Banker’s Ass

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banker's ass - angelina castro
I once went to a bank for a home loan (it was like a third or fourth mortgage, I forget exactly which) and saw the hottest ass I had ever witnessed in a corporate setting up to that point in my life. The girl was a curvy latina babe who’s bubble butt booty just stuck out like a sore thumb. That gorgeous round ass mesmerized me. She was a loan officer, so I thought I might get to talk to her, but no luck. They assigned me a nice older Indian woman who greeted me with “How are you? What can we be doing for you today?” in a heavy Apu-like accent. As nice as she was, she didn’t have the ass I was after, an ass that slipped through my fingers that day.

That is why I was so happy to discover this video called “Banker’s Ass” over at Assparade. It stars Angelina Castro and Lisa Lee, two sexy latina bank employees who’ve got big juicy asses that bring back fond memories. They get their curvy bodies fucked hard in this scene, with more than enough big ass jiggling to satisfy any assman. Don’t let this one slip away!


Big Ass Latina Angelina Castro

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Angelina Castro - Big Ass Latina
Do you people have any idea how hot and horny a big ass latina babe can get when she gets her fuck on for cock? Well, you’re about to find out because this sexy latina Angelina Castro, who’s got an ass the size of the Death Star, has gotten seriously horny lately and she wants a big cock to satiate her animalistic tropical desires. Every time I see this chick in action, I think of cool beach breezes and pina coladas, then I think about how badly I want to stick my microscopic dick in her voluptuous phat ass. The guy in this video with her doesn’t have the microscopic penis problem, quite the opposite. He’s swinging one of the biggest cocks I’ve seen in porn and he’s sticking right into Angelina’s delicious bald pussy. When she rides that thing cowgirl style, her massive latina ass just goes fucking nuts as it bounces everywhere. I fucking love that! Angelina Castro is one of my new faves, so check her out!

Big Booty Latina Milf Angelina Castro

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Angelina Castro - Big Latina Booty
Oh my dear, what can I say about Angelina Castro. This curvy latina milf goddess is just about my perfect wet dream cum true. This sultry hottie is a native of Cuba, who is now living in Miami. Some of my friends tell me that Cuban girls are some of the horniest women they’ve ever encountered. I can believe it after having seen Angelina Castro in action, let me tell you. Her body is a curvy masterpiece, with big juicy tits and a fabulous big booty that any latina would kill kittens to have. Angelina has had a few kids and is now looking for some serious action for her increasingly wet and horny latina pussy. She loves motorcycles, apparently, so she’s got that in common with the Milf Hunter, who picks her up easily and gets down and dirty with her. Listen, if you like the image of Angelina’s big latina booty slamming down on a guy’s lap while it bouncing uncontrollably, then you need to watch this video pronto.