newcomer Spicy J. These three big booty superbabes visited Miami Beach and were “tailed” by an Ass Parade film crew as they walked around and shook those delicious big round butts along the landscape. Lots of assquake footage here, which is when the girls do a rapid booty shake that makes you want to cum instantly upon watching it. Let me tell you, these three booties are some of the hottest asses in porn today.

Sara Jay has immense big tits, but her huge ass has always been what I loved most about her. Sarah Vandella’s curvy body is piece of perfection and her juicy booty cannot be resisted. Spicy J, although I’ve never seen her before this, is a seriously hot curve queen herself, whose big juicy ass needs my cock like yesterday. After they “stomp the beach,” the booty babes head back to some upscale house where they eat pussy and get fucked by some dude with a massive cock. Look, this porn video is off the damn hook…you need to watch it now!

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Dayna Vendetta Delivers

Posted by Butt Guy on March 8th, 2011

Dayna Vendetta Delivers
I am so damn excited to do this update, my balls are tingling. I just found this incredibly hot and voluptuous whooty chick over at Monster Curves, and her phat ass is one of the most stimulating booties I’ve seen in quite a while. Okay, the girl’s name is Dayna Vendetta and she’s apparently new to the world of big booty smut. Dayna has big floppy tits, which are awesome and so juicy looking, but that big round butt has got to be her best asset by far.

This is a real woman, and she loves dick. She showed up at this guy’s house to do a video for him and she ended up getting fucked by J-Mac back to the stone age. He cums all over her beautiful white booty, and it’s a picture perfect for framing. That rippling badonkadonk whooty ass of hers looked amazing during the whole thing, and the video will probably see quite a bit of masturbatorial use by Butt Guy and my little friend. Look, Dayna Delivers in this scene, so don’t miss it. Trust me.

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Big Latina Butt Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on March 7th, 2011

Delilah Strong Anal Creampie
This latina chick named Delilah Strong has been getting her juicy Puerto Rican butt fucked on video for quite a while now, but she just keeps getting hotter and hotter, if you ask me. Delilah’s got one of those big bubbly asses that just make you want to poke it with your hard cock and leave her a present deep inside there. When I think about blowing my nut in her juicy latina ass and having her squirt my messy creampie out afterward, I get the shivers.

The curvy bubble butt hottie gets a monster creampie in this porn video from Big Booty Cream, but unfortunately not from Butt Guy. Evan Stone fucks Delilah’s gorgeous booty with his massive 9-inch cock and he really stuffs it in there, let me tell you. After pounding her anally for what seems like an eternity, Evan blows his wad and leaves Delilah with a nice warm creampie deep in her butt that she later pushes back out. One hell of a nasty anal creampie, and one hell of a big latina butt!

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Jayla In Photo Op

Posted by Butt Guy on March 6th, 2011

Jayla Photo Op
Well, let me tell ya, I don’t normally go for tall skinny chicks like this Jayla girl, but when they’re packing a plump mound of black ass joy in the caboose, they get my attention. Jayla is a sexy black babe who’s got a sexy round ass, which is why she’s here. And that ass looks amazing with cum all over it, as you can see. But what really got me hollering about this porn video from Round and Brown (called “Photo Op”, btw) is what Jayla did to get that big cock to spew all that ball batter on her perfect bubble butt.

The action in this video is close to scorching level hotness, and that’s no joke. Jayla sucks cock so well, and so enthusiastically, I just might propose holy matrimony to the ebony booty queen (Butt Guy and Jayla…sounds nice, no?). But a blowjob is only the beginning for this lucky hung fucker because this sista wants big hard cock in her wet black pussy. She gets exactly what she wants when he rams her full of his monster dick and makes that great big black ass jiggle wildly while he fucks her. This porn video will make you cum so much, you’ll need to explain the flooding to the landlord. Check this one out pronto, gents.

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Barbecue Booty Anal Sex

Posted by Butt Guy on January 28th, 2011

cocoa anal sex
Cocoa is a delicious piece of ebony ass who’s got a curvy body that won’t quit. That amazing form is punctuated by one of the biggest, bubbliest black booties I’ve seen in porn. Cocoa’s massive butt get throughly fucked in this video from Round and Brown, which you can preview by clicking the gallery link below. This amazing black ass gets totally nailed and anally penetrated by the luckiest mutha in all the porn world.

