Kelly Divine’s Big Butt Anal Video

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on May 14th, 2011

Kelly Divine Anal
This cute bubble butt babe has always done right by my dick, and I’m really loving this new anal porn video she’s done over at Ass Parade. Kelly Divine has an awesome big phat butt, and she totally loves taking fat cocks up inside it. I’ve been watching this sexy big ass beauty take dick up the pooper for a while, but I’ve never seen her get assfucked like this. The dudes from BangBros really know how to treat a big butt, that’s for sure. They adore and worship Kelly’s round booty and give us plenty of shots from all perspectives as that jiggly whooty ass bounces about.

Pretty soon, Kelly Divine has her hungry mouth working a big cock, and she sure loves doing it. This girl really does love taking dick, and you can definitely tell by watching her. When the anal sex begins, it’s time to get ready to launch your load because the action is volcanic. That tight asshole gets penetrated and that juicy booty gets pumped like all Hell is breaking loose. Definitely one of Kelly’s best anal sex videos, and one you should watch immediately!


Big Ass Combo

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big ass combo
Well, Kelly Divine has always been a favorite of old Butt Guy since I first saw the sexy round assed hottie debut her gorgeous form in a porn video many moons ago. This girl is a true big ass booty queen, and she’s white for crissakes! Yeah, I know, white girls aren’t supposed to have big chunky butts like this, but Kelly didn’t get the memo, I guess, cuz her ass is rocking and socking. A new bubble butt babe by the name of Sydney Thomas joins Kelly for this video over at AssParade entitled “Big Ass Combo,” which allows us to see these sexy booty babes get nailed by hard cock at some luxurious estate in Miami Beach.

The video starts off as all porn movies should, with copious big ass worship that shows us every inch of curvy goodness these girls have to offer. Those sexy asses get put on display for the camera, with lots of booty shaking and jiggling. After the big ass expo is over, the girls move to the pool area to suck some major dick, giving this lucky fucker a nice hummer that he will probably never forget. He then proceeds to nail those tight pussies hard while those big juicy asses ripple and bounce across the landscape. He blows his load of cum on them, capping a scorching big butt free-for-all that left me panting and writhing in my own manly sauces. Gotta watch this one, people, because Kelly Divine is at her best here.


Big Butt Hottie Kelly Divine

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kelly divine anal sex video
For as long as I’ve been watching her in porn, Kelly Divine has loved taking cock up her big juicy bubble butt. Yeah, she really seems to love getting a good anal fucking, and the bigger the cock, the better. Well, in this video for Big Butts Like It Big, Kelly takes on a dude who’s hot for her juicy booty and is intending to plunge his big cock deep into her big white ass.

Kelly loves the idea and welcomes his rigid member into her bubbly ass, which results in a good hard anal sex adventure that I’m sure she will never forget. This video is on fire, the anal sex action is perfect and Kelly Divine is a goddess.


Big Butt Anal Sex Party In The Gym

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Big Butt Anal Sex Workout with Claire, Ricki, and Kelly
Dudes, if I didn’t have pictures to prove it, you people wouldn’t even fucking believe me. These three gorgeous big butt babes Claire Dames, Ricki White, and Kelly Divine went to the gym to try to build bigger booties (I hope this trend sweeps America). Their personal trainers, a couple of horny guys who love big asses as much as we do, suggested that the best exercise they could do to get those booties even plumper than they already are would be a good hard anal sex fucking. Ok, I’m not sure about the factualness of that rather wild assertion, yet I am genitally tingled by the idea.

These big butt hotties were evidently convinced by their argument because they stripped off their gym clothes and served up their delicious bubble butts to these hungry and horny trainers to do with as they pleased! Damn, it was difficult to keep lil Butt Guy from spewing his jizzy juice all over the place as I watched these amazing curvy cuties pull their tights down to reveal their yummy plump booties. Claire Dames, whose ass is a magnificent example of perfection in booty, gets that keister fucked nice and deep while her hot tits bounce around everywhere! Kelly Divine also takes it anally, getting her juicy caboose nailed nice and hard. Ricki White is a total lust queen who totally loves sex, especially anal sex, and she gets assfucked properly too. Shit, this video’s got it all, people, except maybe beer and doobies.