Sydnee Capri’s Big Black Ass

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sydnee capri

Well, all you fellow butt lovers out there probably already know how crazy I am about the sexy and super curvy black booty porn queen that goes by the name of Sydnee Capri. This bubble booty mama is an ebony slice of pure voluptuous perfection, and that massive big black ass is one of her most tempting bodily features. No, scratch that, it is by far her most tempting feature. Sydnee, who seems to be going by the name Allison Banks now, loves to show off that fantastic bubble butt off for the camera in every porn video she stars in, and this one over at Round And Brown is no exception. She gets paired with a white dude who’s nursing a seriously hard mega erection for this girlie, and he proceeds to oil up her delicious black ass right there by the pool.

Sydnee Capri looks amazing in that bikini she’s wearing at the start of the video, but it doesn’t stay on for very long. After the bubbly ass is oiled and the bikini is stripped off, Sydnee goes for this guy’s hard cock and gives him the blowjob of his life. She eventually rides his huge cock with her tight black pussy and bounces that phat black booty on his lap, maximizing the jiggle effect that has been known to indice coma in big butt lovers like myself. He finally cums all over Sydnee’s gorgeous ass cheeks and glazes them nicely. Fucking amazing porn video, really one of Sydnee’s best.


Big Black Booties Fucked

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big black booties
Sydnee Capri
has got herself one of the biggest, hottest black booties in all the porn world. If you like big fat asses that jiggle like jello and could suffocate an elephant, this is your woman. Her friend, Heaven, is also packing a serious big booty that makes my mouth water every time I take a look at it. This massive black ass shakes like it’s the apocalypse, and it’s chocolately goodness will pop you a boner that you will never forget. These two big butt booty babes are starring together in this video for 40OunceBounce that has them taking the ridiculously endowed black cock of Shorty Mac straight up their tight and bubbly asses.

Yeah, you read that right, and if you know who Shorty Mac is, you realize that it would be less painful to take a washing machine up the ass. This fucker is hung like a mule, and he really pounds away at Sydnee Capri’s big black ass like it’s his last opportunity to do the butt boogie. He also assfucks the delicious big booty belonging to Heaven, which is quite a sight. She obviously has trouble taking his fire hydrant cock up her ass. This is one of the hottest big booty anal sex videos I’ve seen in a while. Not to be missed, gentlemen.


Big Black Butt Takes Cock

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Big Black Butt
Take it from me, there’s no hotter bubble butt than the kind you’ll find on sexy black chicks. Black girls have got the kind of booty that can slap a smile on your face and induce a hardon that will burst from your shorts like a nuclear missile at defcon 1. I’ve always believed that Sydnee Capri was probably the hottest big black butt babe out there in the world of booty porn, but this video she recently did at 40OunceBounce has just about sealed it for me. Sydnee has got the perfect kind of body, nice and curvy without rolls of fat to distract from the feminine beauty. Her ass is nice and bubbly, with a nice round curvature to it that reminds me of the big ass globe my geography teacher used to put up in the front of the classroom in the 7th grade. This black butt is firm and ready for action because Sydnee loves to take huge cocks up her gorgeous ass, which she does in this video.

The fun begins as Sydnee Capri gets her fantastic round butt oiled up for adoration and ass worship over by the swimming pool. Those gorgeous ass cheeks just look fucking amazing glistening in the hot sun. Pretty soon, a black dude with a very large cock is stuffing it inside Sydnee’s pretty mouth and she goes all out to please it, sucking it down as far as she can and getting it nice and sloppy. He starts fucking her on a couch and her massive black butt just jiggles out of control while her tight and hungry pussy gets a good working over. This is a Sydnee Capri porn video, so we pretty much know there’s going to be some hot anal sex action. Sydnee gets her hot little bunghole ready to receive the terribly big black cock. When he gets that dick in there, he starts pumping her hot black ass like nobody’s business. I can only imagine what it must be like to bury your dick in this girl’s butt, and this guy is clearly enjoying every minute of it. The video ends with a copious cumshot to her face and she sucks up all the cum that he spewed all over her face. Very hot stuff here, Sydnee darling.


Sydnee Capri Creampie

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Sydnee Capri Creampie - Internal Cumshot
For those of you who have been tirelessly searching for video of the painfully sexy black butt babe Sydnee Capri taking a creampie in her juicy pussy, let me lighten your load and fill your heart with joy. The boys at Black Booty Cream have gotten Sydnee to do an internal cumshot on film and it’s seriously hot and boner inducing. I’ve always loved the idea of cumming inside the pussy or ass of a deliciously curvy big booty babe, and this sexy black hottie is top on my list of the ones I’ve got get to. Sydnee, of course, is a bootyologist’s dream cum true. Her body is voluptuous and curvy, butt her big phat ass is really her crown jewel. In this porn video, we get to watch that perfect booty bounce around while the girlie takes a serious fucking from two very hung black men. They cum inside her pussy and she pushes it out till it’s dripping all over the place. Very hot footage here and this babe is so fucking sexy. So glad she decided to do an internal cumshot. Not to be missed.