That ebony booty shakes, jiggles, and ripples like it’s a doomsday earthquake or something. It is totally on fire during this fuckfest. Trust me guys, if your dick jumps to attention at the idea of a nice thick black booty getting anally pounded into next week, you’ve definitely got to check this video out. A real homerun of epic proportions, as far as big ass porn is concerned.

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Hollie Stevens – Juicy Teen Butt

Posted by Butt Guy on January 21st, 2011

hollie stevens teen butt
A blond teen girl with a nice juicy bubble butt is just about the hottest thing there is in the entire universe, let me tell you. Hollie Stevens is such a teen and her bubbly round ass is a thing to behold. I would give my left nut to get the chance to sink my dick into that beautifully plump ass, and I’d blow my load deep inside there and have Hollie squirt it out. My deluded fantasies aside, Hollie Stevens goes right for hard cock in this video over at Assparade.

She sucks on that thing and slurps it up nicely while her juicy round ass gets played with. When she hops on his dick to take her pussy pounding, the hot teen’s bubble ass ripples and jiggles like crazy and we get some of the best teen booty shake footage I’ve seen in a porn video in years. It’s definitely true that Hollie’s ass is a teen wonder, and this episode proves it.

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Classy Assy Diamond Mason

Posted by Butt Guy on January 7th, 2011

big classy ass
Again with the black booties! I just love the sistas because they’ve got such amazing bubble butts, they make my dick rip through my pants. Trust me, this girl Diamond Mason is a perfect representative of the kind of black booty girl I’m talking about. Her classy black ass is just a bubbly piece of perfection that should be enjoyed by every buttman on the planet. In this porn video at Round N Brown, Diamond Mason gets her phat ass booty adored and worshiped before taking a massive meat missile in her tight black pussy.

That great jiggling black booty looks awesome as she gets fucked, and you can’t miss her reaction when he turns up the pounding! Diamond is one of the sexiest black booty girls in porn today, and that fabulous bubble ass needs to do lots more videos so I can fully cover my ceiling with cum. Yeah, I know it sounds disgusting, but at least you don’t have to live here.

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Summer Bailey and Vanessa Lee

Posted by Butt Guy on December 31st, 2010

sexy round asses
Here are a couple of big booty cuties that will definitely brighten up your day. Summer Bailey is a terribly hot big ass latina babe who’s been making me hard with that gorgeous ass ever since I first laid eyes on her. Well, now she has teamed up with the incredibly sexy Vanessa Lee for a torrid buttfest video for Assparade, and it’s got to be some of her best stuff. As I said, Summer is a total piece of latina ass, but Vanessa Lee has a bubble butt that cannot be described in words.

She’s just a fucking hot big booty babe who loves to take cock, and the fact that she does it with her gal pal Summer is reason for great joy in the lands of bubble butt love. The two babes take on a guy who’s got a huge dick, and he fucks their wet pussies like a jackhammer. Those succulent asses jiggle about nicely during all the carnal action, and it’s more than enough to get your dick spewing uncontrollably in no time. Check this one out, compadres, because these sexy round butts are on fire!

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Double Duty Teen Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on December 24th, 2010

teen booty babes hollie stevens and lizzy tucker
Sexy booties are awesome, but it’s always better when those booties belong to hot teen girls who love to get fucked. This porn video over at Assparade stars Lizzie Tucker and Hollie Stevens, and these teeny chicks have some nice plump sexy ass hanging around in their caboose quarters. Thankfully, we get plenty of ass worship footage of both girls before the fucking begins, and those teen asses are definitely worthy of much worship. Lizzie Tucker’s bubble butt, in particular, is an amazing piece of work which has to be seen to be believed.

Hollie Stevens is no slouch either, of course, and her big ass gets nicely adored as well. By the time these two young booty hotties got around to taking dick, I was about ready to unleash my waves of semen onto my keyboard. But don’t make my mistake, watch the pounding these teen bubble butt babes get, it’s a real treat. Those sexy bubble asses gyrate and jiggle in all the right ways while the girlies get plugged hard.

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Gizelle’s Black Ghetto Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on December 17th, 2010

ghetto booty babe
Okay, now is the time to get some serious mega ghetto booty into this blog, since I’m in a sista booty type of mood. This black girl Gizelle is packing a huge ghetto booty that will blow you away and make your dick cum involuntarily. Gizelle did this video for Round N Brown and it is off the damn hook, let me tell you. I’ve seen a lot of ghetto booty porn in my day, but this one would have to rank right up there with the best. This sexy black chick gets that amazing bubble butt adored by her man, who oils up that gorgeously bulbous posterior and shows it off for us.

