Two Big Asses Are Better Than One

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on July 5th, 2009

Big Asses - Adriana DeVille and Melanie Monroe
I spotted this absolutely gorgeous creature named Adriana Deville a few months ago and I haven’t been able to get the amazing visage of her perfectly plump bubble ass out of mind ever since. Adriana is a sexy latin chick who lives in Miami and loves to show off her big juicy ass on the beaches down there, where she can turn heads and boing boners just by walking around in her skimpy bikini. It’s so cool that Adriana Deville loves anal sex, too, because the sight of her perfect big ass getting pumped by thick cock makes me drool out of control. Melanie Monroe looks to be a relative newbie to the big ass porn world because I don’t remember seeing her before, but what a welcome piece of butt flesh she is. She’s a tall blonde with great curves that are topped off by one the hugest butts I’ve seen in a long time. That juicy booty is the kind you just want to throw your entire face into and just live there for a few years of devoted worship.

These two big butt babes have joined together for a killer video at Assparade that has them taking thick cock in their juicy pussies, with Adriana also getting a thorough anal fucking and a stunning double penetration that left her breathless. Damn, I just love this woman. That fantastic booty can swallow the biggest cocks on the planet and still beg for more. This video will do wonders for any impotence problems any of you may have, so you can go ahead and throw that Viagra out the window, or give it to your dog, or do whatever with it because you won’t be needing it for now. These gorgeous big asses could make Napoleon’s corpse cum, ok.


Big Booty Milf Babe

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Big Butt Milf Adriana DeVille
Adriana DeVille is out shopping and that means we all get an opportunity to watch her gorgeous curvy form try on various different outfits in a fitting room. In this video for Milf Soup, the very hot big booty milf babe shows off her sexy round ass while she tries on different pieces of lingerie. After she’s done, she goes home to take some very large cock up her perfect booty. This woman loves anal sex, you should know, so when she sits her hot ass on that cock, she lights up with a raw lust that you rarely see in porn videos. This sexy milf is a definite must see, so check this one out!

Big Butt Milf Adriana DeVille Assfucked

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big butt milf
This woman is so damn sexy, I don’t even know what to do about it. Adriana DeVille is a sultry latina who’s got an ass that I would pay my left nut for. This bubbly thing of beauty is just totally fucking incredible. Nice and plump with a great curvy roundness to it, and connected to a super sexy milf who makes your mouth water. Adriana gets her gorgeous big butt fucked nice and deep in this video for Backroom Milf, a site that I like quite a bit since they often feature hot milf babes with big sexy butts. Let me tell you, if you like Adriana Deville, you need to see her get assfucked in this video.