Brazilian Booty Porn

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Wow, I think I may have found the hottest ass in all of South America. I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some big phat latin butt from time to time. There’s just nothing in the world like a big bubbly pair of ass cheeks to stuff your face in, and the latina hotties from the southern hemisphere are packing some of the best around. This big booty porn video features a girl named Paola, and she’s got one of the most amazing juicy asses I’ve ever seen on a woman. This girl is the perfect example of what I call the “Latina Curve Quotient.” Her ass is nice and bubbly, with curves that balance out the rest of her body idealy. Latinas have this advantage over other girls, as I’ve observed, which is why I’m such a fan.

You absolutely need to watch Paola in action, because this chick knows how to handle cock. Not only does she do an impeccable job inhaling this guy’s massive member, but she also takes his huge dong right up her phat booty. Yeah, the steamy anal sex in this scene could melt the ice caps on Uranus (Wait, does Uranus have ice caps? Oh, fuck, what do I care!). Check this hottie out and enjoy some of the best big booty anal sex footage that has been shot in the pornverse in quite a long time.

Cynthia Bang Booty

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Cynthia Bang - Big Booty Latina
Well, first off, I think I should officially apologize to the faithful readers of this porn blog for the fact that I have waited this long to feature Cynthia Bang in an update. Yes, believe it or not, the mighty Butt Guy failed to take notice of this sizzling hot big booty latina babe who’s been active in the big butt porn world for several months now. Look, even the great masters have their moments of fail. Cynthia Bang is, well, amazing. No other word can describe a chick like this. Her perfect latina curves just light a fire in your pants that you can’t put out without a good jerking session.

That huge latina booty is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen, and those delicious ass cheeks get put on full display for maximum adoration in this MonsterCurves porn video, called “Cum Clean.” Cynthia is invited to help this guy wash his car, but what ends up happening is that Cynthia gets most of the soapy water. That great big ass of hers gets soaped up and rinsed off more times than I can count, and her gorgeous all-natural body is shown off beautifully in a state of full wetness. Cynthia’s pussy gets wet too, so the guy pulls out his monster cock and sticks it in her mouth for servicing. Pretty soon, the latina hottie is riding that huge cock and slamming her massive juicy ass right in the guy’s lap as he pounds into her. Look, this woman is like a Cuban goddess, so please watch this video as soon as humanly possible. You won’t regret it.


Big Latina Booty Babe Duvy

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Duvy's Big Latina Booty
Wow, this latina mama sure has a massive booty on her. Duvy is a sexy cuban girl from Miami who’s packing some seriously monstrous mega butt back up in there. She’s a curvy wonder of nature, with sexy lines that don’t quit. But, really, that massive latina ass of hers is her best feature by far, and I would give my left nut to have a piece of that beautiful buttcake. Duvy likes to suck on big cocks, so she joined forces with the guys from Assparade and did a little porn video for them called “Duvy’s Tremendous Ass” that paired her with one of their super hung studs.

But before she gets huge cock down her throat, Duvy’s big beautiful butt is admired and adored by the camera. If it’s an Ass Parade video, you know there’s gonna be lots of quality ass worship footage. Duvy shakes that massive booty for the camera and gets us all hard before she finally takes cock. And boy does she take cock! She sucks that massive thing and gets it all wet and hard for her tight latina pussy, then mounts it and rides to pure orgasmic joy. This porn video is an absolute must-see if you’re into big latina butts, and Duvy is real gem.


Big Latina Butt Creampie

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Delilah Strong Anal Creampie
This latina chick named Delilah Strong has been getting her juicy Puerto Rican butt fucked on video for quite a while now, but she just keeps getting hotter and hotter, if you ask me. Delilah’s got one of those big bubbly asses that just make you want to poke it with your hard cock and leave her a present deep inside there. When I think about blowing my nut in her juicy latina ass and having her squirt my messy creampie out afterward, I get the shivers.