Pretty soon, the guy is stuffing his massive dick in her pussy and fucking the living daylights out of her. This sista loves her cock, and you can see by the expression on her face just how much she’s loving the fucking that she’s taking. That big phat ass shakes around like an earthquake and the sight is enough to make you blast a cumload that could hit Big Ben. You guys definitely do not want to miss this video, because it will probably haunt your dreams if you do.

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Big Ebony Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on December 12th, 2010

big black ass on ebony
This bootyful black girl named Ebony has an ass that must be witnessed to be believed, and it is making me extremely aroused, I must say. This girl has done a porn video for the guys at Round N Brown which should cause your balls to boil in their sack. I’ve always said that there’s really nothing like a huge black ass when you need to rub a good one out, and Ebony proves that beyond doubt. She gets her magnificently huge and round black booty adored by this lucky guy who will soon be fucking the mocha-flavored babe’s brains out.

He oils that mega butt up and makes it glisten in the hot sun, then proceeds to jam his massive cock in her hungry mouth. She sucks and slobbers that thing for a good bit, then aims his missile at Ebony’s tight pussy. When he fucks her coochie, that fabulously round booty just bounces off the trees as it goes ripplingly wild, to my great pleasure. He finally blows his wad and Ebony cleans him up nice and politely. This big black ass is definitely one of the hottest ghetto booty style rumps Butt Guy’s seen this year, and that’s saying something, trust me.

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Bubble Butt Milf Lisa Ann

Posted by Butt Guy on December 3rd, 2010

lisa ann - bubble butt milf
Oh boy, did I enjoy watching this particular milf booty video. It stars the unspeakably sexy mom Lisa Ann, who’s gorgeous bubble butt just makes you wanna get onboard and start pumping for all your worth. This woman is a curvy goddess who really likes cock, so she got Assparade to pair her with a horny stud who’s hung and hungry for her milfy pussy. Lisa goes to work on his thick cock after plenty of ass worship, and we get to see this amazing porn babe work her dick magic as she slobbers that thing down to the root.

He eventually gets around to fucking her wet pussy and really starts pounding her hard. That juicy milf butt goes all jiggly on us and, well, you’re probably gonna bust your nut right there. It’s quite a sight to behold, and I don’t think there’s an assman alive who could keep his sauce in his balls through this part. Lisa Ann is a total package milf babe, with great big tits and a big round ass that will stop you dead in your tracks. Do not miss this one, guys, it’s a real winner.

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Teen Bubble Butts at Assparade

Posted by Butt Guy on November 26th, 2010

teen bubble butts
Ivy Rider and Victoria are a couple of teen cuties who happen to possess remarkably arousing bubble butt booties that make little Butt Guy very, very happy. Naturally, the two teeny boppers found their way to the pervs at Assparade and filmed one hell of a porn video that’s packed with more jiggling teen ass than you could hope for in your wildest dreams. Ivy Rider is a super sexy redhead with creamy white skin and a bubbly butt that will make your tongue fall right onto the cold floor.

Her teen energy and enthusiasm for cock fuels her to some seriously hot fucky fucky in this video, as she hops aboard this lucky dude’s massive cock and rides it like there’s no tomorrow. That delicious phat ass just ripples and jiggles all over the place while the horny teenager goes for the big O. Victoria, her terribly tasty gal pal, also puts her beautiful teen booty to the shake test when she goes for some hard cock up her tight young pussy. This video will rock your world, if you’re the kind who likes watching bubbly teen ass in action.

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Morrigan Danu – Bubble Butt Hotness

Posted by Butt Guy on November 5th, 2010

morrigan danu
Here is one seriously exotic bubble butt babe that is really making my cock hard enough to cut diamonds. Morrigan Danu is unbelievably gorgeous, as you can see, but her beautiful bubble ass is like a masterpiece that reaches levels of perfection rarely achieved in nature. Morrigan did a porn video for Round and Brown called Exposed, and she got her sexy pussy fucked hard in it. She rode a massive cock while her big juicy butt jiggled and rippled all over the place. Ms. Danu is my new favorite bubble butt girl as of now, and I will follow her anywhere she goes as long as I get to watch that amazing butt in action. This porn video will have your ceiling dripping cum, so be advised.

