Katja’s Big Ass Booty Fucked

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katja kassin booty
Jeez, how is it possible that Katja Kassin is still making scorching anal sex videos that have me climbing the walls with lust after all these years. Yeah, she’s definitely a veteran porn performer, but that sweet round german booty is still one of the hottest big asses in the world of porn today. If you’re a fan of the sexy booty babe, you know how much Katja loves to get assfucked. I mean, this woman will crawl over a football field of broken glass to get a nice thick cock in her bulbous bubble butt.

Well, it’s a good thing, then, that she hooked up with the guys at Big Butts Like It Big, the big booty anal porn specialists. They paired her with a horny dude sporting a huge cock and they went to town engaging in some nice raw assfucking. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Big Ass Babes Katja Kassin and Ava Rose

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Big Ass Babes
I don’t usually pant while watching porn videos, but in this case, I must admit that I couldn’t control myself. These two incredibly hot curvy butt babes have really turned in one scorcher of a performance in this video called “Beginner’s Luck” for AssParade. Katja Kassin and Ava Rose star in this barn burner that includes Katja getting fucked right up her big german ass. Now, anal sex is nothing new to the voluptuous Miss Kassin, but this particular anal fucking is one of her hottest. The guy who gets the honors is totally new to the porn business, and boy did he luck out getting the duty to fuck these two hot ass sweeties.

Ava Rose has such a large ass, I think it’s probably even bigger than Katja’s. This thing is huge, a bulbous round monstrocity of a badonkadonk butt. You should see it bounce and jiggle like all fuck while Ava’s getting her tight bald pussy fucked hard by this dude. Both of these curvy babes show off their fantastic big asses and get the fucking of their lives, and I must say, it’s one helluva good jerking video. Too hot to miss!


Big Ass Fucked In Prison

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Katja Kassin Gets Ass Fucked - Anal Sex Gallery
Well, apparently men aren’t the only unfortunate souls that get ass-fucked in prison. Katja Kassin is a prison guard who likes to taunt the inmates she oversees — lots of jokes at their expense, lots of snide remarks, and lots humiliation. Unfortunately for her, when two of them were able to lift her cell key, they opened the door and grabbed a whole lot of big ass that they knew exactly what they were going to do with. They take Katja’s uniform off and put her straight to work on their big cocks, then start to finger her big ass for the fucking they’ve got in store for it. Katja looks absolutely gorgeous with a big black dick in her mouth and slobbery spit seeping out the sides. When the time comes to fill that amazing big butt with cock, Katja is totally into it and begging for them to fuck her ass. This is some of the best anal sex video footage I’ve seen in a good long time. Big, long dicks penetrating deep into a perfect bubble butt ass! Katja Kassin has won a special place in my heart with this video, it’s absolutely off the fucking wall!


Katja Kassin’s Big Ass

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Katja Kassin - Big Ass AnalYou guys know that Butt Guy would never steer you wrong, right? Good, because I’m about to steer you toward one of the hottest big ass anal videos I’ve ever personally witnessed or heard about through fellow smut-peddling associates. Katja Kassin stars in this big ass fucking spectacular over at Monstercurves, and it is out of control. For fans of Katja, I don’t need to tell you about her total big butt perfection, but for new big butt lusters I will need to paint the picture. Firstly, Katja is from Germany and, for some reason, that is the land of big asses. Don’t ask me why, it must be a national law or something. Katja’s ass is big, round, firm, and bulbous. Yeah, I know, that almost never happens, but it’s right before you nevertheless. One other thing I love about Katja Kassin is that she is a total anal slut of the first order. She absolutely loves cock up the ass and the bigger the better! How fortunate for us. In this video at Monster Curves, she gets plenty of dick (provided by the famous cockmaster Steve Holmes) up her tight pooper in a stunning anal scene that totally rocks. At the beginning, there’s plenty of big ass worship as we watch Katja shake that booty all over the place. Then, the clothes start to come off and get fantastic shots of her curvy body in all it’s naked glory. When it comes time to take cock, Katja goes for that thing like a starving hobo and sucks that huge cock in a very sloppy blowjob. Soon, that long cock is thrust into her perfect big ass and Katja gets herself a nasty little assfuck that will almost certainly make you blow your crotch chowder in record time.

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