The curvy bubble butt hottie gets a monster creampie in this porn video from Big Booty Cream, but unfortunately not from Butt Guy. Evan Stone fucks Delilah’s gorgeous booty with his massive 9-inch cock and he really stuffs it in there, let me tell you. After pounding her anally for what seems like an eternity, Evan blows his wad and leaves Delilah with a nice warm creampie deep in her butt that she later pushes back out. One hell of a nasty anal creampie, and one hell of a big latina butt!


Summer Bailey and Vanessa Lee

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sexy round asses
Here are a couple of big booty cuties that will definitely brighten up your day. Summer Bailey is a terribly hot big ass latina babe who’s been making me hard with that gorgeous ass ever since I first laid eyes on her. Well, now she has teamed up with the incredibly sexy Vanessa Lee for a torrid buttfest video for Assparade, and it’s got to be some of her best stuff. As I said, Summer is a total piece of latina ass, but Vanessa Lee has a bubble butt that cannot be described in words.

She’s just a fucking hot big booty babe who loves to take cock, and the fact that she does it with her gal pal Summer is reason for great joy in the lands of bubble butt love. The two babes take on a guy who’s got a huge dick, and he fucks their wet pussies like a jackhammer. Those succulent asses jiggle about nicely during all the carnal action, and it’s more than enough to get your dick spewing uncontrollably in no time. Check this one out, compadres, because these sexy round butts are on fire!


Big Ass Sweetness

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alexis breeze and alanah rae
Well, the boys at AssParade have really done it this time. They paired the sultry latina hottie Alexis Breeze with the uber gorgeousness that is Alanah Rae for a torrid big butt fuck session. These two super babes have got extremely nice plump booties that make the mouth water.

Their hotness is accentuated by the fact that they’re coming together to take hard cock in their pussies. When these chicks get fucked, their hot asses jiggle and ripple fantastically well, which will arouse you until your dick pumps dust. Trust me, this video is a definite winner.


AssParade Nicole

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assparade nicole
Okay, time for some more hot latina mega booty that will cause eruptions in your pants that will last a lifetime, if necessary. AssParade has served up a girl named Nicole in this porn video, and she’s packing a ridiculously large latina ass that has nearly made me cry tears of joy.

This huge monster of a bubble butt jiggles beautifully as Nicole shows it off to the camera. When she starts taking big cock in her pussy, the glorious booty just goes nuts and bounces off the walls. What a terribly sexy ass on this chick!


Latina Booty Meets Whooty Cutie

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monique fuentes and nikki sexx
Hey, have you guys ever fantasized about getting it on with a sexy big butt latina babe and a hot big ass wielding white girl at the same time? Well, I dream about such debauchery on a constant basis, and it so happens that the geniuses at AssParade have decided to make my fantasy happen on video. They rounded up curvy latin goddess Monique Fuentes and paired her with the super hot whooty babe Nikki Sexx for some poolside big ass exposition that will totally blow you away.

The two butt babes play with each other’s huge bubbly butts, then take cock in their tight coochies while their great asses bounce and ripple all over the place. In Heaven, I’m sure this porn video plays nonstop on all the channels.


Huge Booty Anal Fucking

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blue diamond and alexa-cruz
Blue Diamond is a horny black girl who’s got a huge booty that needs big black dick in it. She’s also got a latina friend named Alexa Cruz who’s looking to get double penetrated by some serious black dick meat. They joined forces and decided to engage in their sodomy adventures together in a porn video for 40 Ounce. The two booty babes were joined by two black dudes sporting massive monster cocks and the shit soon hit the fan.

Blue Diamond got her sexy black ass fucked, just like she wanted. Alexa Cruz went ahead and took both of these huge cocks inside her two nether holes at the same time. It really is one of the hottest double penetration scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Lots of deep, deep sodomy and plenty of booty jiggling make this a definite must-see.


