Big Ass Girlfriends Stomp The Beach

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on March 10th, 2011

Big Ass Girlfriends Sara Jay, Sarah Vandella, and Spicy J
Prepare yourselves for some seriously hot big butt fucky action, fellas, because these three big ass girls are about to knock your socks right off. Assparade has outdone itself with this porn video, starring the uber curvy Sara Jay, Sarah Vandella, and newcomer Spicy J. These three big booty superbabes visited Miami Beach and were “tailed” by an Ass Parade film crew as they walked around and shook those delicious big round butts along the landscape. Lots of assquake footage here, which is when the girls do a rapid booty shake that makes you want to cum instantly upon watching it. Let me tell you, these three booties are some of the hottest asses in porn today.

Sara Jay has immense big tits, but her huge ass has always been what I loved most about her. Sarah Vandella’s curvy body is piece of perfection and her juicy booty cannot be resisted. Spicy J, although I’ve never seen her before this, is a seriously hot curve queen herself, whose big juicy ass needs my cock like yesterday. After they “stomp the beach,” the booty babes head back to some upscale house where they eat pussy and get fucked by some dude with a massive cock. Look, this porn video is off the damn hook…you need to watch it now!


Whooty Anal Porn

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on March 29th, 2010

sara jay and phoenix marie
Okay, so Sara Jay and Phoenix Marie are walking about town in some seriously hot cut-off jean shorts (I believe all the kids are calling them “Daisy Dukes” these days, after the girl from Dukes of Hazzard. Yes, I would like to fuck her.). The camera follows the bubble butt chicks around, catching every jiggle and bounce that hits those amazing cheeks. After lots of ass worshipping, this dude lures the big ass babes back to his place for some more fun.

Now, while I would love nothing more than to see Sara Jay do anal sex, with that big juicy booty oiled and lubed and ready for thick cock, it’s almost equally hot to watch Phoenix Marie get her round whooty ass penetrated in this video. Sara gets fucked, but Phoenix gets plowed up the ass in some of the most spectacular anal sex action to hit the internet in eons. Very hot stuff here.


White Bubble Butt Babes

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on February 2nd, 2010

Sara Jay and Lexxxi Lockhart
Some of you misguided dudes out there are apparently under the false impression that white girls cannot posses serious bubble butt booties, at least nothing that could compare to the formidable asses on black girls and latinas. Well, I’m here like Paul Revere to warn you of the plain truth — some white babes are packing serious whooty booty. A couple of these big ass white babes are featured in this porn video over at Ass Parade, which almost made me spew cum all over my new gaming keyboard.

Sara Jay and Lexxxi Lockhart go fucking crazy in this video, and those big juicy booties are put on display for us to whack out stiff dicks to. Everybody knows about Sara Jay’s massive white ass, but some of you will be new to the plump bubble butt on Lexxxi Lockhart. Let me tell you, this girl’s juicy ass is a thing of beauty and she definitely knows how to use it. Don’t miss this episode, people.


Big Wet Asses and Anal Sex

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Sara Jay & Ms Juicy Anal
Mother of all that is phat and juicy, have you seen the size of the ass on Sara Jay? I mean, this white mama has a booty that would put most black girls to shame. A big phat whooty ass that I’d just love to jump right into and worship for a few years. For this video, though, the people at 40ouncebounce were indeed able to find a black girl who’s got a phat ass worthy of sharing a scene with the great Sara Jay. Ms. Juicy is her name and she is smoking hot, my friends. Her fine black bubble booty is just a thing of absolute beauty and perfection, with a hugeness that really stiffens the trouser snake. Oh, and best of all, Ms Juicy’s big ass is open for anal fun! Yep, she loves to take thick cock up her hot booty, and that’s what she does to the max in this video.

Both Sara and Juicy get the standard 40ounce treatment here, with lots of ass worship of these divine bubble butts. They also get nice and wet so as to make them as shiny as can be. When the dude takes out his big black cock, the ladies go at it and feast on the giant genital like it’s the most gourmet sausage they’ve ever had pass their lips. When the fucking gets going, well that’s when your cock will poke holes in your ceiling. Watching these two fantastic big wet asses bounce around and jiggle uncontrollably during a hard fucking is quite a sight. The best part comes when Ms Juicy takes that hard black cock all the way up her wet ass! Sara Jay is right there to minister to her quivering butt as it gets anally violated like you wouldn’t believe. Damn, this video will light your pants on fire! Lots of really hot anal sex footage.