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Bubble Butts

Bubble Butt Whooty

Posted by Butt Guy on July 23rd, 2007

Bubble Butt Whooty
Ashli Orion is a sexy little teen thing with a plump round whooty that is a sight to behold. Her ass isn’t huge, but it sure as fuck is a bonafide bubble butt if I’ve ever seen one. Ashli not only possesses a fantastic bubbly ass, she’s also got an insatiable hunger for cock that won’t go away. And I’m not talking about just any cock, mind you, because Ashli likes her cock nice and huge. If she can’t feel the dick in her throat during a pussy fuck, she’s generally not satisfied. Well, luck for her then that she was able to hook up with the guys from Monsters of Cock because they had a couple of huge dicks ready for her that blew her mind when she got a look at them. In this scorching video, Ashli Orion gets her hot pussy violated by Shane Diesel AND Shorty Mac! Yeah, these guys have rhino dicks and they shoved them into Ashli while her perfect teen bubble butt whooty bounced around like a racketball. This video is on fire, people, and if you like watching bubble butt girls get fucked by monster cocks, you’re gonna blow wads of cum like you never thought possible!

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Big Milf Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on July 20th, 2007

Big Milf Booty - Melanie Monroe
There’s nothing like big phat milf booty to make all your erotic dreams come true. One of the hottest big booties on a milf I’ve seen this year belongs to the incredibly hot Melanie Monroe, a curvy blond mommy who’s got a sex drive that just can’t be satiated. Melanie’s body is just fucking amazing, and every time I see it, I feel the compulsion to get on my knees and worship it. Those gorgeous juicy tits, those stunning curves, and that big plump butt make me lose control. In this porn video for Backroom Milfs, Melanie Monroe shows up at the office with her sex drive on supercharged and strips off her clothes so that the boss guy can look her gorgeous curvy body over and take some pictures. Pretty soon, Melanie is on her knees sucking cock and then gets on to ride the dude reverse cowgirl. We get to watch that phat milf booty bounce on his lap as he fucks her tight bald pussy. Fuck, this woman is a piece of ass!

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Black Booty Girl Internal Cumshot

Posted by Butt Guy on July 17th, 2007

Black Booty Creampie - Cassidy Clay Internal Cumshot
Cassidy Clay has been making the rounds in the big booty porn world and, let me tell you, she’s really impressing me. This is a sexy black girl who’s got a damn fine bubble butt booty back there that makes my mouth water every time I lay eyes on it. Cassidy is definitely into sex, too, because when she does a porn video, she’s always making those noises that let you know she’s into the fucking. Apparently, Cassidy’s also into internal cumshots, or creampies, as they are better known. In this video for Black Booty Cream, Cassidy Clay takes a hard fucking in her horny pussy that leaves it dripping with lots of warm cum. We get to see that fantastic round mocha booty bounce and jiggle all the way through, too. Very bonerizing scene.

Sydnee Capri Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on July 17th, 2007

Sydnee Capri Creampie - Internal Cumshot
For those of you who have been tirelessly searching for video of the painfully sexy black butt babe Sydnee Capri taking a creampie in her juicy pussy, let me lighten your load and fill your heart with joy. The boys at Black Booty Cream have gotten Sydnee to do an internal cumshot on film and it’s seriously hot and boner inducing. I’ve always loved the idea of cumming inside the pussy or ass of a deliciously curvy big booty babe, and this sexy black hottie is top on my list of the ones I’ve got get to. Sydnee, of course, is a bootyologist’s dream cum true. Her body is voluptuous and curvy, butt her big phat ass is really her crown jewel. In this porn video, we get to watch that perfect booty bounce around while the girlie takes a serious fucking from two very hung black men. They cum inside her pussy and she pushes it out till it’s dripping all over the place. Very hot footage here and this babe is so fucking sexy. So glad she decided to do an internal cumshot. Not to be missed.

Flower Tucci Anal Creampie

Posted by Butt Guy on July 17th, 2007

Flower Tucci Anal Creampie
Flower Tucci will probably go down as one of the hottest big bubble butt pornstars of all time. You don’t need to look at her to long to realize that she’s got one of the hottest and bubbliest asses a white girl has ever sported in the entire history of the human race. Flower’s massive butt is also perpetually open for business, meaning that this girl seriously loves anal sex, and it seems that the bigger the cock the better. In this video over at Big Butt Cream, Flower gets royally fucked up the booty. I mean, she really takes a serious anal fucking which culminates in the dudes letting loose a ton of cum right up her ass. After he deposits his massive load, Flower farts it all out and you can see the jizzy goodness dripping out of that magnificent well-fucked butt. This ass is a national treasure, people, and if you’re into anal creampies, you need to watch this video pronto.