Bubble Butt Latina Anal

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bubble butt anal
When I go to lunch, I don’t typically find a bodacious bubble butt babe behind the counter selling me my soup. Well, in this video called “Shitty Food Shack”, Delilah Strong, who’s got one of the hottest latina bubble booties in all creation, is the one serving up the chow. A guy shows up for a sandwich and, after checking out Delilah’s curvy round ass, decides he wants more than just lunch.

He takes out his huge cock and the sexy latina goes straight for it. She sucks him down and gets his cock nice and spitty, then gets her tight pussy fucked deep. This guy wants that hot ass, though, so Delilah opens up her huge booty for some strong assfucking. She takes his massive cock up her gorgeous ass and gets pumped hard as all fuck. That is quite a sight, let me tell you. More jiggling butt flesh in this anal lunch spectacular than you can imagine. Very nice!


Banker’s Ass

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banker's ass - angelina castro
I once went to a bank for a home loan (it was like a third or fourth mortgage, I forget exactly which) and saw the hottest ass I had ever witnessed in a corporate setting up to that point in my life. The girl was a curvy latina babe who’s bubble butt booty just stuck out like a sore thumb. That gorgeous round ass mesmerized me. She was a loan officer, so I thought I might get to talk to her, but no luck. They assigned me a nice older Indian woman who greeted me with “How are you? What can we be doing for you today?” in a heavy Apu-like accent. As nice as she was, she didn’t have the ass I was after, an ass that slipped through my fingers that day.

That is why I was so happy to discover this video called “Banker’s Ass” over at Assparade. It stars Angelina Castro and Lisa Lee, two sexy latina bank employees who’ve got big juicy asses that bring back fond memories. They get their curvy bodies fucked hard in this scene, with more than enough big ass jiggling to satisfy any assman. Don’t let this one slip away!


Big Booty Double Strike

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Big Booty Double Strike
I just had to do this post featuring my newest crush, Sophia, from Ass Parade. When I was looking through their new stuff in a state of extreme horniness with my dick in my hand, I found this new video that they recently shot with not only Sophia, but the little latina bubble booty cutie Summer Bailey as well. Yep, Assparade has paired up two of the hottest big booty latinas for a sizzling session of ass oiling, dick sucking, and booty jiggling while riding cock. Okay, one thing I need to make clear before we go any further. Sophia is my wife to be, or, at least she will be my wife to be as soon as I inform her of my intentions to wed her (yeah, she kind of doesn’t know yet, nor does she even know I exist either). But, as you guys can clearly see, Sophia was made for me, so marriage is not an unreasonable outcome here. I mean, this girl has a big bubbly latina booty that would make me a very happy man if I could plunge my microscopic penis into it on a regular marital basis. This perfect big ass is more than most men can handle without suffering severe health issues, so it is left to me, the world’s most preeminent bootyologist, to take on the task of pleasing that jiggly bundle of butt flesh until death do us part.

In this video called “Big Booty Double Strike”, Sophia and Summer Bailey start things off by kicking a ball around while the camera catches every bounce and jiggle those plump butts produce. Soon, the girls are escorted to a nice house with a pool area, where they go ahead and oil up each other’s fabulous butts. Then, the latina hotties get introduced to a couple of big dicked guys lounging by the pool and quickly proceed to suck them off side by side. Very hot oral by my fiance and her friend right here. When they move inside, the girls start bouncing on some serious cock and that’s when their glorious big booties lose control and bounce off the fucking walls. Let me tell you, this is a seriously hot video, but when you beat off to images of my future wife Sophia taking schlong, I ask you to please be somewhat respectful.


