Big Juicy Black Booty

Posted in Round n Brown by Butt Guy on May 7th, 2011

Jessica Grabbit - Big Juicy Black Booty
Jessica Grabbit must have all guys after her, because this delicious mocha-flavored black chick has a big juicy booty that will totally amaze you. This woman is a curvy dream cum true, and she knows how to use those curves to make your dick so hard, it just might spurt off in your pants. Jessica got together with VooDoo, a guy with a seriously huge cock, for lunch. Voodoo decided that he wanted to eat that lovely ass, more than his cheeseburger, so he invited Jessica back to his place. She got in the car and showed off that massive black booty while he was driving…don’t know how they avoided a car accident.

When he got Jessica back to his pad, she got naked and jiggled that phat booty for him nice and sweet. He couldn’t take anymore, so he took out his massive cock and shoved it in her hungry mouth. She then took his big dick deep inside her pussy and really got fucked. That great big ass of her bounced around like crazy. Look, this is one the hottest lunch dates I’ve ever seen, and it’s all on video. Check it out over at Round N Brown, it’s called “Love To Grabbit”, and Jessica is on fire in it.