Big Ass Milf Group Sex

Posted by Butt Guy on July 12th, 2007

Big Ass Milf
Well, this video just about satisfies my most long-held milf fantasy — to have several big ass milf babes engage in group sex with a big fat cock to share. These hot moms over at MilfNextDoor got together with this dude who’s got a very large dick and just went fucking crazy with each other. Jessica Blade, who’s got a very sexy and tasty looking booty, got introduced to the very naughty activities of her suburban milf pals. They ate her out, worshiped her big bubble ass, and sucked cock with her as she experienced oragsm after orgasm of the purest pleasure I’m sure she’s ever had in her life. Let me tell you, the sight of these three big ass moms taking fat cock together is really all I need to ejaculate every hour on the hour for the next month! Please do not miss this one, my people.

Round Milf Ass – Phoenix Marie

Posted by Butt Guy on July 12th, 2007

Round Milf Ass - Phoenix Marie
Well, Phoenix Marie has made quite a name for her pretty self since she got into the porn business last year. That fantastically plump round ass of hers converted throngs of fans to her side and now she’s pretty much a big butt porn superstar. She’s apparently had some kids and the extra weight she put on has given her one of the sexiest round milf asses in the universe, as far as I’m concerned. Phoenix is on fire in this porn video for Milf Lessons where she gets all dressed up in some very elegant apparel only to take all of it off when the cock shows up. She sucks this well hung dude as deeply as she can, then takes his manhood deep into her sexy milf pussy. Her perfect booty jiggles happily as she gets stuffed full of dick, and that makes me very happy. Don’t miss it, it’s a good one.

Big Latina Butt – Sheila Marie Anal

Posted by Butt Guy on July 12th, 2007

Sheila Marie Anal - Big Latina Butt
When I was in high school, there was this latina cleaning lady that used to pick up our messes after school let out, and I would often watch her because I used to like to hang out for a while after school. This woman was really the epitome of a hot latina milf with a huge round butt. That butt was so fucking hot, I would get boners whenever she would bend over to pick something up. I lusted after her so bad, so it was really a great thing when I discovered Sheila Marie, because she looks a whole lot like that latina cleaning lady and her ass is even more delicious looking. Sheila Marie not only has a huge ass, but she also loves to take cock up it. In this video for MilfSoup, Sheila takes a good hard anal fucking right there in a classroom. Shit, this one will light your shorts on fire for sure.

Sexy Ass Milf Devon Lee

Posted by Butt Guy on July 12th, 2007

Devon Lee - Sexy Ass Milf
This sexy milf chick Devon Lee has always made my dick iron hard. She’s just got something I really like and it probably has something to do with her magnificent bubble butt that looks every bit as juicy and delicious as any 20 year-old booty I’ve ever seen. Devon is also extremely beautiful, with a look that is quite stimulating. In this video for MilfSoup, Devon rides the metro and is scoped out by this horny guy sitting near her. They exchange naughty looks, then find their way back to Devon’s place where they proceed to get comfortable. Devon goes for his cock and sucks that thing down, then takes his dick in her tight pussy. Her great big ass bounces about while she takes it and that’s more than enough right there to make you cum like a fountain. Very hot video and one sexy ass milf babe.

Big Butt Mom

Posted by Butt Guy on July 10th, 2007

Big Butt Mom Sheila Marie
Holy Butt Cheeks, have I found a hot mom you need to check out. Sheila Marie is a curvy latina mommy with a big round butt that would melt the polar ice caps if she were allowed within 500 miles of them. Sheila’s ass is just a thing of perfection and beauty, it’s so fucking round and plump. It jiggles beautifully when it’s played with and it has the curves of the goddess. Sheila Marie also has fabulous big juicy tits and a sexy tight pussy that I would love to sink my tiny member into. In this video for Milf Lessons, Sheila gets a visit from a guy who she’s been having cybersex with and he decides that she is far too much woman for him, so he calls his pal over so that he can fuck the ever loving daylights out of her right by the pool. This sexy big butt mom takes all he’s got into her hot pussy while that phat ass and those great tits bounce around like it’s the end of the world. Then, the sexy latina milf takes his huge cock up her phat ass for a scorching anal sex fucking that left me sweating and seeing stars! Very hot mommy buttfuck video right here.