Big Ass Latina Sophie

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assparade sophie
Jeez, one of the hottest sights in all the world is a big ass latina babe. Latinas have some of the most amazing glorious booties in the whole world, and this chick Sophie is a perfect example of this truth. Sophie is a delightfully innocent looking young latin girl who doesn’t speak too much english, so she’s really quiet in this video. But what she lacks in vocal enthusiasm, she more than makes up for in raw natural hotness. Her bubbly butt is a thing of beauty. It’s round, fleshy, and bulbous, just like we like em to be. She shows that big ass off for a while on a dock near a swimming pool on some upscale Miami estate. After plenty of ass tease, Sophie moves to a gazebo type thingy where she gets fed her first cock of the day. She slowly licks and sucks this dude’s cock in a super sensual oral sex fest that will leave you with an iron phallus. The real fun begins when they move her inside and fuck the ever loving shit out of this bootyful latina hottie. Sophie is a real breath of fresh air, let me tell you. She doesn’t come off like a pornstar because she’s obviously not, she’s just a sexy and real latina girl looking to have some fun and make a few extra bucks doing some sucky fucky on video. That’s just fine with me…Very hot!


Cute Butt on This Roller Babe

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Cute Butt Hottie Katie Cummings in "Roller Babe"
Time for some new butt flesh, people. I’ve been scouring the internets looking for some hot new booty, and boy have I found a sweet one. This cute butt belongs to Katie Cummings, a sexy and totally adorable plump booty hottie who is ripping up the big butt porn world. Katie just did a video for Monster Curves called “Roller Babe” which is so fucking hot, I can barely keep my ejaculate inside my body.

This video begins with Katie Cummings rolling around on roller blades while wearing a super tight pair of hot pants that are enough to get you blowing loads right there. I mean, this outfit is hot, my mufuckers. Things get even hotter when Katie gets naked and lays on the bed so that she can play with her terribly sexy and wet bald pussy. Her body is totally fucking perfect and when she starts masturbating, oh shit that’s hot! Ok, ok, so this muscular dude eventually shows up and takes out his huge cock and Katie goes straight for it. She sucks him while her perfectly cute butt is propped up in the air, and then she gets fucked by this guy as hard as I’ve ever seen. Her hot ass jiggles happily during all this carnal action and that makes me a very happy man! Look, don’t miss the full video because Katie is total breath of fresh air!


Big Booty Anal

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Big Booty Babes Luscious Lopez and Flower Tucci Anal Sex Gallery
When I first saw Flower Tucci’s ass, I just about fell face first onto the floor. How could a human girl have an ass so big and juicy? Furthermore, how could it be that such a big booty babe would also love to take thick cock up that magnificent ass? Well, it is no longer necessary for me to ask these questions, since it’s clear that Flower is basically a Goddess who needs no rational explanation. In this video at Big Butts Like It Big, she is joined by her big booty gal-pal Luscious Lopez, who is a sexy latina with nice plump booty all her own. It just so happens that Luscious also loves anal sex and that’s good, since this video is packed with anal action. Flower and Luscious are working as secretaries who decide they’d like to sample the trouser snake of their coworker. When they get this guy onto the couch, they start stripping and getting their big asses ready to get anally fucked nice and deep. Both Luscious Lopez and Flower Tucci get assfucked in this video, so it’s just about perfect. Believe me, if you like either of these big booty babes, you need to watch this scene.


Big Ass Fucked By The Pool

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Olivia O'Lovely Gets Her Big Ass Fucked
Okay, when I, Butt Guy, am out lounging by the pool wearing my fashionable purple speedos, I almost always catch sight of a big ass latina babe whose marvelous bubble butt just seems to call out to my underendowed penis for some sodomy. Now, I realize that these booties need love, and I do recognize my duty to please those booties. However, I am slightly concerned that my tiny pecker will not even clear the sphincter muscle, which may lead to a somewhat embarrassing episode that may involve the big booty babe turning her head to me as I’m slamming her ass doggy and she says “Stop teasing, just put it in already, Butt Guy baby.” Now, Olivia O’Lovely will not be having that problem, apparently, since she has hooked up with Assparade again for a sizzling backdoor anal sex video that was filmed right by the pool. These people are nearly as pervy as I am, so they know exactly how to film butt sex in a way that captures the full erotic blast of the sodomy session. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that Olivia totally rocks in this scene. Her big fat latina ass looks fucking amazing as it slams down repeatedly onto a thick cock. She gets her big ass fucked like anal is going out of style, which better not happen anytime soon or I’ll have to protest in front of the White House wearing cheekless chaps or something. I’m sure nobody wants that to happen, so let’s stay sharp out there and keep pluging those bubble butts.

