Big Voom Booties

Posted in Monster Curves by Butt Guy on May 25th, 2014

Nicole Aniston & Sarah Vandella - Va Va Voom
One of my favorite new big butt porn stars these days is Nicole Aniston, a bubble assed blond with the most gorgeous face I’ve ever seen on a girl doing porn. Her big juicy booty must be amazing to submerge your face into, and I really have had a lot of trouble thinking about anything else since I first spotted it. Sara Vandella is a super cute whooty booty babe who’s got a little more experience shaking the cheeks and taking cock on video, so she teamed up with Nicole for this video called “Va Va Voom” to guide her into the debauched ass jiggling world she’s decided to enter.

The two bubble butt blondes get nasty with each other in the bath tub while we get lots of awesome shots of their amazing wet booties. Pretty soon, a guy with a big dick shows up and sticks his man meat in their faces for some oral loving. The girls suck him and take him deep inside their wet coochies while they bounce their gorgeous round asses on his lap. Some super hot booty action in this video, people, so check it out.


Double Booty Bubble

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Double Take
I can’t quite understand how two bubble butt super hotties like Sarah Vandella and Jessie Rogers could do a porn video together without causing the ice caps to completely melt, but whatever. These deliciously curvy women have a couple of the hottest round asses known to the anatomical sciences, and they get displayed beautifully in this Monster Curves scene.

I first saw Jessie Rogers a few months ago in an xnxx porn video, and she totally blew my mind. A sexy new blond with a sexy bubble butt who loved to take massive cock just about anywhere. Sara Vandella, on the other hand, is one the big butt porn industry’s tried and true veterans who makes dicks pop to attention with the slightest booty jiggle. In this scene, these two curvy girls lick each other, suck cock, and get fucked like nobody’s business. There’s so much carnal action in this video that you’re gonna  have to test the limits of your testicular sperm production when you watch it. Look, just get into Reality Kings and watch the full scene…you can thank me later!

Big Ass Girlfriends Stomp The Beach

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on March 10th, 2011

Big Ass Girlfriends Sara Jay, Sarah Vandella, and Spicy J
Prepare yourselves for some seriously hot big butt fucky action, fellas, because these three big ass girls are about to knock your socks right off. Assparade has outdone itself with this porn video, starring the uber curvy Sara Jay, Sarah Vandella, and newcomer Spicy J. These three big booty superbabes visited Miami Beach and were “tailed” by an Ass Parade film crew as they walked around and shook those delicious big round butts along the landscape. Lots of assquake footage here, which is when the girls do a rapid booty shake that makes you want to cum instantly upon watching it. Let me tell you, these three booties are some of the hottest asses in porn today.

Sara Jay has immense big tits, but her huge ass has always been what I loved most about her. Sarah Vandella’s curvy body is piece of perfection and her juicy booty cannot be resisted. Spicy J, although I’ve never seen her before this, is a seriously hot curve queen herself, whose big juicy ass needs my cock like yesterday. After they “stomp the beach,” the booty babes head back to some upscale house where they eat pussy and get fucked by some dude with a massive cock. Look, this porn video is off the damn hook…you need to watch it now!


Cue The Curves

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Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella
Damn, I just love bubble butt blonds. These babes are really perfect examples of the kind of bubble assed blondies I go for. Velicity Von is one of the hottest women in porn today, bar none. Her bubbly round booty is so fucking hot, you can’t imagine how that thing ended up on a white chick. Sarah Vandella is similarly endowed by the booty Gods with a magnificent plump ass that would stop traffic.

The two of them lounge around by the pool in skimpy bikinis while waiting for their order of hard cock. When the man meat arrives, they both go at it with a deep lust that makes me want to fuck them so bad! Sarah gets fucked, but Velicity takes some big dick in her hot ass for some really hot anal action. This video is not to be missed.


Big Booty White Girls

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on July 23rd, 2009

Big Booty White Girls
Time to celebrate, my friends and countrymen, because Sarah Vandella is back in the porn business. If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the goings on in the big butt porn world the last couple years, you surely know who Sarah is. She’s a sexy white babe with a fantastically round and juicy whooty booty that will make a true bootyologist cry tears of joy. She hooked up with the guys from AssParade to do a new video for them alongside her gal pal Ashli Orion, another whooty queen with an ass that’s so plump and delicious, you just want to snag it and escape to a deserted island for some private moments. These two big booty white girls were made to do a scene together, since they’re so into showing off their great asses. They take cock deep into their hungry pussies and shake those booties like nobody’s business. Very nice video.


Big Ass Hotties Get Fucked

Posted in Ass Parade by Butt Guy on September 1st, 2008

Okay, so Easter is gone and done, but when I saw these three big ass hotties in this video “Easter Bunny Fever” from AssParade, I just had to feature it in my blog. Sarah Vandella, who is a terribly sexy blonde butt babe whose ass is like a fucking peach, is joined by the deliciously curvy latina Racquel and the new big butt superbabe Kira Lynne for a very naughty Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Now, this particular Easter party got totally out-of-control when the monster cock cuban Ramon and his pal showed up. The girls went straight for their dicks and starting sucking them off while dressed up like bunnies.

I don’t know if it’s due to some deep issue I’ve got or what, but I found this part extremely arousing. Watching Sarah and Racquel sucking cock while wearing bunny ears and while their massive asses jutted out as they knelt was almost too much for little Butt Guy. I almost ruined yet another keyboard with a cum explosion. When these babes start to take cock up their hot pussies, look out. Lots of jiggling asses and curvy joys galore. But things get really hot when Racquel decides that she needs a hard cock up her big latina ass. She rides that thing with her big butt and gets ass-fucked nice and deep! Shit, there was so much goodness in this video, I didn’t even know when to cum, so now I’ve got one of the most painful set of blue balls that have ever been known to mankind!


Round Butt

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Sarah Vandella's Big Round ButtThose of you with heart conditions better grab your nitro pills, because this video may very well be the one to knock the shit out of your ticker for good. Sarah Vandella has a big juicy round ass that gets totally fucking buttered up in this scene at Monster Curves. No, I’m serious, it actually gets greased up with real melted butter! I shit you not, my fellow crack lickers. Sarah is really fucking hot, first of all. Even if she didn’t have a delicious round bubble butt, she would still turn my head. But lucky for me, she does have a fantastic bubble butt that I would just love to sink my tiny micropenis into any day of the week. This video starts out with Sarah in the kitchen dressed as a maid or butler or some such house servant. This guy comes in with a bottle of melted butter and starts spraying her round butt with it, then brushing it all over her meaty pooper. Soon, things start to go hardcore and Sarah winds up with the dude’s thick cock in her mouth, sucking that baby down hard. Then, she gets the ever-loving shit fucked out of her hot pussy while her buttered up big booty shakes and quivers. This one will stiffen your rods, people.