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Ava Addams – Big Milf Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on October 17th, 2010

ava addams - milf booty
Nothing like a curvy milf with a big juicy booty, if there? Well, if you like the idea of watching choice milf booty bouncing around during torrid sex, you need to see this porn video from MonsterCurves starring Ava Addams. This woman is truly the very definition of milfy hotness. Her big bubble butt is a thing to behold, and it looks marvelous as she bounces it on this guy’s lap while he fucks her. Ava Addams strikes me as the kind of milf who loves to tease men with her big juicy ass, and we definitely get a lot of that in this video. But when the action starts, look out, because this woman is a sexual dynamo of epic proportions.

Ava sucks this dude’s big cock and then rides him for the fuck of his life. That big milf booty looks amazing during the whole scene, with more jiggling and rippling than you can possibly imagine. You know, between that massive bubble butt and those amazingly big tits of hers, Ava could probably compete for hottest curvy milf of the year. She’ll certainly get Butt Guy’s vote, that’s for damn sure.

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Sydnee Capri’s Big Black Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on September 18th, 2010

sydnee capri

Well, all you fellow butt lovers out there probably already know how crazy I am about the sexy and super curvy black booty porn queen that goes by the name of Sydnee Capri. This bubble booty mama is an ebony slice of pure voluptuous perfection, and that massive big black ass is one of her most tempting bodily features. No, scratch that, it is by far her most tempting feature. Sydnee, who seems to be going by the name Allison Banks now, loves to show off that fantastic bubble butt off for the camera in every porn video she stars in, and this one over at Round And Brown is no exception. She gets paired with a white dude who’s nursing a seriously hard mega erection for this girlie, and he proceeds to oil up her delicious black ass right there by the pool.

Sydnee Capri looks amazing in that bikini she’s wearing at the start of the video, but it doesn’t stay on for very long. After the bubbly ass is oiled and the bikini is stripped off, Sydnee goes for this guy’s hard cock and gives him the blowjob of his life. She eventually rides his huge cock with her tight black pussy and bounces that phat black booty on his lap, maximizing the jiggle effect that has been known to indice coma in big butt lovers like myself. He finally cums all over Sydnee’s gorgeous ass cheeks and glazes them nicely. Fucking amazing porn video, really one of Sydnee’s best.

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Big Black Booties Fucked

Posted by Butt Guy on July 23rd, 2010

big black booties
Sydnee Capri
has got herself one of the biggest, hottest black booties in all the porn world. If you like big fat asses that jiggle like jello and could suffocate an elephant, this is your woman. Her friend, Heaven, is also packing a serious big booty that makes my mouth water every time I take a look at it. This massive black ass shakes like it’s the apocalypse, and it’s chocolately goodness will pop you a boner that you will never forget. These two big butt booty babes are starring together in this video for 40OunceBounce that has them taking the ridiculously endowed black cock of Shorty Mac straight up their tight and bubbly asses.

Yeah, you read that right, and if you know who Shorty Mac is, you realize that it would be less painful to take a washing machine up the ass. This fucker is hung like a mule, and he really pounds away at Sydnee Capri’s big black ass like it’s his last opportunity to do the butt boogie. He also assfucks the delicious big booty belonging to Heaven, which is quite a sight. She obviously has trouble taking his fire hydrant cock up her ass. This is one of the hottest big booty anal sex videos I’ve seen in a while. Not to be missed, gentlemen.

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Big Ass Combo

Posted by Butt Guy on July 23rd, 2010

big ass combo
Well, Kelly Divine has always been a favorite of old Butt Guy since I first saw the sexy round assed hottie debut her gorgeous form in a porn video many moons ago. This girl is a true big ass booty queen, and she’s white for crissakes! Yeah, I know, white girls aren’t supposed to have big chunky butts like this, but Kelly didn’t get the memo, I guess, cuz her ass is rocking and socking. A new bubble butt babe by the name of Sydney Thomas joins Kelly for this video over at AssParade entitled “Big Ass Combo,” which allows us to see these sexy booty babes get nailed by hard cock at some luxurious estate in Miami Beach.

The video starts off as all porn movies should, with copious big ass worship that shows us every inch of curvy goodness these girls have to offer. Those sexy asses get put on display for the camera, with lots of booty shaking and jiggling. After the big ass expo is over, the girls move to the pool area to suck some major dick, giving this lucky fucker a nice hummer that he will probably never forget. He then proceeds to nail those tight pussies hard while those big juicy asses ripple and bounce across the landscape. He blows his load of cum on them, capping a scorching big butt free-for-all that left me panting and writhing in my own manly sauces. Gotta watch this one, people, because Kelly Divine is at her best here.

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