Big Butt Threesome Action

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on July 13th, 2008

Delilah Strong and Her Big Latina ButtThis girl Delilah Strong and her fine latina bubble butt have been yanking my groin worm for a while now. I don’t get how a latina babe this real ever got into porn, because I’ve known many latina girls, and they usually would never think of letting the world know that they have a love affair with cock. Yeah, they love dick in private, but would never advertise, if you feel me. But Delilah doesn’t give a flying fuck because she’s in the big butt porn business to satisfy her carnal desires and nothing more. Here we see her doing a brand new video for Ass Parade where she hooks up with a cute friend who’s got a nice, but smaller, booty and a guy with a big dick who enjoys popping that coochie. It’s just a pleasure to watch Delilah’s big round butt jiggling around while she’d getting fucked, and I love the way she sucks cock. She seems to love every inch of schlong in her wet mouth. After the two booty babes gets nicely fucked, they get creamed right in the kissers with warm cum. Damn fine scene!

Big Ass Latina

Posted in Latin Booty Girls by Butt Guy on March 10th, 2008

Big Ass Pornstar Cleopatra - LatinbootygirlsNothing like a big ass latina chick to remind you what true big booty hotness is all about. I’m of the opinion that latina babes have some of the best, most tempting big asses of all the women in the world. I found this video featuring the latina pornstar Cleopatra which is off the hook. This little sweet thing is Puerto Rican and she’s got one hell of big round ass. She’s got curves in all the right places and she absolutely loves cock. In this video at Latinbootygirls, Cleopatra sucks on a stiff cock and rides it with her perfect bald pussy. The best part is watching this mamacita bounce around on his cock while her delicious big ass is jiggling like crazy. The dude finally cums all over her and that is one nice view, let me tell ya.

Big Ass Pornstar Cleopatra In Hardcore Action

Druuna – Wet Butts Get Anal

Posted in Flower Tucci by Butt Guy on March 9th, 2008

Druuna and Flower Tucci - Wet Butts Get AnalI’ll be perfectly honest here people, when I first watched this video of Druuna and Flower Tucci getting their big wet butts fucked in a foursome anal sex party in Flower’s backyard, I shot a streak of cum out of my tiny dick so powerfully that it ricocheted off of my ceiling fan and hit my sleeping schnauzer in the jewels with the force of a 37 magnum. I now sit here, an exhausted disheveled mess with my pants around my ankles, my lap covered in crusty ejaculate, and the family dog licking my seed from his bruised, and possibly now infertile, testicles. I don’t know exactly how this all happened — how it was that I so completely lost my mind to lust — but it definitely has something to do with the fact that this is one of the hottest fucking big butt porn videos I’ve ever seen. Flower Tucci had a certain latina milf by the name of Druuna over to her house along with some skinny chick and they all decided to have a big debauched anal sex orgy of sorts. They found a guy to provide the cock and they all took turns sucking and fucking it, then riding that big thing with their big wet butts in some of the most sizzling anal sex action I’ve seen in a long time. Watching Druuna and Flower get their big asses all oiled up and wet, oh fuck, that is so hot! Watching those huge butts get filled with pork is even better. Trust me, you need to see this video, just get the pets out of the room first.

