Big Ass Battle

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on June 6th, 2011

Big Ass Battle - Alexis Texas & Phoenix Marie
Thank the holy gods of ass…Phoenix Marie has grown back her big juicy butt. Yeah, believe it or not, the blond super hottie took off quite a bit of weight about a year ago and simultaneously lost that awesomely jiggly masterpiece of a booty that we all have come to know and jack off to. Some sanity pills must have somehow gotten into her system, though, because that delicious caboose is back in business, as we see in this Assparade porn video called “Big Ass Battle”. Her co-star in this one is the one and only Alexis Texas, a big booty texan sweetheart who loves to jiggle that juicy ass for the camera and tease us all to death.

We get plenty of ass teasing in this video, as the sexy blond booty babes cavort around Miami Beach, but it doesn’t last too long. Soon they get some big hard cocks shoved in their faces and the real action begins. Alexis Texas looks like a true goddess sucking cock, but she looks even better bouncing around with dick up her pussy. That fabulous big ass ripples like crazy during the carnal mambo. Phoenix Marie also gets her gorgeous booty in the jiggling action when she gets her pussy fucked hard right next to her bootyful friend. This video will make you an instant fan of these chicks, so check it out.


Brianna Love and Alexis Texas

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brianna love and alexis texas
Two sweet blondes with gorgeously huge round butts in the same freaking scene? Yep, Brianna Love and Alexis Texas are together in this porn video for Monster Curves and they just about blow the paint right off the walls with their uncontrollable hotness. Brianna is just a super cutie, with her innocent smile and perfect bubbly booty.

Alexis Texas is packing a huge fucking ass back there, and she shakes it nicely in the beginning of the video. Pretty soon, both big ass babes are taking cock, with Brianna Love even getting her plump ass fucked deep in a sizzling anal sex scene. Mucho hotness in this one.


Alexis Texas Mega Booty

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alexis texas mega booty
Jeez, when I first caught a glimpse of the ultra-curvy Alexis Texas, I almost fell flat on my face. This blond butt babe from Texas has one of the most amazing mega booties ever to appear before the camera in a porn video. Alexis loves to shake that hot ass around, and she does plenty of that in this video.

She teases this poor fuck with seductive bubble butt, then finally lets him have a piece of her sweetness. She sucks his big cock and then takes him inside her wet pussy. That jiggling ass is one of the hottest sights to be seen, so you definitely should not miss this one!


Big Ass Ice Cream Break

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on July 10th, 2008

Alexis Texas and Ariel in a Big Ass FuckfestOk, I will admit that, as a little Butt Guy, I was totally enthralled by the ice cream truck. It was a reliable font of joy that made my juvenile dreams come true on a daily basis. Well, this time, the ice cream dream comes with two big asses that belong to the hottest ice cream men I’ve ever fucking seen! Alexis Texas and her hot blonde butt babe friend Ariel are taking over the whole ice cream truck business, it’s pretty clear, because who in their right minds would buy goodies from a fat bald guy with bad breath when you can get your snow cones from these to big ass babes of beauty? In the video over at MonsterCurves, the girls meet up with some dude named Ramon who’s looking for ice cream and a way into their panties. The girls are more than accommodating (and so are their orifices, as we soon find out) as they serve up some coconut cream, which gets liberally applied to their perfect bubble butt asses. When the cock comes out, it’s a fucking monster people. I mean, really, the man is well-endowed. He shoves that thing into Alexis’s hot mouth and eventually fucks the stuffing out of the big butt porn hottie. Soon, he’s cramming that fucking thing deep into Ariel’s tight asshole as well! Shit, you people need to check this one out, it will milk you like Borden.

Alexis Texas – Big Butt Orgy

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Alexis Texas in a Big Butt OrgyOk, prepare yourselves to be knocked right out of your comfy computer chairs, people. I just found this video over at Monster Curves and it will melt the gum right off your sneaker soles for goddamn sure. It stars the amazing big butt queen Alexis Texas and she’s brought along two of her big booty gal pals to join her for an out-of-control fuckfest of Hefnerian proportions. I don’t know what to say about Alexis Texas except that she is totally fucking perfect and I will be requiring her hand in marriage. She’s blond, curvy, and her ass is a thing of beauty and perfection. This woman has been making my balls throb for just over a year now as she’s been making the rounds in the big butt porn world, but I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed her in a video scene this fucking hot in all that time. The girls start out in sexy bikinis in some upscale backyard and begin to rub oil all over each other (always a good thing). The swimsuits then start coming off and we get to see those perfect big bubble butts in all their naked glory, glistening in the hot sun from all the oil that is applied. After some copious lesbian munching and caressing, two dudes enter the picture to provide some sausage to this simmering orgy. The girls go crazy after these cocks, sucking them down to the roots and slobbering them up nicely. When the fucking begins, lookout because you just might faint. Watching Alexis get that shiny wet curvy body slammed is enough to put you down for the count. This video will blow your balls away, dudes.

Free Videos of Alexis Texas in a Hot Big Butt Orgy

Alexis Texas Is A Hot Big Butt Babe

Posted in Round Mound of Ass by Butt Guy on August 11th, 2007

Several months ago, I was on the toilet reading an issue of Butt Sluts magazine when I saw a picture of Alexis Texas, who at that time was a newbie to the big butt porn world. Her sexy ass was one of the finest I had ever glanced and it’s sheer massiveness stunned the fuck out of me. Immediately, I desired to copulate with it. After I got off the toilet, I staggered to my computer, still in a shocked haze from the gloriousness of Alexis’s huge butt, and looked for more information on the phenomenal big butt babe. It turns out Alexis was raised in Texas, where they grow everything to be big including female asses, luckily enough. Her milk-fed curvy body is the kind that just makes you want to climb the walls, but only until you glimpse the ass, at which point you simply want to fuck it or die. Now, Alexis has been doing porn for a few months and we have an increasing body of work from which to draw masturbatorial fodder that features her gloriously big sexy ass. It turns out that she just recently did one of her finest porn videos to date for the site Round Mound of Ass, and it is a fucking keeper. Alexis gets stripped down and that magnificent big butt cleavage gets put on display and worshiped like an Amazonian totem while she purrs and squeaks and describes how she wants the guy’s cock to fuck her. When she gets totally naked, she mounts the dude’s rock hard cock and she rides that thing like crazy, her huge butt bouncing and jiggling like all fuck. If you’re a fan of big butt babes, this is the video you must see.