Sexy Bubble Butt Milf

Posted by Butt Guy on July 9th, 2007

Angela Aspen - Bubble Butt Milf
Angela Aspen is new to the debauched internet porn world, so it’s probably fitting that she start her carnal career at the site best known for breaking in sexy milfs to the smutverse. I’m speaking, of course, of Backroom Milfs, which brings us this delightful video porn adventure where we get to watch the incredibly sexy and curvy mom show off her sexual skills and her gorgeous big round bubble butt. Angela’s ass is just about perfect, with a nice plump curviness to it that is so appetizing. It’s basically the perfect milf bubble butt. When she gets fucked in this video, we get to watch that gorgeous thing bounce around and ripple up so nicely. Damn, very wank worthy scene here, and Angela Aspen is a very welcome new porn milf. Hope she does lots more work.

Phat Ass Mommy

Posted by Butt Guy on July 9th, 2007

Phat Ass Mommy Austin Taylor
It seems Austin Taylor has run into some car trouble and she needs some auto repair assistance. Instead of calling AAA like every other person in the lower 48 might, Austin decides to try to get some free service from a nearby car shop by flashing her juicy tits and phat ass at the mechanic there. Well, it’s not exactly the normal way to go about getting car help, but if you’re a ridiculously hot curvy phat ass mommy with booty that doesn’t quit (or end), I guess you might as well go for it. The mechanic is extremely impressed with Austin’s display of her, um, wares. He decides to help her out without charge as long as she sucks his cock and lets him pump her tight pussy right there in the garage. So nice to see that hot mom get pumped in an auto shop, something very arousing about that. Great shots of Austin Taylor’s hot milf ass in action, too. Good porn video.

Big Booty Mom Fucked Deep

Posted by Butt Guy on July 9th, 2007

Big Booty Mom Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor is one of the hottest big booty milfs currently making the rounds in the porn world. Austin is a curvy blonde temptress who’s big juicy ass gives me the good tingles down in my private region (as opposed to the bad tingles you get from the clap). That body on this sexy mom is just too much, but it’s perfect for the guys at MilfLessons because they love the booty babes. In this video, Austin gets it on with a young stud who’s just as warm for her sexy form as we are. He shoves his cock down her throat and fucks that tight bald pussy nice and deep, making her gorgeous big booty jiggle and shake. Great footage here of Austin Taylor’s magnificent curvy body getting plowed. Not to miss.

Phat Ass Milf Austin Taylor

Posted by Butt Guy on July 6th, 2007

Austin Taylor - Phat Ass Milf
Ok, so it seems that Austin Taylor is having trouble finding work, so she gets her pretty self down to the Bang Bros offices to beg for employment of some kind (that means fucky fucky type employment in this context — thank you recession!!). Well, based on this setup and on the fact that Austin’s got a really hot phat ass, we basically know what’s going to happen. Austin decided to show off her gorgeous milf ass to her boss and the rest is history. He whips out his massive cock and she goes straight to work slobbering down that monster while her big beautiful butt gets worshiped and adored. This video has some of the best ass jiggling you’re likely to find anywhere, so this one will really do it for your trouser pal.

Big Ass Latina Angelina Castro

Posted by Butt Guy on July 6th, 2007

Angelina Castro - Big Ass Latina
Do you people have any idea how hot and horny a big ass latina babe can get when she gets her fuck on for cock? Well, you’re about to find out because this sexy latina Angelina Castro, who’s got an ass the size of the Death Star, has gotten seriously horny lately and she wants a big cock to satiate her animalistic tropical desires. Every time I see this chick in action, I think of cool beach breezes and pina coladas, then I think about how badly I want to stick my microscopic dick in her voluptuous phat ass. The guy in this video with her doesn’t have the microscopic penis problem, quite the opposite. He’s swinging one of the biggest cocks I’ve seen in porn and he’s sticking right into Angelina’s delicious bald pussy. When she rides that thing cowgirl style, her massive latina ass just goes fucking nuts as it bounces everywhere. I fucking love that! Angelina Castro is one of my new faves, so check her out!

Hot Mom Ass

Posted by Butt Guy on June 6th, 2007

Hot Mom Ass
Damn, this sexy new big butt milf has really got my loins on fire. Julie Cash is a new mom who just had her kid and is looking to get back into the dick chasing game. Lucky for her that she ran into the Milf Hunter, who’s constantly on the prowl for young milfs with big hot asses. And, let me tell you, Julie Cash’s ass is definitely big — I mean, really fucking big. This hottie’s butt probably measures as one of the hugest asses currently in porn. With butt that big and beautiful, she’s gonna need some extra special ass worship, and that’s exactly what she gets from the Hunter. After he’s done adoring that hot mom ass, he lays her down by the pool and eats ice cream and cherries off her massive tits! Shit, I told you the Milf Hunter was a genius. When she mounts him for some fucky fucky, her huge ass jiggles out of control to the point that you’re concerned about earthquake activity. This one is a keeper, people.