Olivia O’Lovely – Bubble Butt Sex in Vegas

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on February 11th, 2008

Olivia O'lovely at Ass ParadeHoly fuck, does Olivia O’lovely have a big bubble butt. You people should know by now that nothing in the world gets my saliva running down my chin like a nice big butt on a hot chick. Well, probably the only thing better than that would be a sexy latina with a nice big ass. Olivia certainly fills the bill. The guys at Assparade went to Las Vegas for a porn convention and ran into this latina porn babe on the convetion floor posing with her hot porn girlfriends for photos. They convinced her to go up to their room at the Belaggio or Bellagico or whatever the fuck that hotel is called. She agreed and boy did they have a sweet time with this piece of ass. They got Olivia naked and started adoring her huge bubble butt while she made all sorts of “hurry up and fuck me” type noises. They introduced her to the stud for the night, a guy with a ridiculously huge cock that would soon be inserted into her tight latina pussy. Olivia O’lovely has a curvy booty like no other and we get to watch that work of art bounce on this guy’s stiff cock as he pounds her pussy like a jackhammer. Best part is watching her big butt bounce around like crazy during the sex. Fuck, is this chick hot!

Olivia O’Lovely’s Bubble Butt in Action

Misty Mendez and her Sexy Latin Booty

Posted in Latin Booty Girls by Butt Guy on January 18th, 2008

Misty Mendez - Latina BootyWhen you see a hot latina babe walking down the street in tight jean shorts that cause half of her plump ass to stick out of the bottom, your mind just goes into a lust-crazed spiral that leaves you a stuttering, confused mess laying ignominiously somewhere on the sidewalk curled up in a fetal position. At least that’s been my experience. Misty Mendez is exactly the kind of latina I’m talking about. This woman is totally out of control, with a sexy buxom body that would make any latina lover salivate bucketloads. Her big, round butt must be seen to be believed. Nice and round, yet firm (you should see that thing bouncing up and down on a thick dick). Her tits are simply marvelous, as well, and she’s got plenty of mass there to satisfy just about any boob lover. But, again, I must insist that Misty’s ass is really so fucking perfect that I think I want to rent space there or something! In this video at Latin Booty Girls, Misty takes a nice long bubble bath and shows off her perfect buxom curves and that fantastic latina booty while she purrs like a kitten. She obviously wants a hard cock to suck, and that wish is granted quite happily as this guy enters the room to have his meat serviced by this big butt latina goddess. The debauchery that follows will blow your mind, so don’t miss this video!

Druuna from Assparade’s Bubble Butt

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on September 21st, 2007

Druuna's bubble butt gets analDruuna is a sexy latina who possesses an a gorgeous round bubble butt of divine origin. This ass is so plump, so juicy, that I would fuck it until the ice caps melt and the sun goes supernova. Apparently, not only does Druuna have a fantastic big ass, but she also like to get that delicious butt fucked by hard cocks. This is extremely good news, as far as I’m concerned, because I’m a big anal sex fan. There’s nothing like watching a long thick dick plunge deeply into a perfect bubble butt. In this video at Assparade, Druuna gets fucked deep up the ass and loves every minute of it. You’ve got to see the part where the guy lies down and Druuna just lowers her big ass onto his cock and pumps it up and down, up and down. Man, what a woman…and what an ass!

Olivia O’Lovely’s Amazing Ass

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on September 20th, 2007

Olivia O'Lovely - Amazing AssIf you’ve never heard of Olivia O’Lovely, then I’m going to have to question the legitimacy of your membership in the Big Ass Lovers Association of America. This hot big butt latina has been setting the big butt porn world on fire for several years now. Typically, the average porn star doesn’t stick around for more than a year or so because people tend to get sick of seeing the same old ass again and again. But Olivia has survived and indeed thrived all this time due to that amazing ass she packs in her hind quarters. This big ass has seen a lot of action, and the best of it has been at Assparade. Olivia O’Lovely has done probably half a dozen video scenes for this site, but this particular episode has to be her hottest. Check out the free video clips and you’ll see what I mean.

