Big Ass Fucked By The Pool

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on August 12th, 2008

Olivia O'Lovely Gets Her Big Ass Fucked
Okay, when I, Butt Guy, am out lounging by the pool wearing my fashionable purple speedos, I almost always catch sight of a big ass latina babe whose marvelous bubble butt just seems to call out to my underendowed penis for some sodomy. Now, I realize that these booties need love, and I do recognize my duty to please those booties. However, I am slightly concerned that my tiny pecker will not even clear the sphincter muscle, which may lead to a somewhat embarrassing episode that may involve the big booty babe turning her head to me as I’m slamming her ass doggy and she says “Stop teasing, just put it in already, Butt Guy baby.” Now, Olivia O’Lovely will not be having that problem, apparently, since she has hooked up with Assparade again for a sizzling backdoor anal sex video that was filmed right by the pool. These people are nearly as pervy as I am, so they know exactly how to film butt sex in a way that captures the full erotic blast of the sodomy session. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that Olivia totally rocks in this scene. Her big fat latina ass looks fucking amazing as it slams down repeatedly onto a thick cock. She gets her big ass fucked like anal is going out of style, which better not happen anytime soon or I’ll have to protest in front of the White House wearing cheekless chaps or something. I’m sure nobody wants that to happen, so let’s stay sharp out there and keep pluging those bubble butts.

Olivia O’Lovely – Bubble Butt Sex in Vegas

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Olivia O'lovely at Ass ParadeHoly fuck, does Olivia O’lovely have a big bubble butt. You people should know by now that nothing in the world gets my saliva running down my chin like a nice big butt on a hot chick. Well, probably the only thing better than that would be a sexy latina with a nice big ass. Olivia certainly fills the bill. The guys at Assparade went to Las Vegas for a porn convention and ran into this latina porn babe on the convetion floor posing with her hot porn girlfriends for photos. They convinced her to go up to their room at the Belaggio or Bellagico or whatever the fuck that hotel is called. She agreed and boy did they have a sweet time with this piece of ass. They got Olivia naked and started adoring her huge bubble butt while she made all sorts of “hurry up and fuck me” type noises. They introduced her to the stud for the night, a guy with a ridiculously huge cock that would soon be inserted into her tight latina pussy. Olivia O’lovely has a curvy booty like no other and we get to watch that work of art bounce on this guy’s stiff cock as he pounds her pussy like a jackhammer. Best part is watching her big butt bounce around like crazy during the sex. Fuck, is this chick hot!

Olivia O’Lovely’s Bubble Butt in Action

Olivia O’Lovely’s Amazing Ass

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on September 20th, 2007

Olivia O'Lovely - Amazing AssIf you’ve never heard of Olivia O’Lovely, then I’m going to have to question the legitimacy of your membership in the Big Ass Lovers Association of America. This hot big butt latina has been setting the big butt porn world on fire for several years now. Typically, the average porn star doesn’t stick around for more than a year or so because people tend to get sick of seeing the same old ass again and again. But Olivia has survived and indeed thrived all this time due to that amazing ass she packs in her hind quarters. This big ass has seen a lot of action, and the best of it has been at Assparade. Olivia O’Lovely has done probably half a dozen video scenes for this site, but this particular episode has to be her hottest. Check out the free video clips and you’ll see what I mean.