Round Milf Ass Babe Gianna Lace

Posted by Butt Guy on June 6th, 2007

Gianna Lace - Round Milf Ass
One of my favorite Milf porn sites out there right now would have to be the Milf Hunter. This guy has basically my taste in women — curvy and with a nice round bubble ass. He goes for milfs and who the fuck can even blame him. These hot moms that walk around the streets these days are so horny, their always looking for studs to take in their hot pussies. The Milf Hunter has found quite a hot piece of ass this time and her name is Gianna Lace. This woman is real treat because she’s got one of the finest round milf asses I’ve seen in a while. Gianna is a jewelry dealer and she’s trying to sell the Hunter an expensive watch. Well, she doesn’t exactly make the sale, but she sure gets something for her trouble. He pounds that delicious looking milf pussy while her gorgeous round ass jiggles all over the place. He finally blows his cum all over her perfect butt and it drips down her crack as she pants from the power fuck she just took. Gotta hand it to him on this one, very fucking hot!

Bubble Butt Milf Austin Taylor

Posted by Butt Guy on June 6th, 2007

Austin Taylor's Bubble Butt
Sexy older women with big bubble butts really do something special for little Butt Guy. These bubble butt milfs that I’m constantly seeing out and about dressed in their tight gym pants and halter tops with their hair tied in a ponytail flowing out the back of their caps are really starting to get me lusting for a nice curvy milf fuck. Austin Taylor is a perfect exemplary specimen of what I refer to. She’s a gorgeous and very curvy blonde milf who’s got the most succulent looking bubble butt I think I’ve seen this year (I see alot of butts every year, if you haven’t noticed). In this hot porn video she recently did for the guys at Milf Soup, Austin gets this guy at her gym all hot and bothered as she rides the stairmaster and pumps those beautiful butt cheeks up and down. They guy gets really hard for her and she notices right away, so she takes him in hand and gives him a fucking workout he’ll never forget. This is really one of Austin Taylor’s hottest videos, because we get plenty of footage of that delicious milf bubble ass bouncing and jiggling about during the fucking. Very nice!

Hot Black Booty

Posted by Butt Guy on June 4th, 2007

Jada Fire and Melrose
Wow, did this video make my dick go boing! Look, most of you know by now how absolutely in love I am with the black booty beauty named Jada Fire. She’s so freaking hot, with those massive tits, big plump butt, and huge areolas. In this video she did for RoundandBrown, Jada joins black hottie Melrose to take on a thick cock by the pool. These two black hotties suck this guy down and shake their massive black asses around til they get fucked into next Tuesday. This video will do it for you, believe me.

Black Booties Bouncing

Posted by Butt Guy on June 4th, 2007

Jada Fire and Toni
Jada Fire is one of the sexiest black booty babes in the entire world of big butt porn. Her big ass tits and juicy booty are just absolute boner inducers, and her hot sex-loving attitude is the kind of icing on the cake that just makes me want to open the windows and sing. In this video for Round and Brown, Jada Fire joins the very naughty and eqully bootyful Toni to take on a white guy with a ridiculously huge dick. Jada walks in on them while they’re fucking, then decided to join them for a full-on black booty threesome. Both girls go for that thick cock with their mouths, sucking that massive member as far down as possible. The real fun begins when they mount that big cock and bounce their big black booties on that the lucky dude’s lap. Very hot ebony action with a couple of sizzling hot black girls.

Big Whooty Ass Babe Gianna Michaels

Posted by Butt Guy on May 28th, 2007

Big Whooty Ass - Gianna Michaels
One of my favorite big whooty babes in all of big butt porn has got to be Gianna Michaels, a curvy white chick who’s got the ass of a sista. There’s no real genetic explanation for how Gianna got that massive big ass, but I suspect some African dna slipped in there at some point down the genealogy. Gianna has a fabulous whooty, no doubt, but she’s also got a pair of delicious big natural tits that really make you take a step back — no, really, if you don’t take a step back, they’ll knock you over. Gianna Michaels made a name for herself in porn not only because of her great whooty ass and big tits, but also because of her raw lust for cock that is quite apparent in every single porn video she’s in. This one from Big Tits Round Asses is no different. She takes cock like she needs it to live, with those huge boobs and big ass bouncing around like it’s the end of the world. Very hot video and very hot whooty girl.