Roundmoundofass Mariah’s Bubble Butt

Posted in Round Mound of Ass by Butt Guy on September 20th, 2007

Mariah - Round Mound of AssMariah Milano from Round Mound of Ass is a seriously hot bubble butt babe. She’s got that sexy tan and curves in all the right places, but her most arousing feature is of course her incredible big booty. She was evidently looking to do porn work because she hooked up with the guys at Roundmoundofass, and Mariah was all set to enter the big butt porn universe. They paired her with Michael Stefano, who’s got a cock of sufficient size to give this girl a real thrill. First, though, Stefano strips off Mariah’s panties and gets a load of that amazing big ass. He plays with it a little while, then puts this cutie on her knees to suck his cock. That’s definitely a pretty site, but even prettier is watching her get slammed in the pussy by this thick cock. The sight of bubble butt hottie Mariah getting fucked deep on the couch is more arousing than I can describe. You need to check this video out for yourself.

Big Latina Ass

Posted in Big Tits Round Asses by Butt Guy on July 28th, 2007

Big Latina Ass - Lily Lovely
Ok, I’ve never seen this latina hottie before this video, and I can’t even believe I missed her. Lily Lovely is one of the sweetest, sexiest looking big ass latinas I’ve ever seen in porn. Now, I grew up in a latin neighborhood, so I’ve seen my share of really hot latina girls with hot bubble butt asses that made my mouth water with lust. However, I never seem to see that caliber of hotness in the latinas that typically enter the porn world. Well, Lily Lovely totally shatters that issue. It’s not like she’s a beauty contest winner, or anything, that’s not what I’m talking about. I mean she’s just naturally hot, in a girl next door type of way. And her big latina ass is simply very arousing. What a pleasure to see her get her pretty face stuffed with thick cock and have her gorgeous bald pussy fucked harder than she’s probably ever had it. Ah, a very satisfying porn video indeed, and a sexy latina butt babe who will fill my dreams for at least two weeks.


Big Brazilian Booty

Posted in Big Tits Round Asses by Butt Guy on July 28th, 2007

Big Brazilian Booty
This unbelievably bootyful latina woman from Rio has just about busted the normal function of my cherished gonads. Jaylene Rio is like everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman — huge tits, a big round booty, and curves that never stop. This Brazilian booty bombshell is exactly the kind of latina babe I go for, she’s got everything going for her in every department. The only thing better than looking at Jaylene Rio’s gorgeous curvy latina body, is watching it take cock in a hardcore porn video. Thankfully, the boys at Bigtitsroundasses have got us covered because they’ve shot a steamy fuck video starring the sexy latin goddess that has her getting fucked deep and hard, then taking a cum sprinkle all over her sexy face. That big brazilian booty jiggles like crazy while she’s taking her pummeling, which is exactly what I want. Good video.


Big Latina Butt – Sheila Marie Anal

Posted in Milf Ass by Butt Guy on July 12th, 2007

Sheila Marie Anal - Big Latina Butt
When I was in high school, there was this latina cleaning lady that used to pick up our messes after school let out, and I would often watch her because I used to like to hang out for a while after school. This woman was really the epitome of a hot latina milf with a huge round butt. That butt was so fucking hot, I would get boners whenever she would bend over to pick something up. I lusted after her so bad, so it was really a great thing when I discovered Sheila Marie, because she looks a whole lot like that latina cleaning lady and her ass is even more delicious looking. Sheila Marie not only has a huge ass, but she also loves to take cock up it. In this video for MilfSoup, Sheila takes a good hard anal fucking right there in a classroom. Shit, this one will light your shorts on fire for sure.

Big Butt Mom

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Big Butt Mom Sheila Marie
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Big Ass Latina Angelina Castro

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Angelina Castro - Big Ass Latina
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Big Butt Milf Adriana DeVille Assfucked

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