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Nice Ass On Rachel Solari

Posted by Butt Guy on May 28th, 2007

Nice Ass - Rachel Solari
This chick Rachel Solari has definitely got herself a nice ass, I don’t think most would disagree. Rachel is a curvy white girl who’s got some kind of natural sexiness about her that I find alluring. I typically don’t go for the glammed up super babes that many guys like, probably because I know I would never have a chance with those chicks in real life. But a normal looking hottie like Rachel Solari, I just might have a shot at (as long as she can look past the tiny penis, 4-day facial stubble, and chronic noxious flatulence). While I’m waiting for Rachel to agree to go out with me, it’s good that I can watch her big ass jiggle and bounce while she takes a big cock in her tight pussy on video. The curvy bubble butt girlie gets a deep fucking she likely will never forget in this scene. And I’ll never forget that marvelous rippling ass.

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Big Booty Mom Holly Halston

Posted by Butt Guy on May 12th, 2007

Big Booty Mom
One of the sweetest, ripest, juiciest of all milf booties belongs to the one and only Holly Halston. This gorgeous big booty mom is a blond housewife who got tired of the domestic crapola and decided to enter the debauched world of porn in search of big cocks and big thrills. Well, she definitely found big cocks. In this video over at Milf Lessons, this naughty mom shows up at some affluent abode and sucks a pretty big dick to full erection, whereupon she then takes the rigid meat missile deep into her succulent milf pussy. This sexy mom loves to show off her beautiful big booty when she’s fucking, so we get to see that big ass bounce and jiggle while she takes the fucking of her suburban life. Holly Halston has a pretty much perfect body and this video really accentuates her perfection. Very hot mom indeed.

Big Booty Milf Babe

Posted by Butt Guy on May 5th, 2007

Big Butt Milf Adriana DeVille
Adriana DeVille is out shopping and that means we all get an opportunity to watch her gorgeous curvy form try on various different outfits in a fitting room. In this video for Milf Soup, the very hot big booty milf babe shows off her sexy round ass while she tries on different pieces of lingerie. After she’s done, she goes home to take some very large cock up her perfect booty. This woman loves anal sex, you should know, so when she sits her hot ass on that cock, she lights up with a raw lust that you rarely see in porn videos. This sexy milf is a definite must see, so check this one out!

Big Butt Milf Adriana DeVille Assfucked

Posted by Butt Guy on May 5th, 2007

big butt milf
This woman is so damn sexy, I don’t even know what to do about it. Adriana DeVille is a sultry latina who’s got an ass that I would pay my left nut for. This bubbly thing of beauty is just totally fucking incredible. Nice and plump with a great curvy roundness to it, and connected to a super sexy milf who makes your mouth water. Adriana gets her gorgeous big butt fucked nice and deep in this video for Backroom Milf, a site that I like quite a bit since they often feature hot milf babes with big sexy butts. Let me tell you, if you like Adriana Deville, you need to see her get assfucked in this video.

Bubble Butt Whooty Girl

Posted by Butt Guy on April 28th, 2007

Bubble Butt Whooty
There are quite a few white girls, these days, who are sporting nice plump whooty butts, anybody else notice? I don’t know if it’s something in the water, or what, but white babes are growing some serious bubble butt booty back there and I approve! Whitney Fears is such a white girl, and she’s got a nice plump little bubble butt that brings some nice tingles to my groin area every time I see it. Her booty is hot, but her tits are also on fire. Nice and natural, just like I like em. Whitney got together with the dudes from Big Tits Round Asses to shoot a video that has her taking some serious cock in her apparently very horny pussy. Some excellent footage here of her bubble butt whooty jiggling around as she rides dick. Very arousing, I must say.

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Big Booty Latina Milf Angelina Castro

Posted by Butt Guy on April 6th, 2007

Angelina Castro - Big Latina Booty
Oh my dear, what can I say about Angelina Castro. This curvy latina milf goddess is just about my perfect wet dream cum true. This sultry hottie is a native of Cuba, who is now living in Miami. Some of my friends tell me that Cuban girls are some of the horniest women they’ve ever encountered. I can believe it after having seen Angelina Castro in action, let me tell you. Her body is a curvy masterpiece, with big juicy tits and a fabulous big booty that any latina would kill kittens to have. Angelina has had a few kids and is now looking for some serious action for her increasingly wet and horny latina pussy. She loves motorcycles, apparently, so she’s got that in common with the Milf Hunter, who picks her up easily and gets down and dirty with her. Listen, if you like the image of Angelina’s big latina booty slamming down on a guy’s lap while it bouncing uncontrollably, then you need to watch this video pronto.